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Hi there, I had my stapedectomy operation done in Decem...

Hi there,

I had my stapedectomy operation done in December 2006 and thought I'd share my experience with anyone who might be considering this operation and sprawling patient forums as I did.

I was 60% deaf in my right ear and had early signs of otosclerosis in my left ear. I decided to go ahead with the opeartion largely because insurance doesn't cover hearing aids. My specialist was Mr. J A Lavy who I can't recommend enough. He explained that there was a 1% chance of total hearing loss and 10% chance that my hearing wouldn't improve and as others have mentioned they may not be able to do the operation should my facial nerve be in the way.

I had the operation done under local anaesthetic and was also given a sedative. I have to say the most painful part of the whole experience was the injections in my ear but they are over in a matter of minutes. Unfortunately my ear canal was too narrow so they had to make an incision in the top of my ear but that really wasn't a big deal and has left the tiniest of scares. I watched the operation as it was being done through their camera which was quite reassuring as there were a lot of loud noises as they chipped away at bone etc. I fell asleep as they were doing the laser bit and came round after they had sewn up my ear drum. The advantage of them doing it under local was that they could do a mini test on my hearing there and then.

I felt extremely dizzy after the op - don't underestimate how dizzy u'll feel. I think that it is a little under played on a lot of these sites about how rotten you'll feel for the next day or so. I ended up staying in the hospital overnight.

My recovery took a week and it was a week of very squelchy noises, having to have someone wash my hair (you musn't get it wet) and restless nights as obviously it's too painful to lye on the operated ear.

Once the padding came out (2 weeks) everything was defeaningly loud and had a tinny quality about it but that settled down over the following two weeks. But I would be prepared to negotiate your social life for this period as I found that going out a bit of an overwhelming experience as I found my sense of sound direction was completely off.

Yesterday I had my hearing tested, you have to wait 6 weeks in total before it's testable, the results were fantastic I now have a normal right ear and can use the phone on that ear and hear what people are actually saying rather than just pretending to understand.

There is a small chance that I may have to have the piston replaced years from now as I am only 25 and so it may wear out also I may need to have the left ear operated on in time but I don't see this as a major issue considering how well my first op went.

The things that I have been told I wont be able to do post op is scuba diving and sky diving (shucks!)

Well that's it - hope that's helpful!

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  • Umze Umze Guest

    Hi there,

    I had a stepedectomy surgery done on the left ear few days a ago and  I do not hear anything yet. Also on the the right ear it seems dimishing sound. I do not why it is like this. Surgen said after the surgery that he will see me after a week. I had 60% loss on the left ear and I was able to hear (hard hearing) and on the right ear 40% loss of hearing.

    Does anyone who why on the operated ear i do not hear anything and on the other ear the sound level is dramatically droped.

    Looking forward hearing from you.



    • rosenand rosenand Umze


      i m also suffering from the same problem

      my surgery(stepedactomy) has changed my life totally, i m very much suffering from the vertigo problem.

      my life has become a little bit difficult to me.


      rajni (india)

    • joanne8798 joanne8798 rosenand

      I'm sorry you are having the same problem. 5 months after my surgery I still feel very off-balance. Will see the surgeon 5/4/17, unfortunately I don't think there is much they can do without further CAT scans and surgery. He recommends 'vestibular balance therapy' , of course all at my expense. Maybe I can have him pay for itsmile. We'll see. It's definitely an error in surgery, this should not happen. Good luck to you!

    • rrssvp06 rrssvp06 rosenand

       Hi Rajni,

      I am seriously thinking to go for surgery as I am finding it difficult to do my daily tasks with hearing problem. Knowing ur condition has scared me a lot.

      Can u please help me with the details where u got operated and what other options in India you thought about.

  • Poppybee Poppybee Guest


    I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your experience here. I have my stapedectomy scheduled in the States next week. It's really reassuring to hear that you overall found it positive.  


  • jon07364 jon07364 Guest

    I understand this post is rather old, but my wife had a stapedectomy and was told she could never lift weights again. But said yoga was ok. Has anyone here been given similar advice? Thanks 

    • danny402000 danny402000 jon07364

      I was not told this, when I first had it done at 18. Since then I have done everything as normal. Now i'm older on the second one, they said take it easy for a few months, nothing about weights was mentioned after this time. Going back for check up in about 4 weeks, will see what he says then.

  • michael76498 michael76498 Guest

    I have had 3 Stapendectomy surgeries so far, # 2 on right ear and about to have my 2nd on the left ear. My last surgery on my left ear was about 10 years ago. I have noticed over the past year my  hearing is getting worse and I am getting back into my hearing loss habits . My doctor feels the prosthetic has moved and he is redoing it. I also have a 1% chance of deafness , but my only other option is a hearing aid, which I will have to do if my sugery is not successful. But I remain very confident in my surgeon..May 7, 2015 is my date.

  • abuker31767 abuker31767 Guest

    hi,friends,it was good to see ur experiences about having stapedectomy.i have been having this disease quite sometime,i visited different doctors and made periodic check-ups.i found there was no change during these periods,hearing was almost the same.but i found difficulties in communicating wit my social life and work as well,some doctors told me two options hearing aids/stapedectomy surgery,but was not enough confident about it.,so i decided to atleast try hearing aids,i'm now using hearing aids which is not 100% of ur normal hearing ear,i'm doing big research on stapedectomy which i may think would be my last option.

  • AgentRaj AgentRaj Guest


    I had my left ear stapedotomy surgery done yesterday in Toronto.  Procedure was about 1.5 hours long. Once I got home, I felt heavily nauseated, had a headcahe, and pain down left side of my face/neck. I took a gravel and slept for 2 hours. WHAT a difference. No pain at all and I could finally have a normal conversation with my wife and kids. In my excitement, I kept chatting for coup,e of hours and pain returned along with pulsating sound in the ear. I took surgeon prescribe anti-biotic and Tylenol 3. The pulsating has stopped and pain has subsided to a minor nuisance. I can still hear better sound but now it sounds a bit tinny.  Let's see what next few days bring.

    • bonni51812 bonni51812 AgentRaj

      Hi.  I know this is over a year old, but hope you're still around, AgentRaj.  I'm also in Toronto (well, Richmond Hill) and will be having this procedure done soon.  Can you tell me who your surgeon was?  Just curious...and which hospital was it done at?  Were you given local or general anesthetic?   Thanks.  

    • AgentRaj AgentRaj bonni51812

      Hi Bonni,

      Apologies for the delayed response since I stopped checking this forum after few months my surgery,  The surgeon was Dr Vincent Lin (Sunnybrook) and procedure was done at Women's College Hospital (downtown) since that's where the earlier date was available.  The surgery has been successful and without any side-effects.  In about a week, I'm going in for testing on my right ear (also same issue as left ear) and surgery is scheduled for first week of Jan 2018.

      Hope all went well with your surgery smile

  • danny402000 danny402000 Guest

    It will be fine, I had the same pains, but one was like someone stabbing a knife through your ear, really really painful, but only for about 5 seconds bursts. It's all fine and healed now, going for a scan on my other ear in a few weeks to get that done also. It's amazing to have near normal hearing, miracle !

    • AgentRaj AgentRaj danny402000

      Yes, I hope so. Pain isn't that bad but I feel I'm hearing less than yesterday. That could be increased swelling in the ear. Will know for sure once ear gel padding is removed in 8-10 days. 

  • AgentRaj AgentRaj Guest

    Funny enough I didnt feel dizzy until I got home 3 hours after the op .  I just took a gravel and went to sleep. Woke up 2 hours later without any pain or dizziness 

  • AgentRaj AgentRaj Guest

    Hello Daisymae,

    I've been very lucky as well with little nausea and minor pain for 1-2 days. 

    Today, I had the gel packing removed.  Doctor advised that blood buildup behind the eardrum wil take 4-6 weeks to clear and hearing test will be done then.  

    All sounds are amplified and sound very hollow/tinny but I can HEAR...feels so good.  Driving home, the road / air sound was much louder than all other sounds.  I can hear my kids without them shouting.  I hope the sound quality improves in next few weeks.  I've had very bad hearing in left ear for almost 25+ years so any sound right now is welcome. Right ear next!


    • lori81212 lori81212 AgentRaj

      I am 9 days out & the noises I've been hearing have really varied from day to day which has been freaking me out. I can tell I hear better but it's the background noises that concern me. I can relate to the driving sounds being much louder. Did they go away? What are you experiencing now? Appreciate any words of encouragement. Could relate to a lot of what's been posted, all the feelings associated with a surgical procedure. I know I need to calm down & have faith that things will heal & improve over time.

    • nofusa nofusa lori81212

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    • nofusa nofusa lori81212

      Hi Lori,

      I had a stapedectomy on the left ear in november. Several days after i started hearing noises, pulsation, and I couldn't sleep well. I was going crazy. Now, six months after, everything is perfectly normal, and  do not remember the really bad experience. I am happy that it is over and that my ear is functioning normal. You will too. Now, it is my third day post up (right ear stapedectomy). My hearing is not good yet as it was the first time. I am expecting all those sounds and pulsations to appear as a confirmation that everything is normal. You will be okay. I heard that it only stays when people had tinitus before the surgery.


  • janete84732 janete84732 Guest

    Hi There,

    I had my Stapedectomy last Friday April 1, 2016. The surgery under general went well I was told. Got home very dizzy but I knew it was all part of it. However, the ringing and noise in my ear that I had before is now intensified. I tried to close my other ear to see if I could hear anything and so far nothing. So the loud ringing and the fact that I cannot hear yet is worrying me. I do have the ear cannal stuffed with cotton so I guess that could prevent the sound however, shouldn't the ringing be gone or at least gotten a bit better instead of more loud now?


    • AgentRaj AgentRaj janete84732


      I had left ear Stapedoromy on Mar 21/16. Dizziness only lasted 3-4 hours after surgery, had no ringing sound and could hear better, even with gel packing. Gently scratch your ear covering and on the neck behind your earlobe. If you can hear those scratches, that would be a good start/sign.

      I've been reading threads on this for a over a year from around the globe. People have such varying experiences however majority of them seem to hear fine after few days.

      I'm sure you'll be just fine. Just give it proper care and time to heal.

    • janete84732 janete84732 AgentRaj

      Thank you!!! I can hear a mild sound of scratching and that gave me hope. Yes, reading all trace of comments some positive and some negative is enough to scare you for sure. Well, we can't go back and trying is better than not trying at all so I'll stay optimistic.

      Thank you so much!


    • georgette35479 georgette35479 AgentRaj


      Ive had mild lost of hearing on my left ear and my ENT doctor recommended this surgury. Since you have had it how are the results? I see this surgury really works? I;m planning mine within the next few months, how are you feeling since surgury?

    • janete84732 janete84732 georgette35479

      Today April 4th is my 3rd day after the Stapedectomy. Dizzy still but not pain at all. I have been taking the antibiotics for infection only and have not taken any pain killer yet. Lots of ringing on my operated ear (left). More than before the surgery. Did what AgentRaj suggested above and it seems like the hearing has gotton better but too early to confirm. I have to remember not to sneeze, burp haha or do anything that would disturb the healing and it is hard as sometime you forget not to do it and then worry crazy about messing it up. So I am waiting and praying that it works... able to hear and get rid of the horrible ringing noise that I had for years. Hearing is my main concern... got used to the ringing but if it goes away then I'll thank my stars. Good luck with your surgery. You will be fine. 

    • AgentRaj AgentRaj janete84732

      Glad to hear your feeling the fluids clear, gel packing is removed, and ear heals, hearing should only get better. I have chronic allergy Cough/sneezing so couldn't help that but surgeon just advised to keep mouth open during coughing/sneezing 

    • AgentRaj AgentRaj georgette35479


      ill share my experience in detail and see if it helps. 

      I couldnt much at all from left ear since I was 13-14 but it was never treated.  Last year (age 37), I saw an ENT about options to fix the hearing. While going through tests on left ear, my right ear hearing also dropped from 85% to below 40%, over 2 months.  I couldn't hear anyone unless they were shouting at me. After few more consultations, we decided to proceed with Stapedotomy surgery now my left ear.

      Surgery done on Mar 21 at 8:00am.  I woke up around 10:30 and was sent home by 11:30am. Felt a bit groggy and dizzy but no pain.  Got home and felt very nauseated.  Took 1 gravel and went to sleep.  Woke up at 4pm with no nausea, no dizziness and very minor pain. I could hear my family right away and it felt great.  Over next few days, I only left minor pain and no other side effects.  Took antibiotics for 5 days and ear drops everyday.  Hearing was up and down.

      On Mar 29th, saw the surgeon who removed the gel packing and cleaned the ear.  Hearing is really fantastic but very tinny/robotic.  Surgeon advised that there is fluid/blood behind the ear drum that could take another 4-5 weeks to clear so we'll test then.

      On same evening, I caught a bug from my kids(viral infection) and ran 102-103 fever for 4 days with heavy sneezing and lung bursting coughing...(keep your mouth open, the surgeon said lol)...I've been back on antibiotics now. 

      Even with all that, the hearing still seems better even though nose/chest ar still not clear.  I was afraid all the coughing was going to dislodge the stape but seems ok so far.  I'll know more on April 29th when I see the surgeon. 

      I've had a good experience with the surgery so far and feel great to hear every word.


    • janete84732 janete84732 AgentRaj

      That's so awesome. thanks for sharing your experience. Yes, same here...left year. I am 35 yrs old and had this problem for years now. Well, today (4th day) I am feeling much better. Still cannot hear anything other then testing it by scratching my ear lob and noticing there is some life in there. 

      Did it hurt to remove the stuff that is in there? The instruction tells me to remove the fillings and start the ear drops in a week. I am terrified of removing anything. Did you remove it yourself a week later after the surgery or did you go to the doctor's to do it? I know I have to go there in 3 weeks to remove something else which I am a bit confused.

      I hope you'll continue to get better and better!!! I can't wait to be able to hear!


    • AgentRaj AgentRaj janete84732

      My ear had a inner gel packing, covered by a cotton swab, covered by a dressing which was held in place by tape.  My surgeon had asked me to lift the dressing and change the cotton swap daily. I changed it twice for first couple of days (lot of blood/fluid) and then changed it once daily for 1 week.  Do not touch/remove the inner gel packing.

      The gel packing was removed after 8 days at surgeon's office.  It was not painful at all but was uncomfortable.  The process was took about 2 mins.

      I started the ear drops 2nd day after surgery.  Please follow your doctor's instructions.

      All the best to you.


    • lynztree lynztree janete84732

      Trying IS better than not trying at all.  I will remember that. I had a Stapedectomy done on my right ear over a month ago.  I am still experiencing a light-headed wobbly sensation when I move my head throughout the day and I also still have a bit of Tinnitus that's all over the board, from soft to loud to crickets, to almost not there.  My doctor says all of this will resolve itself within time, but I am starting to get a little worried.  Especially if I still feel this light-headedness after 4 weeks.  I am getting better and better though.  If there is anything I have learned, it is that patience is key with this operation. 

    • georgette35479 georgette35479 AgentRaj

      Question. If anyone on this forum who has had this tinnitus/hearing lost. Before diagnosed did anyone have symptoms on side head pain? Like a bad headache but seems connected to ringing in ear? I received MRI and everything is normal but every now and then I will get the headaches...?? Anyone??

    • lynztree lynztree janete84732

      Did your heart beat sound go away?  I also experienced that a lot before my surgery but the procedure seemed to take care of it.  I have experienced a few episodes since, but it was only for a few seconds each time.  It's call Pusitile Tinnitus and there are many more factors that can contribute to this so it's best to ask your doctor how you can investigate farther.  I am dealing with all kinds of other sounds.  Low pitched, high pitched ringing, crickets etc.  Sometimes it's loud and drives me a little crazy and others it's distant.  I am told this will go away. But what else can they say right?  I'm a pretty nervous about it and forgetting why I had this procedure to begin with.

    • janete84732 janete84732 lynztree

      Hi Lynztree, Yes, it went away after an hour. I too am hearing all kind of sounds and just called the nurse at the doctors office and she assured me that it is all normal so I'll just have to trust it all. Yes, I too sometimes think that I should have waited a bit longer for the surgery in hope of perphaps new technology as I am afraid of what everyone says about 'if it moves you are screwed and have to redo it'. I always have courage to do anything once. The second time I kind of get scared so going back...I hope not. Lets stay positive and have faith. I am going to start to look at the bright side of things instead. I feel that I have been a bit pessimist and that's not good. Time to change my attitude. Will keep you posted. smile

    • lynztree lynztree janete84732

      Yes, I couldn't agree more on trying to be positive.  I keep telling myself that all will resolve itself, after all, it's only been a month.  However I am stubborn and want to run and jump and work out, but I need to be patient and allow myself to heal.

      I am also 35 and I decided to do this now because as we get older, the healing process takes longer. So I'm glad I decided to get it out of the way and must not forget the reasons why I did so.

      You will remove your own packing?  My doctor took it out 1 week later and cleaned out my ear with a little suction tool.  It felt pretty great when he did that, but the ear still has a "full" feeling after almost 5 weeks.  He did a hearing test on me after 1 week and there was already improvement.  So on paper, it was a successful surgery.  My condition was odd, however, because once he got in there, he saw that my Incus was eroded more so than he thought. So, he had to place the prosthetic up a little higher and encouraged me to take it extremely easy.  So I was pretty scared that it might shift, due to my unhealthy bone that it's latched onto.  rolleyes

      Tell me, how do you feel overall?  My main concern is that I still have a light headedness feel.  I'm not dizzy or almost falling over, but my head just feels wobbly, if that makes sense.  Of course he says that will also go away.  rolleyes


    • janete84732 janete84732 lynztree

      Feeling good today. A tinny bit dizzy stillwith some headaches here and there but not too bad at all. Of course the buzzing and ringing loud noises are still there. I have really bad frickin allergies so I feel like I have a cold all the time.

      No, not taking the packing out myself. It is just some cotton covering the very entrance. So I should be able to fiddle with it and get it out and then start the drops this Friday. Seems that our doctors work a bit differently. I won't see him until 3 weeks later when he will remove the inner remaining of the stuff that is in there (residue as the drops is supposed to 'dissolve' most of it) so the nurse tells me. So for this I am quite scared. She said he will use a vaccuum of some sort.

      Yes, I am pretty active as well and want to start working out but I rather get this healed well. My work requires me to travel quite a bit but I will be staying put for at least a month. Don't want to take any chances of a plane ride messing it up for me. 

      So in general it has been good. Read some articles about some people that did it 20 years ago and it was pretty good until now which they are back to wearing hearing aid. If it lasts 20 yrs with no issues I'll feel blessed. I had hearing aids before but didn't wear them. I guess when we are old then who cares how we look as long as we can hear and is in good health. So I hope to God it lasts for 20 years but want to get through this first phase first. Lots of positive comments from folks out there so I am focusing on those. smile

      We will be ok.

    • lynztree lynztree janete84732

      Yes, the worst thing I did was research in the beginning stages. I'm so glad I found a positive thread about this procedure!  What a help!

      And I agree, we will be just fine! Yeay for taking the steps to improve ourselves, however scary they may be.  Keep me posted on your progress!


  • lynztree lynztree Guest

    I know this is over 10 years old but it's nice to come across a positive post about this procedure.  I just had it done over a month ago and I am still feeling a bit light headed and also experiencing tinnitus.  I'm told all will resolve it self but after a month you start to get anxious.  Tell me, if you are still receiving notifcations from this tread, how are you these days with your ear?  And what has your experience been while flying?  Thank you!

  • guy04543 guy04543 Guest

    After surgery, whenever I belch with my mouth closed or sometime opened, a back pressure goes directly to ear that had surgery and cause a jolt of imbalance for about a second that scared me. Has this ever happen to any of you after stapedectomy?

    • janete84732 janete84732 guy04543

      Yes. It gets better with time. Be patient. Try not to sneeze (Pinch your upper lips, nose and stick your tongue out when you feel like sneezing- it seriously stops you from wanting to sneeze). Don't get it wet of course. Be patient and give it time to heal. But if you are worried, the doctor's nurse should be always available for questions. I know I have called mine about 5 times since I had my surgery 4 weeks ago to the day.

    • guy04543 guy04543 janete84732

      Thanks Janete, you are so encouraging and positive of the outcome. But its so natural to worry about each event on post surgery. This little story i encountered yesterday, my pool pump was very loud and i was concern that something was wrong, call my wife to to verify and she said its normal, she hears no difference not realising what i was missing for years.

  • AgentRaj AgentRaj Guest


    I am writing to provide another update on my Stapedotomy done on Mar 21/16.  Since my last update, my ear has been healign fine.  After the ineer gel apcking was removed 4 weeks ago, the hearing was very noud and tinny. After about 2 weeks, the sound became normal (not tinny) and loudness has become normal except road noise which is still irritating.

    Today was the one month hearing test and follow up.  Hearing test showed the left ear hearing has improved from 30-35% range to 90% range.  The ear has healed allwoing me to start more physical activities.  Doctor also removed the wax build up and a small blood scab formed on part of ear drum which did not improve the hearing but the ear feels much better.

    Doctor advised that some noises are loud since right ear hearing is bad (dropped from 90% to 40% in last eyar alone) therefore the sound is not balanced.  This also conrtibuets to loud road noise since left ear is closer to outside of the car /glass window.

    Now, I'm trying to setup date/time for same surgery on right ear.  Best of luck to everyone else getting this procedure.

    • tbro1124 tbro1124 AgentRaj

      Hello, I just had this surgery on 7/6/16 I am still healing.very anxious to hear. I have had some break through sounds but none recently.i get my packing removed on Tuesday can you tell me what to expect?

  • guy04543 guy04543 Guest

    This was great news for me, I am in recovering stage three weeks ago had my done, and the noise is irritating.. wind blowing, humming, drums on the radio, driving noise when in car, and sometime feel like something loose in ear canal, but afraid to probe. Some sounds are irritating, but unable to pin point yet.

  • lynztree lynztree Guest

    Hello again!  This is a question directed to everyone.  It's been over 2 months since my Stapedectomy.  I was dizzy for a good 5 weeks after.  Luckily I feel pretty great now.  However, the noises in the operated ear are still worrisome.  The doctor says it's normal but I can also see the "Oh you're one of those" in his eyes, as he points to the chart that says the operation was a success.  It's true, it did.  A hearing test stated that the hearing in my ear is almost as good as my left which is about 30-40% better than before.

    But it's the ringing and fullness in the ear that is bothersome now. I have been given some meds and a suppliment in hopes that it goes away.

    The pattern of the noises is pretty consistant.  Light crickets in the morning, mid range semi loud ringing in the afternoon, and super loud ringing at night when I get home (which ends up settling a little before bed.) Then I wake up and it's the same thing all over again.

    I can understand that the ear is being over worked throughout the day and after being exposed to loud noises it reacts and has to settle down.

    Does anyone else have experience like this?  The doctor says it's normal but I must "protect" the ear.  Like this weekend, I'm going out dancing but I'm worried about being exposed to such a loud environment for an extended period of time.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!



    • janete84732 janete84732 lynztree

      Hi lynztree,

      I am curious to see other replies.... for me I have to say that I am experiencing exactly what you have described except that it has been only 5 weeks since my stapedectomy surgery and I have not had my ear tested yet. I can hear very well from the operated ear now but yes, the ringing and ocean like noise has not chaged (exactly as it was before the surgery). I called the nurse yesterday and she told me that it takes about 4 months to completely heal inside and all the noise is part of it and it will get better. I still feel shart pain once in a while as well. Not often but it happens. If I yawn I feel all sort of cracking noise when I inhale and if towards the end of the yawn I close my mouth I feel pressure in the ear as if something was being lifted so this part scares me as it feels I am moving the stape. So no yawning or sneezing for me. I am keeping my fingers crossed but anxious to hear what others have to say. Great group of contributors on this list.


    • lynztree lynztree janete84732

      You have given me hope then, so thank you. I don't want to scare you as I am over 2 months in and still experiencing this but I do have to say that the noises were very tolerable about 6-7 seeks in. HOWEVER! I just had my 2 month post op check up and he cleaned out some scabs and dried blood and I swear, that made the noises come back to where they were at the beginning!  

      I too know what you mean about movement in the ear.  I was told that is natural and not worry too much about the prosthetic slipping. Just take it easy and no strenuous activity and fast movements.  It's easy to worry about that but he assured me it's not as easy to move as one would think.

      So you have noticed the noises much louder after exposing yourself to loud sound for a while?  I just worry that I'm damaging something.  rolleyes 


    • janete84732 janete84732 lynztree

      The noises are tolerable I would say as welI as I had it before but it did not make a difference after exposing it to loud noises. Yes, I have done a few things that I should have avoided... Sat beside very loud women in restaurants, my dog barks quite a bit and it is loud as heck., have lifted a few heavy things (watering the plants). Other than that I have been very careful.

      Strange enough... the noises happen mostly when I don't sleep well, when I am stressed (my job is very stressful) and when I expose it to loud noise. 

      My hearing test will be in July. 3 months after the surgery. smile

      Hope others will reply.

    • guy04543 guy04543 janete84732

      My surgery was 4 weeks ago, yawning creates movement like something is loose or about to shift, my yawns are increased also. The only noise I hear is at night only because there is less noise, but the operated ear has a hammering sound like someone is nailing.this is so annoying that its distraction causing me not to focus. My Doctor indicates everything will get better when my brain is fully adjusted to the improving hearing.Great Hope !!!

    • blue26535 blue26535 lynztree

      Hi lynztree,

      I am 6 weeks post stapedectomy on my right ear.  My ringing in the ear started 3 weeks after the surgery. My doctor prescribed steroid for 1 week which did not help at all.I have not had my hearing test done yet, but I can certainly hear better.  I had stapedectomy done on my left year 30 years ago and my hearing on that ear has been near perfect since then. Had no complication at all. But this ringing this time is driving me crazy. My doctor did not assure me it would go away. So feeling pretty nervous. 

    • lynztree lynztree blue26535

      Hi Blue,

      Sorry to hear about your issue as well.  It really is maddening.  Today I have crickets but later it will be a dull high pitched ring.  Doc said to wear a soft ear plug at loud events in the coming weeks.

      I find it interesting that you had this done 30 years ago and you had no hassle.  Wow!  That would give me hope that this next round will pan out for you.  My doctor DID assure me that it would go away.  But his eyes seemed hesitant.  It's different for everyone which is something that does NOT comfort us, I know.  My other concern is flying.  I'm afraid my ear will explode!  

      You may want to try Ginko Biloba or ask about Neurontin.  These things have been known to help tinnitus.  And also music or tinnitus relief sounds help me tremendously when I'm working.

      Good luck!

    • blue26535 blue26535 lynztree

      I did well with one very good ear (after surgery) and one not so good ear for a long time. I didn't have problem with my overall hearing until a few years ago when my non-operated ear started to get worse rapidly. I started to look for an experienced surgeon about 5 years ago. I talked with several doctors and they all talked about my hearing getting better, but not about tinnitus. Guess I'll just have to wait. My doctor talks very little which I am not liking at all. 

      I am using a humidifier at its high speed at night and its sound seems to help me. 

      My doctor says flying should be fine. After my previous surgery, I flew overseas after 4 weeks and had no problem.

      Do you know if I should be careful about someone sitting next to me talking loudly? My son screamed once and I felt a discomfort in the recently operated ear.

    • lynztree lynztree blue26535

      Yes my doctor NEVER mentioned anything about possible tinnitus which really irritates me.  He just said "90% success rate in fixing hearing loss." And I thought, great!  I am regretting it, which is so sad.

      My original complaint was pulsitile tinnitus and the ear feeling full all the time.  The hearing thing never totally bothered me, honestly!  I was just hoping that it would take away the heartbeat sounds and the full feeling, but the ear still feels full and I still have the pulsitile tinnitues PLUS the horrible ringing!

      That actually was my original question about exposing yourself to loud sounds.  My doctor seems to think it's ok but that I should "protect" my ear by placing a cotton ball or a soft ear plug for a few weeks while it's still healing.  But never once did he say it would damage anything.  I'm still pretty confused on that topic.


    • janete84732 janete84732 lynztree

      That's too bad Lynz. I hope in time once it is healed things will turn around and all those noises will go away. I suppose we are the only 3 on here that were left with ringing etc noises. wink I am glad for the others and there is still hope for us. I had the opposite from you... always had the ringing and other noises but couldn't hear from my left ear. Now I continue with the ringing noise but at least I can hear!

      Similar to Blue's surgeon, my surgeon doesn't talk much either. He just smiles and say that everything will be ok nonce the inner part is healed. In a way it kind of make sense... if the old stape was removed and a new one put needs to heal for the new part to integrate successfully. 

      Sometimes I think that maybe when I washed my hair (two weeks after the surgery yup I waited that long), maybe a small drop of water got in causing the ringing and other sort of sounds. after the surgery I had the ringing but not as loud. So I don't know. I think we should just wait and get together again in two months and compare again. wink Hopefully we will have good news to each other.

      I do not regret the surgery because I can hear. But if you didn't have the ringing and other noises before I know how bad it can be and for that it is unfortunately.

    • blue26535 blue26535 janete84732

      At my 3 weeks post op appointment, my doctor lifted all restrictions and said I could take normal shower. My ringing started after 4 weeks. I was also thinking if it was the water or the loud noise that caused it. I never had ringing before the sugery. But my hearing was almost gone on the right ear. Either hearing aid or the surgery was my choice. Now I can hear better, but this noise depresses me and is taking away the hapiness of first 3 weeks for being able to hear.

      Please keep posting here. At least, I can communicate to you here. Others who never had gone through this won't understand the problem.

    • lynztree lynztree blue26535

      Yep I'm right there with you Blue. Lets hang in there.  I went out to a dance club last night and was really worried about how I would feel after.  Oddly enough, I am fine today!  The mornings seem to be the best, having slept in quiet through the night.    I wore ear plugs last night and it helped tremendously.  Funny how EVERYONE should probably do that. It's amazing how loud and damaging those environments can be to anyone with healthy eardrums.


    • janete84732 janete84732 blue26535

      Yes, I did have ringing in the ear prior to the surgery and continue to have it now. however, its been only 5 weeks and it has quite a bit to heal still. I am hoping that in 7 more weeks (hearing test) the ringing will be gone (once it is completely healed). I definitely can hear from my operated ear now and for that I am very thankful.

      Did yours get any better? You know, I have been monitoring it... it seems that it gets louder after I expose it to loud noises. So have an ear plug in your pocket at all times.

    • blue26535 blue26535 janete84732

      I am 8 weeks post op and my hearing is definitely better. I was almost deaf on my right ear before surgery. Now I can hear when people sitting on my right side are talking. My hearing test will be in 10 days. Hopefully, the ringing will go away with time. It's just a little depressing at times. 

      Glad you mentioned ear plug. I will have to carry it. I feel a discomfort on the operated ear when exposed to loud sound. Even sound of food processor close to me makes me uncomfortable. 

    • blue26535 blue26535

      Hi Janete and Lynztree,

      How's your ringing and hearing now? I will have my hearing test soon. But the ringing is still bothersome. I am 10 weeks post op now. The ringing is bad in the morning and usually better during the day.


    • janete84732 janete84732 blue26535

      Hi Blue,

      I am on my 7th week and anxious for my hearing test in July. I have a couple of questions for the surgeon.

      Hearing is good. I still can't quite make out some of the words when watching TV but in a group, or one on one it is great. Ringing is still there unfortunately just like it was before the surgery. It doesn't bother me too much as I got used to it but for sure it would be amazing if there was a cure for it. Hopefully there will be a cure soon.

      Does your operated ear feel plugged and full when you are laid down and turn from one side to the other? Sometimes I feel like there is something loose in there and imagine it is the stape but it couldn't be because I am able to hear. Right? So that is my question to the doctor when I see him in 5 weeks if its still happening by then.

      Let's see what Lyn has to say in regards to her hearing and ringing.

    • nofusa nofusa lynztree

      I had my first stapedectomy in november 2015. I had ringing and fullness feelings dng the first 4 moths. Now it is perfect! It is a process, not a pleasant one, but in a few months you are gone feel that this was the best thing you have done for yourself. Hang in there!

      Today is my third day after the right ear stapedectomy, and i do not hear as loud as i did with the first one, only a little when i touch the ear. It scares me. Start hering pulsations and sounds, will make me crazy again, but it will tell me that everything is healing normal.

    • nofusa nofusa blue26535

      Hi blue,

      I had my first stapedectomy for six months ago. I had ringing and fullness sensation for months, but now it is history, the left ear is working normal, and no ringings or other sensations.

      I had my right eart operated for 3 days ago, and i am there now, afraid of all the post op care, and the fact that i had less hearing this time compare to the first time. I only hear something if touch it. Even if it is so unpleasant, i want all those sounds back as a sign of norma healing.

    • blue26535 blue26535 janete84732

      Hi Janete,

      My operated ear sometimes feel full and I am not comfotable in a group setting where several people are talking. I cannot make out what an invidual is saying. I was thinking of requesting for a CT scan to see if the prosthesis looks good and also going to another doctor for a second opinion. The ringing is still bothersome and makes me upset since I did not have it before the surgery.

    • blue26535 blue26535 lynztree

      Hi Lynz,

      I did good with flying last week. How's your ringing now? These days i use earplugs too if i go to a real loud place. That makes me feel good. Have you ever had CT scan done on your ear?

    • lynztree lynztree nofusa

      Nofusa and Blue:  Thanks for your feedback, sorry for my absence.

      I am 3 months post op.  I had a hearing test a month ago and all was improved. I still have ringing but it's not as bad as it was in the beginning.  This is odd though.  The ringing had reached a tolerable level until he goes in and pokes around.  Yesterday during my 3 mo check up, he used some tools to try and take out some skin that had bunched up in front of my eardrum.  But it was still attached to my canal and it made me jump. But I sware, after he pokes around, the ringing is worse again.  Last night it was so loud.

      Today it's back to distant crickets and high pitched tones.  Something else has come about though, and I'm sure this sounds crazy. But does anyone have any experience with unexplained vibrations in the ear?  It's almost like a giant is taking huge steps and it's happening IN my head.  It's a very inconsistant rhythm and I hear it right now.  I heard it at work the other day and I thought someone was drilling underneath me.  I realized as I walked around that it was following me and that it was coming from the operated ear side of my head.

      I told the doctor that and he just looked at me.  I mean, what can he say to that?

      My other problems I have come back, which I was hoping the stapedectomy would cure.  Pulsatile Tinnitus and a full sensation like there is a bubble in there that needs to pop.  I have been unable to pop my ears for years.

      So he puts me on Flonaze and sends me home.

      Ugh.  I might get a second opinion.  

      PS. I wish this text box checked your spelling!

    • blue26535 blue26535 lynztree

      Hi Lynz,

      Thanks for the update. I am also thinking of getting a second opinion. My doctor completely ignores my complaint about ringing which wasn't there before the surgery. He told me to see him after a year which makes me upset. He is basically telling he cannot do anything about my problems. My hearing has improved but not to my expectation. My doctor recommended hearing aid. I somtimes regret the surgery. If i have to wear a hearing aid anyway and have the ringing that started after the surgery then why did i go through this pain of surgery. I sometimes feel like going to lawyer. He told me before I was an excellent candidate of surgery.

    • janete84732 janete84732 blue26535

      Hello Blue,

      I think a CT scan will reveal if there is any blockage or if the stape is out of place. For me, the ringing seems to have gotten a bit better (I am knocking on wood as I type wink). Not a whole lot but a little. I flew to Miami and back last week and I was scared that it would 'blow up' (as Lynz put it in one of her notes which I thought was funny biggrin, but it was great. No issues. I feel that sometimes I hear better than others. Before, when I was on the passanger seat of a car I could not hear anything the driver or the back seat people were saying. Now with my left ear operated, I can hear them which is amazing. However, it feels full when I yawn. I still have some harp pain in there from time to time but I am blaming it on my fricken allergies. July 11 is my first hearing test. I'll see what he says. Will have more updates then.

      I will ask him if I should have a CT scan to confirm that the stapes is fully in place or not. I had a CT scan in January before the surgery to make sure this surgery would resolve my issue so not sure if more radiation will be ok. Will ask him.

      Thank you all for all the updates.


    • lynztree lynztree janete84732

      So glad your flying experience went well! 

      I too asked my doctor about the prosthetic and if it could be shifted.  He assured me that if the prosthetic shifts or unlatches itself, we would know it right away.  This is why those first few weeks are critical that it heals well, because once healed correctly,  I was told a shifting is less likely.


    • lynztree lynztree blue26535

      I was thinking the same thing you are.  But I think we just need to give it more time and put our energy into things we can control.

      I will give it another 3 months and then really start worrying if nothing changes for the better.  

      But I do agree, if you are not happy with your doctor, I would seek another opinion for piece of mind.  


    • janete84732 janete84732 blue26535

      I am not sure Blue. The surgeon suggested that I did to make sure he could see it better but he also said that it was up to me as he had already done the necessary tests to confirm the issue was with the grown bone that needed adddressed. 


    • lynztree lynztree blue26535

      In my experience, I did have a CT scan from about 3 years ago when I decided NOT to have the surgery.  I went back to the doc this year and decided to have it done.  They used the scans from 3 years ago and did not do any more.  He went off of doc notes from 3 years ago as well.  I kinda wish he would have done a CT scan, that way he could seen up to date scans and not be surprized when he got in there.  My bone ended up being more eroded then he had thought, which made him jump through some hoops.


    • blue26535 blue26535 lynztree

      I would like to have a CT scan done now to see if the prosthesis is in the right place. When I use phone on the operated ear, the voice on the other end seems squeaky which makes me worried too. I was looking for a good doctor in this field in google. Trying to think positive at the same time.

    • blue26535 blue26535 lynztree

      No I didn't. I went to another doctor for second opinion. He said if the prosthesis would have moved my hearing wouldn't improve. He didn't recommennd scan. My hearing is better than before, but the ringing is still there. The doctor said ringing won't go away :-(. So, at some point in time, I might have to wear hearing aid. 

      How is yours?


    • lynztree lynztree blue26535

      I'm sorry to hear that.  I'm in the same boat.  The ringing is still there but it's definitely "better".  My doctor did say I would get "used to it" and I sure have.  But I do have to say it has improved.  Sometimes I think I don't hear it at all and other times it's there.. I just try to not think about it.  White noise helps, I sleep with a fan now..  and when I'm out and about, at dinner or just outside I don't really hear it at all.   However I feel as though NOTHING has changed.  My hearing seemed better after surgery and I was super sensitive.. Now I feel like I'm back to square one. That ear feels "clogged" or "closed."  Which is the same sensation I have always felt.  Curious what my 6 months check up will say.... 


    • blue26535 blue26535 lynztree

      I also got used to it. I try not to think about it. When I am with people or when I am busy I don't hear it. But when it's quiet and I am all by myself, it surely comes back. I sleep with a noisy humidifier. It helps my ear and skin :-). My ear also feels clogged which I didn't have before. But my hearing is better. My hearing was almost none before the surgery, now it's in 45-50% range. My other ear has been very good since the surgery for the last 30 years. So I can hear now without the hearing aid. The second doctor said I waited too long to have the surgery on the second ear. I wouldn't have complained if I didn't have the ringing and the clogged feeling. This is something the doctor didn't warn me of. When the ringing is bad, I feel down. But most of the times I don't think about it.

      Are you considering a revision surgery or a hearing aid? When is your six months check up? I don't have one. Wonder how Janete is doing.

    • navidnassir navidnassir lynztree

      Hello would you please feed back how are you feeling now because I have my surgery last week and my ear is hurting a lot and I cannot hear anything at all but Matt sounds. I had removed my packs today

    • prosanjit14320 prosanjit14320 lynztree

      hello lynztree,

      It's been 4 weeks since i had my stapedotomy done and i'm experiencing the tinnitus on my operated ear and my hearing doesn't improve that much as i was expected. i am curious to know how long does it take to heal the eardrum? and when all these crickets noise subsides? as you were experiencing the same please give me some hope....

  • kelsey52064 kelsey52064 Guest

    I really hope everyone on this thread keeps us updated.. I've been reading replies since I was diagnosed with otosclerosis on the 21st of last month. I've had tinnitus since I was 15.. and recently got pregnant and had an abortion. After the abortion my ears felt clogged and my tinnitus worsened. I have an extremely loud high pitched ringing in my left ear that never goes away along with conductive hearing loss in both ears. My doctor told me a stapedectomy was a cure.. but the more I read about the procedure the more afraid I am that is might not be such a perfect solution. I am terrified of worsening my hearing.. I never though I'd have to make such a decision at the age of 21. But I am wondering.. does anyone in this thread have the disease in both ears, as I do? Is it possible to get the procedure done in both ears or is it not usually done? I am so scared to have surgery.. I am considering just relying on hearing aids. I just don't know what to do and I am very afraid.. it gives me hope seeing others posting about their experience though. You are all brave and amazing people.

    • janete84732 janete84732 kelsey52064

      Hi Kelsey, I would definitely recommend to have the Stapedectomy if you have otosclerosis specially at your age. If one have Otosclerosis in one ear it is just a matter of time that it will go to the other ear. so have just one ear done first and then a year or so later have the other if it is also demaged. That's what I would suggest. My right ear is ok right now but slowly progressing to full otosclerosis. I would think that in 10 years I would be ready for the surgery on my right ear as well. Since the surgery 5 weeks ago I can already hear better from my operated ear and it will get better and better once it heals. Hearing aids for me worked at the beginning but didn't work anymore after a while. I didn't like the lifestyle of wearing it either so I rarely wore it. Don't be afraid but just research a good surgeon that has done many of it and specialize in ear only with a good track record of success for the procedure. Ask how many they have done. The more the better.

    • jenny87956 jenny87956 kelsey52064

      Kelsey.  I had this surgery on one of my ear (other one is also bad but going to hold off for as long as I can) seven weeks ago.  I had absolutely no issues.  No side effects.  I 'think' people with good experience don't come on these board to post their good outcome.

      I would recommend a Doctor that done PLENTY of this type of surgery!

    • kelsey52064 kelsey52064 janete84732

      Thanks for the reply.. I will probably just go ahead with surgery then.. I really don't want hearing aids, I've just been afraid to have surgery for the first time. My doctor wants to wait until August and then go over options. I don't know why I have to wait. I hope I can find a good surgeon.. I'll just have to ask I guess. Having a prosthetic makes me nervous though.. I hope it doesn't slip out of place easily. I have read that the procedure can worsen tinnitus too.. which is scary since mine is already very loud. Have you experienced worse tinnitus? I can hear a very loud ring and sometimes my pulse. I also get occasional stabbing pain on the inside of my ear. Anyone else experience pain before surgery? I'm happy there are people I can talk to with the same disease I have.. no one I know has heard of it and my doctor hasn't said much. I worry all the time.. but you guys seem to be doing okay and that makes me feel better. Anyone know if there's anywhere else I can go to talk to or read about others with otosclerosis?

    • navidnassir navidnassir kelsey52064

      Hi kelsey im 27 from iran. I had my stapedectomy surgery last week. I was afraid also because i have panic disorder so I thought i would die in the middle of surgery but when you have a lot of problems, adding a hearing loss would make you go for some peace and quiet so when you choose to make a surgery do it with courage and bravery

      There is no side effect for me except i cant taste food so good which i heard is normal up to 2 weeks after the surgery. Tomorrow I am going to the ent to check the first progress of my hearing.

    • aml2522 aml2522 navidnassir

      Hi, I also had the surgery two weeks ago. Everything was "normal" (terrible 1st. week). But, after the doctor removed the gel packing, I started with some sounds. The worse thing is they increase a lot when my 8 months old baby cry.

      I'm waiting some more weeks. I don't know if this is my perception only but I've realized docs didn't say exactly how the post op will be.

    • lynztree lynztree aml2522

      The odd sounds are normal. In my experience,  it was distortion and echoing sounds. Very very odd.  It all went away.  It's just your ear getting used to the prosthetic.  I was told to protect the ears in loud situations with ear plugs for the first month or so.  Actually, we should do that ALL the time,  healthy and unhealthy ears.  It's amazing the beating we put our ear drums through every day!

  • tbro1124 tbro1124 Guest

    Hello, I am so happy I found this message board. I am preparing for my second stapedectomy suugery in June, my first was last August and was unsuccessful. I am very anxious and very nervous . I hope it works this time, as my head did not improve at all.

    • tbro1124 tbro1124 AgentRaj

      Hi there not really sure why it failed. Just knew my hearing got worse since the surgery so reluctantly I went for a Second opinion. And it was confirmed that the surgery failed but he didn't know why so he sent me for a ct of the operated ear. The same day I got a call back saying I needed another surgery. I see him on the 10th and he will go over everything with me and I will post my progress.I have a feeling my ent messed ear hasn't been the same and now at 50 years old I'm getting so many ear infections in that ear.

    • guy04543 guy04543 tbro1124

      Get a new ENT, since he was not forward in telling the truth, and for a Doctor to say he is not sure why it failed, too many apparant flags.Right after my surgery, hearing was restored immediately. The procedure is simple and the prosthetic was not attached properly to the footplate of the stape.Ear infections cause by water entering the surgical ear.

    • AgentRaj AgentRaj tbro1124

      Sorry to hear that.

      I would suggest reading online reviews and asking others in same area about your ENTs success rate.  That being said, it's possible that ENT is highly qualified with vast experience and your's just happened to be one of the 5% failure case (as advised by my ENT surgeon).  The prosthetic stape could've shifted or lost its "grip" on the bone due to various reasons.

      I had my surgery on Mar 21st and have no issues except for slightly tightness and hardness around the ear, which should resolve itself in few months, as per the ENT.

      Hopefully your  "re-surgery" is successful and you can get your hearing back. Wishing you all the best.

    • AgentRaj AgentRaj stephen46199


      Sorry I've been busy and haven't had time to be on here in a while.

      My hearing is fine and all "tinny-ness" is gone.  The ear always feels a bit "full" (for lack of better description) but hearing is good.  The skin around the incision has become normal without any hardness.

      I do find that some sounds are quite loud like the wind or tire noise from the car.  The ENT had advised some of those issues should be fixed once my right ear is operated on later this year and the sounds become more balanced between both ears. Lets see how that goes.


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