Hi. I'm looking for remedy for pityriasis rosea

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I've been depressed for almost 3 weeks with PR. I tried some medicine for my skin, cream, ointment, anti itchy medicine and even a soap which is dove sensitive. I think it didn't work. I also tried Apple cider vinegar but when I applied on my skin, it's so itchy, what it does mean ? It is normal ? I'm looking for the fast way to remove the PR.

And I just want to know if the herald patch will go away , it is possible that the PR will go away too?

Thank you in advance for your answer.

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    Hi I posted about my experience with PR a week or so ago so I've copied and pasted it here for you, I hope it helps! smile

    So like many of you I discovered a herald patch and confused it with ring worm. I applied fungal cream for days until it wore down to a red patch. Then more patches appeared all over, mostly under my arms, my chest, stomach and inner thighs. It's summer so I thought my summer was over after learning that it lasts 3 months. The doctor basically said there was nothing I could do and just had to wait for it to go, all she suggested was avoiding sweating (pretty hard considering it was during a heat wave) After leaving it and pretty much crying for a week I decided to be pro active and search the forums online. The first thing I read was that head and shoulders has an active ingredient that some how helps against the rash so I bought two varieties, the original and one for instant dry scalp care. I had also read that many people in the medical profession believe that PR is not really a virus (virus's are contagious and PR is not) but it is something that is dormant in our bodies and is brought out by a bad diet, lack of exercise or stress. To counter act this you need to build up your immune system. So I also purchased the following:

    Aloe Vera juice - drank 2 X 25ml each day

    Benadryl actrivistin - x1 a day

    Wellwoman inner cleanse vitabiotics to help the immune system - X 2 a day

    Boots herbal acne relief tablets (helps blemishes, eczema etc) X 3 a day

    Aveeno moisturiser

    I then showered twice a day, washing my body with the head and shoulders in a cool shower. I then had 6 minutes on the sun bed and after a week I was just left with a few dry patches. (The head and shoulders will dry your skin out - that's where the aveeno comes in)

    Now unfortunately due to the heat I seem to have suffered more than most. The rash inside my armpits grew into large patches, these became raised and blister like. I was in agony and could not move. After seeing another doctor I was told these were deeply infected and I'm currently on a heavy course of flucloxacillin to battle the infection. However the rest of the rash has almost disappeared completely.

    Ignoring the agony of the infection it would seem the rest has worked and I would deeply recommend trying some of the things I used. The shampoo dries the rash, the moisturiser combats this and the sunbeds get rid of the red marks.

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    Hi, sorry to hear about your PR.  I had it for almost 3 weeks also before it started going away.  Mine didn't start getting better until I started to take probiotics and vitamin supplements.  We all get PR for a reason.  Even though doctors don't seem to know why, I tend to believe that it has to do with something internal and the more you try to heal your inside, your outside will follow suit.  Creams and washing help momentarily, but I found keeping my skin dry was the best.  Showering as little as possible. The itching, the redness, the hearld patch is all normal.  My herald patch didn't go away until my rash all cleared up.  Unforunately, I have more olive skin and I scratched a lot causing white dots all over my skin.  I still have them months later, so try as much as you can not to itch.  Honestly, there is no fast way.  Just know that you are certainly not alone!  Trust me, I felt awful and cried beacuse I didn't understand why I had it or how long it would last.  Now, it's a distant memory (aside from my white spots). Hope your PR starts fading soon!  A sign of it fading is it starts to flake off and peel almost liek small sun burns.
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      Hi. Just want to know if some other PR will dry, it is going to heal ? Because some are going to be dry but when I looked at other part there's have a new. What does it mean? sad
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      That's normal.  My stomach started to heal before the rest and I got more bumps on my arms up until the very end. They start healing when they start to flake off.  It's a slow process.  Just know there is an end!
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      I completely agree with this. They say they don't know why it occurs, but all the research I've done, with people taking vitamin c supplements and sitting in the sun (vitamin d) makes me think that the common factor is some sort of vitamin deficiency that is causing PR. I've had it for about 2 weeks, after initially being diagnosed with ring worm, and plan to load up on vitamins and sun bed. I have noticed that after applying tea tree oil to my torso and back for the past three days has resulted in improvement where the spots are less red and are now flaky...so maybe this is working.

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    I've had mine for 10 weeks. It's finally starting to go away. Go tanning. That's the only thing that seemed to help speed the healing. It is itchy after but the next day it's visibly less red. Head and shoulders is a godsend. I am not finding moisturizing helps with mine. I use polysporin for excema for the itch. Good luck.
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