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Ear Problems

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  • m1988 3

    Dry ears

    I have had quite a dry nose but also notice my ears are producing very little wax compared to before. Has anyone else experienced this?

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  • selina48382 2
  • Miss Mack 1

    ill 19 months

    I have been ill for 19 months now, it all started with what seemed to be the beginning of a cold (irratated throat n runny nose).. then my toungue swelled and i had faint pink spots over my body, had a red ear drum and began to feel very tired and unwell. i went to the Dr n was told "it's prob...

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  • GH02 2

    Ear perforation and infection

    After perforating my right ear at a very loud gig last year with a 50% perforation, I developed an ear infection at the end of February 17. Five month later i still have an infection despite using Coloxan and Canesten drops 3 times daily each. The ENT said i might need a Myrinoplasty op to repair the...

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  • guitar673 1

    Problem with right ear popping

    For the past year or so I’ve had a problem with my right ear popping when I sing, blow my nose, or yawn. It is especially a problem when I sing as it is very distracting and tends to “stay popped” for as long as I am singing, making everything I sing sound pretty obnoxious. The problem started after...

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  • marcuscent 2

    Unwell for 2 years. Pressure in ears and head. Very fatigued.

    Looking for an opinion on my last 2 years of being ill. I'm 46 years old, male, and in a good state of fitness. I'm not over-weight, have never smoked, and rarely drink. I've seen numerous doctors and don't seem to be any closer to a diagnosis. I started visiting my GP with what felt...

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  • simoncooper3 2

    Woke up with a completely blocked left ear

    Hi everyone, This morning I woke up and my right ear was completely blocked. I thought it would clear up during the day, but it hasn't. I thought it might be a build up of wax, but have tried an ear spray and also water and olive oil, but it hasn't helped one bit. I haven't been suffering...

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  • abi16349 2

    Ringing and pain

    Hi everyone from past two years i used to have ringing sound in my left ear. But this sound is not continuous all the time. I usally get this sound while i used to bend down i usually noted and experience pain in the same ear if i go for a ride or during cool situation. I moved many ENT hospitals but...

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  • graham81361 2

    Ear problem

    For 2 years now iv had a squelching noise from both ears,also pressure in both aswell.Everytime I swallow or eat I can hear the noise,zips like iv got water in my ears..iv had my ears checked but they said they were fine?? it normal to have that noise in your ears?..also get tired a lot . Has anybody...

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  • nickdamon 1
  • sara2662 2

    My right ear has recurring sensation of being clogged. Why?

    Hello, The right side of my ear is always having intermittent episodes of feeling clogged/plugged and also has a ringing to it. After a while, it goes away on its own then comes back a month or so later. It isn't associated with a cold or flu and I don't feel pain. What could maybe be causing...

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  • amanda38051 1

    Constant Earache, throat clearing due to nasel drip.

     This has been for as long as I can remember. The pain in my ears is getting worse. I have a constant nasal drip all the time and at night time I can wake up clearing my throat. I always feel like I'm horse because my throat is blocked with crap! I have been told sinus infection, allergies,...

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  • Guest M

    Adult Glue Ear

    I have had a problem with my right ear for two months and have yet to see an ENT specialist. I have little or no pain. What I have is a hissing noise. Sometimes it is very loud, but if I stay still and do not move it quietens down. Luckily at night it is quiet if I keep still and put my right ear against...

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  • vishal837 1

    Hearing Loss

    I am facing hearing problem in left ear. I went through surgery on 15 June 2009 because ear infection got serious. Before surgery, through testing it was clear from reports that i can't hear properly from left ear. After surgery i was able to hear from left year but later i started facing hearing...

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  • jamesfoley 2
  • irene33630 1

    ear problems hearing

    Two weeks ago I woke up without any hearing in either ear.  I was sent to an ENT specialist.  He put me on steriods for ten days and on an anti-viral pill.  He called it an inner ear nerve syndrom and said it was viral.  After four days I got hearing back in my left ear to about 60%...

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  • janete84732 2
  • patrick08561 1

    Eustachian Tube problem. Constant painful swallowing/crackling

    Have had painful swallowing on the right side for about 4 weeks now. This began around the time I had a mouth infection and some earache, but that cleared up. However the painful swallowing has remained. Went to my GP last week and he said it was a inflammation of the Eustachian Tube, prescribed me antibiotics....

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  • maria33079 2

    Ear Fear. Scared I have a tumour.

    My problem is in my left ear only, It stared in January with a whoosing sound that came from nowhere but was really loud and scary. Nurse said it was ETD and it would go and it did. I tmight be worth mentioning that I slept with ear plugs for about 30 years, I've stopped now. Fast forward to March...

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  • crystal 25421 2

    ringing in my ears

    I went in last night at almost midnight to take a shower I was tired to. As I was getting out I noticed my ears were ringing really bad it lasted almost a min then went away should I be conceded or is it because one I was super tired and it was also caused from the shower.

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  • Eellis7 1

    Temporary hearing loss and possible permanent loss.

    Last night, which was the Fourth of July by the way. We were just lighting backyard fireworks like normal until I lit this firecracker. It lit way too early, almost right away, an arms length away. My right ear was the closest to the blast and it rung for a couple seconds and then went away. So I thought...

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  • marie99158 3

    Ear and Throat Problems, can't figure out what's wrong

    About a month or two ago I started getting painful ears, went to the doctor and got antibiotics and ear drops. Two weeks later the pain was mild but still present so I went back and was given the same things. The pain persisted and I was given different antibiotics and ear drops. I had a wisdom tooth...

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  • anissamr 2

    Ear has been clogged for 2+ months, seeking help.

    About two months ago, I woke up one day and my ear had a clogged feeling to it. Now, my ear has done this two other times before, and it took less than an week to have that "pop!" Though, ever since the second time got clogged and popped, my ear clogged every evening when I went to bed, and...

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  • marie99158 3

    Ear and atheist problems

    About a month or two ago I started getting painful ears, went to the doctor and got antibiotics and ear drops. Two weeks later the pain was mild but still present so I went back and was given the same things. The pain persisted and I was given different antibiotics and ear drops. I had a wisdom tooth...

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  • andrew97653 2

    Rapid thumping sound in right ear

    Hi for the last couple of months I have experienced a rapid thumping sound in might right ear, like a  very fast heart beat. it only seems to happen at night and is driving me mad. some nights it wakes me up At 3 or 4 in the morning. i have been to my GP and he is arranging for me to visit ENT specialist...

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  • sarah 11382 1

    Ringing/humming in ears for 6 weeks

    I noticed about 6 weeks ago that I had a constant humming sound in my ears. I thought it was my left side only but it's difficult to tell. I booked a doctors appt when it didn't go after a couple of days. He checked my ears for wax and said they were clear so referred me to ENT at the local hospital....

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  • Katiereed 1
  • ethan53256 1

    I'm 14 and my middle ear infection has not went away

    It's started in January I remember that it starting with cracking noises every time I swallowed then it got worse it started hurting and ringing now it's June and I have seen the doc twice and she gave me the same medication And still nothing my ears are still clicking and the always hurt along...

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  • MiasEar 1

    Dehiscent Jugular bulb, help!

    I completly lost hearing in my right ear. Last month I was sent to an ENT. He told me that he sees a mass behind my eardrum and I will need a CT. I had the CT and a followup visit with him. He stated that I have tons of fluid behind my right ear and he didnt know what the mass was. He said he would need...

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  • father82803 1

    watery ear wax at nite scaly during the day

    for 5 months I have had water in my ears at night and then during the day it dries up to form a scaly thin scablike earwax that coats my ear drum I tried washing w soap and water and it went away after a week only to come back and start the whole cycle over again stopped using q tips a week ago no...

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  • maz34969 1

    my husband has acoustic neuroma advice please

    My husband was diagnosed 6 years ago and it has remained the same size until this year and the specialist has called him in for a discussion in July I personally have noticed that his hearing has deteriorated and also his personality has changed he never smiles gets uptight and snappy for no reason like...

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  • Drak Sol 1

    Got an ear infection but it is complicated...

    So, for five days now (if you count today since it's one in the morning) I've had an average ear infection for myself. Couldn't hear well, small discomfort but nothing to go to the doctor about since I usually get them regularly, and they go away after a few days. But, on the third day,...

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  • will1986 1

    Loss of hearing

    Last week i had a hospital stay fir a foot ulcer but while i was there i started getting eye ache i couldnt look left or right with intece acheing, also felt like i had my head under water almost like preasure in my head witch i have never felt before, i have been getting bad migranes recently so i thought...

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  • carmel83758 6

    Unblocking ear/eustachian tube

    I have had this problem over and over for years - always the right ear is worse or the only one. Have given up most dairy, have a good diet. Have taken lots of different antibiotics etc and nose sprays and none of it helps. Now the antibiotics I take also give me a bad stomach and headaches etc Feel...

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  • The Goat 1

    Severe ear pain. During and after airliner flight

    Forgive me if the writing does not seem like a personal request, I have been copy/pasting this across forums and other health care websites trying to receive help.  TL;DR  Excruciating pain in ears during airplane descent, and throughout the whole night after landing. I'm not talking about...

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