hi, im a relatively fit and healthy 31 yr old who began ...

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hi, im a relatively fit and healthy 31 yr old who began to feel a bit 'odd' and 'not myself' in march of this year. i did a full blood screen (perk of the job!) and found that my thyroid gland was working overtime!

fortunatly i saw an endocrinologist 8 days later - and was immediatly started on carbimazole 40mgs daily - plus a beta-bloker (propanolol 40mgs three times a day) - as my heart had become unstable!

i think, like most on this site, i had been able to put my many symptoms (heart rate of 130, palpitations, splitting headaches, irritability, anxiousness, trembling/shaking all over, nausea, weight gain, increased thirst and listlessness) - down to temporary lifestyle changes (i was about to finish my degree - which i was doing in only 7 months).

although most of these symptoms have settled within the two weeks ive been on the tablets - the headaches and shakes have most certainly returned!

i have recieved dates to see my consultant as well as for an ultrasound and a nuclear medicine scan of my neck.

i have been told about radioactive iodine drinks and thyroidectomy surgery - and have been advised to postpone our planned baby for at least a year.

i am due to fly to the carribean in three weeks time - and admit that im not too sure what to do regarding my medication, drinking alcohol, taking medicines through customs and insurance etc - as these day-to-day life things didnt enter my head at the time of diagnosis - and now i cant contact anyone!!

even as an intensive care nurse - i feel quite ill-informed up to now, and im trying to use the internet to answer any question i can think of until i see my consultant in october!!!

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    In February 2003 when I was 27 years old, I started feeling really ill (almost like death warmed up!) and displaying all but one of the symptoms you've mentioned. I thought nothing of it and carried on as normal, just put it down to lifes normal illnesses (colds/flu etc). After about 3 weeks, I was having problems sleeping - I had a massive headache that covered the back of my head like a thick band - It made me feel like my head was about to explode.

    After 3 or 4 total sleepless nights, my mind started to wander, I didnt even have a fuse - let alone a short one! and my family all suffered emotionally while they were trying to help me. In early March 2003, I was taken to hospital and committed for 28 days - you may have guessed, it was the mental health ward that I was taken to. I was diagnosed with Bipolar Affective Disorder (formerly known as manic depression) and hyperthyroidism. I was highly dosed up with 8 different medications (including 40mg of Carbimazole to reduce the thyroids production power). I became a zombie for a few days

    After about a week, I was feeling great within myself, I was just really sorrowful about what I had put everyone through. I can't say that I'm a depressed sort of person, I am quite bubbly.

    After getting out of hospital in April 2003, the re-building my family & personal relationships began. Then in June 2003, I found out I was pregnant, then to be told that I was 19 weeks gone....

    .....so from the confirmation of the due date, I worked out that I was already pg when taken to hospital and put on all of those drugs, I was horrified and worried about how they would have affected our unborn child.

    To cut this already long story a bit shorter; My new doctors have confirmed that I DO NOT have Bipolar and that my Hyperthyroidism is caused by the fact that I have Graves Disease - Its not as serious as it sounds, but it is the most common cause of Hyperthyroidism and is a genetic pre-disposition to it.

    To anyone who has been diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism (over active thyroid), I would suggest that you ask for a test for Graves also. But even better than all of that, my beautiful daughter is now nearly 22 months old and is really healthy & happy :ok:

    I wish everyone all the best!


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    thanks for responding to my email - your story was awful - i cant imagine anyone being so misdiagnosed!

    im so glad that it seems to have ended well for you, that you have a correct diagnosis with a name that can be treated and monitored - and mostly that you are the proud mother of a wonderful little button of a girl!!! well done you!!

    my recent tests following my holiday (which was fab by the way - until i was late taking my carbimazole and propanolol sunning myself by the pool!)- have shown that the whole of my thyroid is responsible for its overactivity - and i have a very strong suspicion that i will be told at my consultants appt on the 13th oct - that it will be surgically removed!!! thank god i say - get it out, give me thyroxine and let me get on with my life - cos i cant bear feeling as bad as i do now!!!

    p.s. does anyone else itch like mad on these tablets????


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    Thanks for the kind comments you've made smile Glad to hear that you've had a good holiday!

    To answer your question, the itching is caused by the Propanalol and not the carbimazole - I've sort of had this confirmed as my mum was on them as well for a while and she was scratching like mad.

    What did the consultant advise you on Thursday? Are they going to a partial/full thyroidectomy? Hope you start feeling better very soon - and here's looking forwards to your complete recovery.

    We've just returned from our family holiday, not so much sunbathing & pool worship for us, but nevertheless we all had a marvelous time.

    Hope to hear from you again.

    Nic :D

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    hi nic,

    thanks for keeping in touch!

    im glad to hear that you had a lovely (and hopefully restful) family break. you cant put a price on some things can you!

    thanks also for the info regarding my itching!

    thankfully one of the good things to come from my thursday appt was that i no longer need the propanolol tabs - so theyve been reduced to one a day - and the itching seems to have stopped since (fingers crossed)!

    the appt itself was not too promising im afraid - in so much as that my thyroid is now completely blocked by the carbimazole - but to a level where i have no thyroxine in my system at all - so the have started me o high dose of thyroxine tablets to replace it (which they have assured me will make me feel dandy!!!).

    i was given the diagnosis of 'Hashimotos Disease' (which my mum has) which is why my thyroid has gone a bit daft. unfortunatly for me - in my hesitating between feeling unwell early on in the year and being refered to the endocrinology team at the hospital in August - my overies, liver and pancreas have been affected.

    as a result, im not ovulating at the moment - but im hopeful that will right itself so that when all of this is over we can try for our family, but i was told that the damage to my liver and pancreas has caused me to become diabetic - so now im waiting for an appt with the diabetic team at the hospital - as well as with the surgeon who is going to remove all of my thyroid gland -(hopefully any day now!!!)

    im a bit shocked as ive been told that once my thyroid is sorted - the diabetes will remain - which was a bit of a blow as before this started earlier this year - i was just plodding along quite nicely with just a bit of a huge bum, thinking that my biggest problem in life was finding a decent outfit to wear at my brother-in-laws looming wedding!!

    - funny how situations can change so fast isnt it? - but im sure you can appreciate that more than most.

    Anyway, hows your little button? did she enjoy her hols? i certainly hope so!!

    i hope you are feeling better and getting stronger - you have a lot to be angry about - but also a lot to be happy for too!!!

    take care of you all!!!!

    hope to hear back from you!

    corin X


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    I have been feeling unwell for sometime - I had the first of many blood tests in 2000 after I complained to the doctor that I felt terrible and could not stop the weight going on. I was told at a subsequent appt that my thyroid was fine and that there were no fat people in Belsen. A year later, more blood tests, more enquiries (new doctors) regarding my mental state. I could have anti-depre. is I wanted! The awful feeling of doom got worse and worse, at times I could not function but with a demanding husband and two small boys I had to. In 2004 they found I had high cortisol levels and went privately to an endocrinologist to be told my life was too stressful and hectic and I must learn to calm down! From March of this year I have had recurring water infections, colds (prolonged), too many aches and pains to even mention and finally went to the doctor and pointed out the swelling I had in my throat and that it kept flushing up like a bull-frog (much to peoples amusement). They sent me for a scan and more blood tests and then told me I had hashimotos thyroiditis. Finally some answers - finally someone is going to help me feel better - normal even. Wrong! In November I wated 45 minutes in the waiting room of my local hospital to see my doctor only to have her attention of all of 3 minutes and be told they want some more blood! In October I was given the radio-iodine drink they wanted to know if it was working. 4 weeks later I went to my gp to find out what next. Another blood test. 10th January I went back to the hospital believing they were going to finally help - they had two scans, umpteen blood tests and the diagnosis now they were going to ease my suffering! NO! They want to monitor me! I have abnormally high thyroid output considering the dose of iodine and they dont know why I cant lose weight! After I sobbed my way through a denouncement of their qualifications as endocrinologist and left I received a phonecall - can I come back and talk a bit more only perhaps they can give me Carbimazole. It took me becoming distraught regarding hair loss, weight gain, mood swings, depression, aches and pains, itching skin etc for them to consider helping me. 5 nearly 6 years of self doubt and questioning of seeking answers from professional people and it took a childish tantrum to actually be taken seriously. My husband and boys are also at breaking point. I cannot drive any distance without falling asleep, I sleep during my job, I sleep in waiting rooms (handy recently) even the dentist. My life has been seriously blighted by this and I can only hope it will get better! Reading that carbimazole is working is a help and I will continue to read your fabulous comments! Emma

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