Hi there. Had an ultrasound on Monday gallstones contracted gallbladder and fatty liver. Worried

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I've had symptoms for 3 years

I have suffered pain under ribs after food and back pain ,

. Docs treated me for reflux ppi drugs . Had my scan Monday and told lots of stones and contracted gallbladder also fatty liver . My go rang today and I have an appointment tomorrow to discuss . I am a bit anxious . Do you think I will need surgery or have to continue suffering . I've been told they don't like to remove them any more so much ?

Any advice appreciated

Thank you

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    Hi sue!

    If you have lots of stone they definitely should consider removing it. That's probably why you're feeling the way you are. The fatty liver is also contributing to this as well. I had a fatty liver before and had to go on a low fat diet for about a month until my symptoms got better and I also had my gallbladder taken out due to a stone the size of a golf ball. It was around 4-5cm and very huge and full of fat 😖. And who told you they don't like to remove gallbladders anymore? They do this often actually!

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      Thank you for your reply I saw my go yesterday and he agreed that my symptoms seemed to be from my fb and referred me to talk with a surgeon appointment in the next 2 weeks . I am hoping to have it removed , such a miserable way to live in pain and upset

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    Hi sue my problems started end Feb this year after fasting diet I lost 1 and half stones in 6 weeks way to fast.

    I was diagnosed in June after repeated attacks GP first thought stomach ulcer but after a horrendous attack and a trip to A&E ultrasound diagnosed gallstones, sludge and wall thickening, I have had ERCP scan, a MRI because they picked up hat I have a cyst on the liver.

    After clinic appointment with the consultant I am on waiting list for surgery 6/9 months,April may, but I am getting worse and weigh 8st 8lbs feel exhausted and have indigestion and under rib pain approx every 1- 2 weeks I've promised my husband who is worried sick that the next attack and I am going back to A&E I'm at my wits end, but I think if you sit back you get forgotten about 😢😢.

    Tell them you can't cope anymore it sounds like you've suffered enough keep us posted its good to talk xx

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      Wow that is awful how you are suffering. I hope that your surgery is soon . I had some really nasty attacks in early 2013 . Agony but ultrasound was clear . I have suffered til now but not as bad as yourelf mine now is low grade pain at worst 7 out of 10 but got several hours . Few weeks ago after eating a banana !

      My husband has not long finished chemo and is having. Line fitted next week to have some more intensive chemo week after so lots going on 😩 Will keep you updated

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      Hi Amanda how bad was the pain I have never had anything like this before I have lost weight too 19.5 in total but was over 14 weeks 2 Sundays ago I experienced the worse pain possible I dropped to the floor actually rolling about screaming with pain went to A and E who took blood and couldn't find a reason put it down to a one off u til 2 Sundays later the same thing happened again!!! 40 minutes of rolling about I went to A and E but went I got there the pain was gone!

      Went to my Gp today who has referred me for a scan so will no doubt take months before it comes in!!

      Terrified this pain comes back

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    Hi Sue smile

      So sorry you got disturbing news ! Ask, ask, ask lots of questions. It's my understanding that they don't remove stones from gallbladders that have lots of stones. Also, once the gallbladder is damaged, it's not going to be 'treatable'. I had "multiple stones" and "sludge" in mine. It was enlarged and the walls had thickened. This is usually known as a "bad" gallbladder and not treatable with drugs or surgery because it's function has slowly diminished. Mine would not recover. I was lucky; I did not suffer from lots of symptoms connected to the gallbladder issues. It was detected by a CT scan that was done in order to locate a kidney stone. It was sort of, "Yes, you have one stone on its way to the bladder. And by the way, your gallbladder is bad".

       No, you don't have to rush to surgery. How long have you been battling symptoms ? Are they under control ? Are you able to eat well and function ?

    No one wants to volunteer for surgery. We all have our own threshhold for how much we put up with a situation. It's up to you. Ask the Dr. what to expect if you put off the decision for 4 months. What changes/symptoms to expect ? Just know it's not going to improve.

       Ask here and at the doctor what the surgery is like, how long to recover, what lifestyle changes would be made. Get as much info as possible so you can make an informed decision. I wish you well and hope you get comfortable with the situation, whatever that may be smile

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      Hi thank you for your reply

      So did you have yours removed and has it changed any thing for you ?

      Ive had symptoms since early 2013

      But scan showed no stones so treated for ibs gerd fibro

      My symptoms have gotten worse , very unpredictable . Banana give pain? Not nasty attacks just gnawing pain mainly like contractions in my back. Right side I will ask questions but I'm not very good when faced with doctors I get silly and forget things . Got a lot going on so doesn't help

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      Hi Sue,

      The funny thing with my story, is that I didn't have usual bad symptoms that alerted me to the fact my gallbladder was bad ! Yes, I had some issues with ibs and late night gerd at times. But I did not have any pain at all. The only reason I knew the problem existed is because I had a couple detailed dye-scans addressing a kidney stone. When the results came back, I was told my gallbladder was bad (multiple stones, thickened tissue). The only AFTER-effect from having the gallbladder removed is for about 3 weeks, I've had a bad mettalic taste in my mouth and a general nausea sad I brush my teeth often but it builds up. If that happens to you, you can ask for help; my doctor recommended Reglan (prescription pills) which can help with the taste and nausea. Also, I've had a few bouts of loose stool and then some constipation (may have been from pain meds~). It sounds like you've been suffering enough already. I hope you find relief with your treatment. Know that it takes a while for your body to adjust to the new levels of bile it sends out. Use a small pillow held up to your tummy to help with recovery. It supports when you move, cough or change positions smile Good luck !

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