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  • ya1982 1

    Hepatitis B

    I am currently infected with HBV with high viral load = 36,350 IU/ml. CAn anyone tell what's this? And what should I do with it?  

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  • johns1 1

    chronic hep B alternative treatment

    has anyone heard of treating chronic hep B by forcing it to become acute (with meds, in a hospital setting and assuming your liver shows no sign of damage) and then treating the acute infection which usually leads to clearing the virus. 

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  • bbeach 1

    Hep C Changin genotype

    My boyfriend was an IV drug user for many years before we were together. A few months after we started dating I was diagnosed with Hep C type 2 genotype. I had never tested positive before this, never in my life been an drug user and have only gotten tattos at reputable shops with brand new needles....

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  • cj12345 1

    Risk from open wounds in injury clinic

    I recently took my daughter to get some stitches on her hand at the local minor injury clinic.  Unfortunately the wound opened up slightly and started bleeding in the waiting room and her plaster came off. Before I noticed she'd rubbed her wound all over the chair she was on. In any other location I...

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  • raman30008 2

    Hepatitis B

    hi, I was diagnosed with hep b carrier. My Alt level is 91 and viral load is 2807iu/ml.. Even it shows Hep b eAg negative and also I don't have have any symptom like nausea,vomiting,anorexia etc. I am confused about my health condition. Is it acute, chronic stage or something else?

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  • marie2929 2

    Just diagnosed with AIH

    Hi! I was just diagnosed with autoimune hepatatis a few days ago at 37 years old. I was given 40mg of Prednisone daily and I just feel lost with lots of doubts. Can I live the rest of my life with this condition? Please share your experiences. Thanks

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  • demigonza 1

    Am I safe? Hep B vaccine

    Hi everyone. I had my 3 shots of Hep B vaccine in 2014 and got the result  today for Anti HBS. I got 902.1mUl/ml and it says if you´re higher than 10.0mUl/ml your ok. Buit im confused since this value is so big. I expected a lot less. TIA.

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  • Dyna99 1
  • digitt 1
  • khaldah66 2

    Chronic active hepatitis in my youth

    hi, I need some advice, I am a 50yr old woman, when I was 13 I was diagnosed with TB, I was successfully treated but my mother was still concerned about my ill health, in 1984 after a routine blood test at Heath hospital I was called in for further medical investigations as a inpatient,  I remember doctors...

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  • rubben72270 1

    Diagnosed with Hep B Virus at the age of 19.

    During a surgery in 2000, i was accidently or due to the negligence of Hospital and Blood Bank I was transfused with Hep B infected blood. Within a month after the surgery they came to know that i got Hep B as i experienced symtoms jaundice. i was under observation and after two months i was again tested...

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  • JH777 1

    Finding a new partner and living with people

    Hello all! I was diagnosed with hep B 11 years ago, when I was 18, and was identified as a chronic carrier. It seems very likely I caught it from my mother during pregnancy and both she and my dad had it when I was conceived (but both cleared it). As I was a baby when I caught it, I went on to develop...

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  • vegeta67796 1
  • seufzer 2

    i need help!! does anyone else feel like i do?! HCV~

    hello all! i am new to this forum and will try to make this post as brief as possible without leaving out important details. i am a 24 year old female from the united states. i was diagnosed with hepatitis C type 1a when i was nineteen years old. my fiancé and i are ex-addicts, (i actually got HCV from...

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  • alexanderkrupin 2
  • Keith Shepherd 1

    My wife died due to Autoimmune Hepatitis

    :cry: This is about my wife Valerie who sadly passed away suddenly after a liver biopsy which went wrong and she basically bled to death. She became very ill in Dec 2008 and was admitted to hosp.through a & e and was diagnosed with Septicaemia and e-coli,she was treated with drugs and sent home.About...

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  • rose30954 1

    My friend has been waiting for treatment for 4 months but no dates yet

    Hi, I am concerned about my friend who has been diagnosed with chronic hepatitis B and currently waiting for treatment. It's been 4 months and the hospital have been unable to find any treatment date for him. They don't know when a date will be available! My friend has been to see GP few times but they...

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  • mr. k.i47444 2
  • stephanie118 1

    Can chronic Hepatitis B ever clear from one's DNA?

    Hi. I am 44. Last year in September after being ill for 6 weeks ( doctor's failed to diagnose the correct problem.....) I was finally diagnosed as having Hepatitis B. I live in Spain but am British. I wa told that it was now chronic and therefore I have it in my DNA. Had they diagnosed sooner ( I went...

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  • HealthSavvy 2
  • irule 2

    hbv dna

    my hbv viral load is 5153 in/ml hbv dna load is also 29990 cp/ml please wat does it mean and what drug can i use.

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  • king62697 1

    changing bilrubin levels

    For the past 4 months, my LFT have been showing high direct bilrubin, with hepatomegaly, no hepatitis, no jaundice or obstruction doctor said it is nothing also lost weight can anyone help me

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  • pios30138 2

    Tenofovir effective treatment For HBV treatment

    after 3 months of taking tenofovir I am antigen negative and antibody positive and my liver functions normal, viral load reduced to a single digit after it was in millions. tenofovir is effective and has no side effects

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  • shahab321 1

    Can I get hepatitis like this?

    Hi,I went for physical examination and chest x-ray as required for our job,they sent me to hospital ward where mostly hepatitis C patients come for xray and ultrsound and there is 1 suit(greensuit) for patient to wear and lie on bed as according to their rule , so I wore that green gown wore by every...

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  • taylor03613 1

    Help! Love One Diagnosed with Autoimmune Hepatitis

    I'm not sure where to begin. All I know is my cousin (who is like a sister) was diagnosed with Autoimmune Hepatitis a month ago. I'm trying to get a better understanding of the condition so I can know what she is going through. What should she and I expect?

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  • Jnoman56 2

    Hepatitis B tests need guidance

    4 years ago i was diagnosed with hipatitis b when i donted blood. At that time doctors take my several tests. At that time my HBs Ag test value was 2032 after that HBV DNA viral load was 153 IU/ml. My recent test of HBs Ag test value is 1902. Should i go for HBV DNA viral load test or its ok that HBs...

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  • sanjeev98236 1

    Tested positive for HBV

    Hello, Tested positive for HBV and below are my results. HbsAg (+) — 0.08 (weakly reactive) IU/ml HBsAb (-) — 10 mIU/ml HBeAg(+) — 2.615 S/CO HBeAb(+)— 0.33 S/CO HbcAb-IgG (+) —7.75 S/CO The viral load is quite low, less than 1000 copies/ml. Please suggest the next course of actions.Just looking for...

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  • winkawak 2

    Bad Bloood Donation Practice Worries

    I had a blood donation yesterday, the nurse who drew my blood wore gloves but while in the process of collecting blood she went off doing other things like packaging test tube boxes and input stuff on her computer. At the end of the blood draw she folded my gauze pad before withdrew the needle, my worry...

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  • sky87417 2

    Worried about Hep C exposure

    My mom has had hep c for years and didn't know it. She got it from drug use, I am against her coming around me or my son, but my family let's her around anyway so I couldn't do much to control the situation. My mom held my son, and when she handed him to me I noticed pink smudges on his leg were scabs...

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  • karen18699 2

    Hepatitis B Question

    Hi x I had a number of blood tests last week and one came back and the Dr said that it showed I had had Hepatitis B in the past, but it was now gone ? I was just wondering when it shows up like that could I have contracted it years ago or would it have been more recently ? Will it now always show up...

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  • hyun82184 2

    HBcAB positive after being fully vaccinated, very confused now!

    Hello,  I'm a 26 year old female. I just got my test result and am very confused now.  HBsAG: negative  HBcAB: positive  HBsAB: positive  The nurse said it means I got a past infection and now I'm already immunized.  However, I got three doses of Hep B vaccines when I was 10, the fourth dose when...

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  • ccf 1

    HBV Negative, but have I already cleared the virus?

    Hi, I have what may seem a dumb question, hoping someone can help.  I tested negative for Hep B (with no immunity) after 3 months following potential exposure. I had a further test at 6 months, again it was negative, however the test didn't include testing for antibodies. My question is, could it be...

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  • roxy25178 2
  • pksingh 1

    hbsag positive

    Doctor I am 27 I have hbsag positive, I had no symptoms, I came to know when I went for medical visa at the age of 22...still I am positive. ...recently i cheked my father's medical reports dated Aug 2016. ..In that he s negative to hbsag and positive to hbcab..what does it mean .even my brother is hbsag...

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  • Shah fahad 2

    Very anxious!!i diagnosed with hbv dna chronic anxiety and dipression

    Hi every1 i am new on this forum,i was diagnosed with hbv dna in active state .my real time Pcr assay viral load is 26.what that mean?and also a farmer patient of dipresion suffering badly with all types of anxiety like social,agrophobia,nausea,heart anxiety,health anxiety.feeling very tired.have...

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