Hi, I was diagnosed with NASH 9 months ago, following a ...

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Hi, I was diagnosed with NASH 9 months ago, following a severe viral type illness 9 months previously. I had noticed I was putting on weight, my legs were becoming very 'tight' and big, I felt lethargic, my brain didn't seem to function properly and the hot flushes were unbearable - although I did manage to not rip my clothes off whilst at work!

But for the continued diligence of my GP, with many blood tests, scans and refererral to a hepatologist, I don't think I would be the fit person I am to-day. When the diagnosis of fatty liver disease (NASH) was made, my GTT was around 260 (normal up to around 70!). I was told to follow a diet of no more than 4gm fat/100gm weight. I saw a dietician, which was very fortunate, as I was really struggling with what fats I should/should not be eating.

Once I started on my low fat diet, cutting out all chocolate, biscuits, cakes, cheese, anything fried, olive oil (a real surprise that I wasn't allowed this), within the first week I lost approx 5pounds and the hot flushes stopped. Two weeks passed and my ankles appeared! 9 months later I have lost over two and a half stone, feel much fitter both physically and mentally and my GTT at the last appointment was down to 131 - still far too high as far as I was concerned, but my Consultant was pleased!

Far from being aggrieved that I have had to give up some of my favourite treats, I am elated that I have a condition which has been diagnosed, which I can manage myself without medication, and which has lead me to feel fitter than I have for years! I have struggled to sort out exactly what I can and cannot eat - food labels can be quite confusing! However, I would be very happy to help other people who are unsure on what they should or shouldn't be eating.

The main problem can be eating out. Not in 'posh' restaurants where everything is cooked from scratch, but in cafes, etc. where all the food is pre-packed, and when I say I don't want mayonnaise or butter, etc., they have nothing to offer me. Places like Starbucks are wonderful - they have introduced 'skinny' options - I just wish the supermarkets would follow suit with 'skinny muffins', although certainly the large outlets like Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury and M & S, are trying very hard to introduce many low fat, healthy options, for which I am truly grateful.

The weight loss has been extremely slow - often down to one pound in 4 - 6 weeks (after the initial stone, which came off in what seemed like days!). However, I have never been disheartened, as the inches have continued to reduce, and I have gone from a size 18 to a 12/14, dependent on the make/cut.

I would be happy to share my experience with others in the same position. I think diagnosis is probably the difficult issue. I could very easily have just accepted that at 52, it was my age/menopause, etc which was causing me to feel unwell, but my GP took on board the fact that I felt 'something wasn't right', and it is to her that I owe my present well being.

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    Having, just read the above account, I feel it could be me. I am due to have a scan in a week's time to confirm whether I have fatty liver. From all accounts it does seem to be this that is causing me to feel so tired all the time. My consultant told me that my liver was enlarged and, like so many people with this, I am overweight and a 54 year old female who thought she had been through the menopause but still suffering horrendous hot flushes. I am so glad to hear you are feeling so much better...and fitter. It's given me a real feeling of hope that I can do something about this debilitating condition. I am a very moderate drinker and always thought I ate healthily with the odd binge at times but for the last couple of years, I have never felt really well. I simply put it down to my age and menopause. Your comment is really inspirational - thank you.

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    just read your comment. im glad you work out fine. i hope my husband too!!! he is not overweight, he is fit person apart of blood pressure, he is only 35....he hadnt no pain or hot flushes... he still had fatty liver and enlarge liver and wil have to go back for more test on january... he does drink beer but not all the time?! i stil dont understand why the wait til january? im not worried but just curious... specialist did say there is nothing to worry for now..

    i wonder if enlarge liver/fatty liver disease can back to normal by january?? if my husband give up drinking??

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    I have just read these comments above, i am 36 yrs of age & I was too diagnosed with non alcoholic fatty liver back in Sep 05, & since then have battled with my weight & constant tiredness. I have a wheat & dairy allergy so my diet is pretty good, I go to the gym 3-4 times a week & to no avail am struggling to lose a pound & after losing nearly a stone last Sept it came back on & with a vengeance. I always weighed around 54kg now sit @ 60kg & not budging. I only assume I developed this ocndition after a very stressful divorce & I lost a lot of weight thru stress & then all of a sudden I felt extremely tired, hot & unwell I was diagnosed with this liver disease. I also suffer with skin rashes ie ezcema, bloatedness & upset stomache which does'nt help with my IBS. I am more than happy to share my thoughts & views on this with anyone wanting to contact me. I would like to be helped by a nutritionist or dietician & am looking to see one locally. I also have not had any babies & would like to have one before its too late so am quite in a dilemma & would like to reverse this if ever it can be. I take Milk Thistle & also Omega 3,6 & 9 capsules which I hear is good for this condition & I also religiously drink warm water & freshly squeezed lemon juice every morning its the 1st thing I have of the day. I am due for a check up & hope that my GGT enzymes will go down. So if I can be of any assistance to anyone with the same condition please feel free to contact me.

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    I was diagnosed with NAFL/NASH about 2 years ago now - after the non-diagnosis of why I was gaining weight whilst on a 1000 calories a day with exercise, I finally developed symptoms similar to gallstones, not to be too delicate, very dark pee, very pale almost yellow poo, mild jaundice and pains in the right hand side, just under the ribs, and was sent off for an ultrasound, followed by a CT scan. I was advised to go for a very low fat diet, we agreed to start out at 25 grams of fat in total per day and check on progress at regular intervals. Most days now I have around 15 - 20 grams of fat per day which keeps everything ticking over nicely. The only real problem is a tendency to bruise far too easily, some of the American NASH websites discuss this in more detail, something to do with insufficient Vitamin K because of the very low fat intake (K being fat soluable). However, I find Asda one of the better shops for getting very low fat foodstuffs, their own low fat range is extremely good, and is low in salt and sugar too. I have had to balance the fat-protein-carb intake to allow sufficient calories to maintain energy, it's tricky to begin with, you need to have 5 or 6 small (but high in low GI carb) meals a day, to maintain energy levels, low GI carbs are the way to go. Oh and watch out for bread - granary/seeded can have anywhere between 1 - 5 grams of fat per slice - yes you read that right - per slice!
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    Just had liver scan after 8 months of sore neck and arm. Guest J.A , informaton has been better than my doctors who put m and absent from work for 7 months. During this time I have had physio and steroid injection in my arm. I have to wait for scan results but they are under the impression it is fatty liver. I put my triedness down to menopause. Scan results wil be ready in eights days. Does any one know if I should contine taking my HRT medication ?

    I have put a lot of weight on but doing some thing about this as again I put this down to the menopause. I feel with the injection and phsio nothing has imporved that much, and after having my scan I feel sore re arm and neck does any one no if this is an indication of NASH.

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    I wondered if you are still replying to notifications on this site as i have been told i have a fatty liver and waiting for full diagnosis and wanted to share thoughts?


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