hi, im corin and ive found that the personal experiences...

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hi, im corin and ive found that the personal experiences that people have shared on this web-site have kept me going - as, after feeling very unwell for what seemed like a life-time - i was diagnosed as having both graves disease and hashimotos disease.

i have e-mailed this site a few times now - as responses to comments made by others and also to share my own experiences - in the hope that we can take what we read and learn here - and use the info to help ourselves and others.

i gave an update on my progress at the begining of december 05 - so i just thought id give another - which may be my last one.

my total thyroidectomy was not performed on december 20th as planned - but im pleased to say (if 'pleased' is the correct term) that i had my surgery jan 24th 06.

im now almost 3 weeks post-op and for the first time in a very long time - i feel absolutly great!

im not going to tell you that the surgery was the proverbial 'bed of roses' or that the whole being unwell and in hospital was an overly enjoyable experience - it was just a chapter in my little life that was neccesary - and im so glad that i managed to ride this part of the storm out!!

i was in hospital for 8 days - this was longer than anticipated - but my parathyroids were in a bit of a mess and i needed a calcium drip for a while until the calcium and vitamin D tablets started to work.

i had 2 little drains just underneath my incision (these were removed after 2 days and now look like bee stings they're that small!)

i had 1 stitch! which was about 4 inches long and was removed 10 days after the op in the out-patient clinic! (this was painless!!!)

once the stitch was out - the incision was covered with 2 wide steri-strips (butterfly stitches) - these were removed by my surgeon today in clinic - and i must say that the appearence of my scar far exceeds anything i could have hoped for!!

its fantastic! - making the surgery and hospital stay well worth it!

plus, i feel so well in myself that i could cry!

in the last 3 weeks i have been taking a lot of tablets each day (20 to be exact) - but these have been halved today as my blood results have started to improve!

i still have a lot of questions for my surgeon (she must sob when she see's me coming) - mainly to do with the long term implications of having both graves disease and hashimotos disease and fertility etc - but im still waiting for the histology report from my gland - so im sure ill learn more then!!

i just wanted to let others on this site know that a few weeks ago - i could see no end to the way i was feeling - both physically and mentally - but now, i cant believe the difference in myself.

keep going.

it's a fight - but its well worth it.

thankyou and best wishes to you all,

Corin x

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    Hi Corin im also due to get my thryoid removed and i was wondering whether you could let me know what the op was like? Im a bit scared.

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    hi michelle,

    sorry ive not replied sooner but im back at work now and have not checked the site for a while.

    the op i had was a total thyroidectomy - but my scar is so much smaller than id hoped. the day of my op was pretty awful cos i was so scared - but when i was in the anaesthetic room - i just thought about how ill id been feeling - all the symptoms id had - the fact that i cried so much for no real reason on a daily basis that my eyes were permenantly red and puffy - and i just thought - when i wake up i have to be better off!

    i was so worried that a lot of my problems that were associated with my thyroid - were infact in my head - and that the op would not improve my physical or mental health - but i was so wrong.

    ive lost over 2 + 1/2 stones in weight, my medication is minimal, i have bags of energy, i can walk without getting breathless, i dont get blue lips or palpitations anymore + i only cry at really cheesy films!

    to be really honest, when i woke up in the recovery room i was in some pain around my neck and throat (like a bad sore throat feeling). i asked for pain killers and got them - so was soon ok. i had oxygen on - which dried my lips and tongue a bit - but sips of water helped that. i was not expecting to have 2 drains under my incision - which was a bit of a shock - but these noe look like freckles. my calcium levels dropped really low so i needed a few liters of drip fluid to correct this - and still take a calcium and vit D tablet today with my thyroxine - but i feel wonderful!!!

    i really do!

    so all i can say is that it may not be the most pleasant of experiences - but its not one that will last forever, youll soon be home - and as long as you take it easy and take things slowly - your body will sort itself out!

    look after you - and tell your drs if you dont feel right - i did before they realised that my parathyroids had gone to sleep and dropped my calcium - as soon as i described how i was feeling - they were right on the ball and gave me the treatment i needed (plus it saves them guessing!).

    i wish you well,

    focus on your recovery - it worked for me!

    please let me know how you get on!

    good luck - and here's to the future!


    corin x

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    I am due to get surgery in July, I have been told that i'd put weight on as my Thyroid would go underactive, how did you mananage to lose 2.5 stone (good for you) I have put on 1.5 stone in the past year from being on 20mg of Carbimazole twice daily and its really getting me down. I would be greatfull if you can let me know what you did in order to loose the weight or if you ever has a problem when you were on tabs ( I have Graves) thank u.


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    hi sus,

    apparently only 10% of people with overactive thyroids gain weight - so LUCKY US!!!

    when id had my op i can honestly say that i didnt even think about gaining weight!

    its true that with removal of part or almost all of you thyroid gland you are typically then hypothyroid - but your thyroid levels should be closely measured and monitored by your surgeon using regular blood tests and any deficit replaced with thyroxine medication.

    i have (unfortunatly) always been blessed with a few stones more than i ever needed - but to gain 4 stones in 12 months when i became unwell with my thyroid was quite upsetting - but since my op ive just focussed on how well i feel and how my health, mood and ability to live and do things on a daily basis have improved!

    i have watched my diet in so much as it has been balanced but varied (so i dont get bored with it) - ive been having plenty of fruit, fibre, and veggies - but making sure its low in fat, calories and salt! but most importantly - ive been allowing myself the odd day off!!!

    my advice to you would be have your op, let yourself heal, rest, take as much time as you need - and then address the tiny issue of weight when your mind and body are both up to the job!!

    the weight gain thing for me was bloody awful - but it wasnt the worst thing for me - so now im feeling well - i can address it with a clear head - and that may be why im managing to lose my excess baggage!

    good luck with your op - let me know how you get on!

    and remember to be gentle with yourself!!!


    corin xx

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    Thanks Corin,

    Sounds as though your feeling much better! I'm just sick of Dr's skimming over the weight issue. I was a very small size 12 and tall and now the weights piling on around my stomach and none of my clothes fit. I eat pretty healthy. I guess I just got used to one of the benefits of graves ( weight loss). I have insisted that I only get part of my thyroid removed so hopefully I'll end up cured i.e not underactive but I'm now getting too excited about it as it can go either way. I think the dose of medication isnt helping the weight issue (20mgs twice a day) and thats the annoying thing that I dont overeat. anyway hope all goes well and at least you can enjoy the summer being a much healthier feeling person. I cant wait to have my op I've had Graves 6 years now and its been 6 yrs of hell.

    Sus xxx

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    Hi All,

    WOW firstly this site is ace. Ok I'm glad I'm not the first person with Graves Disease to pile the weight on, I have gone from a firm uk size 14 up to a uk size 20, can anyone explain to me why coz I don't eat much lol. I asked my doctor about this and he just said I should excerise more,(I work FULL-TIME)! Ok APPARENTLY the sore throat thingy too, according to my quack is something totaly un-related (ha ha) and horse voice, and much to my husbands pleasure NO VOICE. Can anyone explain that one!???And Also why is it that Doctors are so PANTS at explaining what this actually is! I have and am still trying to understand what will happen and what it is! When I swallow I feel like a man with an ADAM'S APPLE, how nice is that? I ask you!

    Well thanks for the great information on this site, it's ace!


    and hope you all get better SOON!

    Joanne X X X X X X X

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