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Hi there, I had my stapedectomy operation done in Decem...

Hi there,

I had my stapedectomy operation done in December 2006 and thought I'd share my experience with anyone who might be considering this operation and sprawling patient forums as I did.

I was 60% deaf in my right ear and had early signs of otosclerosis in my left ear. I decided to go ahead with the opeartion largely because insurance doesn't cover hearing aids. My specialist was Mr. J A Lavy who I can't recommend enough. He explained that there was a 1% chance of total hearing loss and 10% chance that my hearing wouldn't improve and as others have mentioned they may not be able to do the operation should my facial nerve be in the way.

I had the operation done under local anaesthetic and was also given a sedative. I have to say the most painful part of the whole experience was the injections in my ear but they are over in a matter of minutes. Unfortunately my ear canal was too narrow so they had to make an incision in the top of my ear but that really wasn't a big deal and has left the tiniest of scares. I watched the operation as it was being done through their camera which was quite reassuring as there were a lot of loud noises as they chipped away at bone etc. I fell asleep as they were doing the laser bit and came round after they had sewn up my ear drum. The advantage of them doing it under local was that they could do a mini test on my hearing there and then.

I felt extremely dizzy after the op - don't underestimate how dizzy u'll feel. I think that it is a little under played on a lot of these sites about how rotten you'll feel for the next day or so. I ended up staying in the hospital overnight.

My recovery took a week and it was a week of very squelchy noises, having to have someone wash my hair (you musn't get it wet) and restless nights as obviously it's too painful to lye on the operated ear.

Once the padding came out (2 weeks) everything was defeaningly loud and had a tinny quality about it but that settled down over the following two weeks. But I would be prepared to negotiate your social life for this period as I found that going out a bit of an overwhelming experience as I found my sense of sound direction was completely off.

Yesterday I had my hearing tested, you have to wait 6 weeks in total before it's testable, the results were fantastic I now have a normal right ear and can use the phone on that ear and hear what people are actually saying rather than just pretending to understand.

There is a small chance that I may have to have the piston replaced years from now as I am only 25 and so it may wear out also I may need to have the left ear operated on in time but I don't see this as a major issue considering how well my first op went.

The things that I have been told I wont be able to do post op is scuba diving and sky diving (shucks!)

Well that's it - hope that's helpful!

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  • Umze Umze Guest

    Hi there,

    I had a stepedectomy surgery done on the left ear few days a ago and  I do not hear anything yet. Also on the the right ear it seems dimishing sound. I do not why it is like this. Surgen said after the surgery that he will see me after a week. I had 60% loss on the left ear and I was able to hear (hard hearing) and on the right ear 40% loss of hearing.

    Does anyone who why on the operated ear i do not hear anything and on the other ear the sound level is dramatically droped.

    Looking forward hearing from you.



    • rosenand rosenand Umze


      i m also suffering from the same problem

      my surgery(stepedactomy) has changed my life totally, i m very much suffering from the vertigo problem.

      my life has become a little bit difficult to me.


      rajni (india)

    • joanne8798 joanne8798 rosenand

      I'm sorry you are having the same problem. 5 months after my surgery I still feel very off-balance. Will see the surgeon 5/4/17, unfortunately I don't think there is much they can do without further CAT scans and surgery. He recommends 'vestibular balance therapy' , of course all at my expense. Maybe I can have him pay for itsmile. We'll see. It's definitely an error in surgery, this should not happen. Good luck to you!

    • rrssvp06 rrssvp06 rosenand

       Hi Rajni,

      I am seriously thinking to go for surgery as I am finding it difficult to do my daily tasks with hearing problem. Knowing ur condition has scared me a lot.

      Can u please help me with the details where u got operated and what other options in India you thought about.

  • Poppybee Poppybee Guest


    I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your experience here. I have my stapedectomy scheduled in the States next week. It's really reassuring to hear that you overall found it positive.  


  • jon07364 jon07364 Guest

    I understand this post is rather old, but my wife had a stapedectomy and was told she could never lift weights again. But said yoga was ok. Has anyone here been given similar advice? Thanks 

    • danny402000 danny402000 jon07364

      I was not told this, when I first had it done at 18. Since then I have done everything as normal. Now i'm older on the second one, they said take it easy for a few months, nothing about weights was mentioned after this time. Going back for check up in about 4 weeks, will see what he says then.

  • michael76498 michael76498 Guest

    I have had 3 Stapendectomy surgeries so far, # 2 on right ear and about to have my 2nd on the left ear. My last surgery on my left ear was about 10 years ago. I have noticed over the past year my  hearing is getting worse and I am getting back into my hearing loss habits . My doctor feels the prosthetic has moved and he is redoing it. I also have a 1% chance of deafness , but my only other option is a hearing aid, which I will have to do if my sugery is not successful. But I remain very confident in my surgeon..May 7, 2015 is my date.

  • abuker31767 abuker31767 Guest

    hi,friends,it was good to see ur experiences about having stapedectomy.i have been having this disease quite sometime,i visited different doctors and made periodic check-ups.i found there was no change during these periods,hearing was almost the same.but i found difficulties in communicating wit my social life and work as well,some doctors told me two options hearing aids/stapedectomy surgery,but was not enough confident about it.,so i decided to atleast try hearing aids,i'm now using hearing aids which is not 100% of ur normal hearing ear,i'm doing big research on stapedectomy which i may think would be my last option.


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