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Ear Problems

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  • just30903 1

    Shooting Pain in ear

    So im having these shooting pains in my ear. I guess its my eardrum. Its extremely painful shooting pains that last like half a second but they come out of nowhere. Its like my ear gets full a little bit.. a feeling of fullness then little ear twitching here and there then comes a sudden shooting pain...

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  • andrew97653 2

    Rapid thumping sound in right ear

    Hi for the last couple of months I have experienced a rapid thumping sound in might right ear, like a  very fast heart beat. it only seems to happen at night and is driving me mad. some nights it wakes me up At 3 or 4 in the morning. i have been to my GP and he is arranging for me to visit ENT specialist...

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  • selina48382 2
  • will1986 1

    Loss of hearing

    Last week i had a hospital stay fir a foot ulcer but while i was there i started getting eye ache i couldnt look left or right with intece acheing, also felt like i had my head under water almost like preasure in my head witch i have never felt before, i have been getting bad migranes recently so i thought...

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  • carmel83758 6

    Unblocking ear/eustachian tube

    I have had this problem over and over for years - always the right ear is worse or the only one. Have given up most dairy, have a good diet. Have taken lots of different antibiotics etc and nose sprays and none of it helps. Now the antibiotics I take also give me a bad stomach and headaches etc Feel...

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  • The Goat 1

    Severe ear pain. During and after airliner flight

    Forgive me if the writing does not seem like a personal request, I have been copy/pasting this across forums and other health care websites trying to receive help.  TL;DR  Excruciating pain in ears during airplane descent, and throughout the whole night after landing. I'm not talking about airplane...

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  • corinne11 3

    Help i woke up deaf in my right ear

    Has anyone else had the same symptons? I woke up was sunddenly deaf in my right ear that was 7 weeks ago i went to A&E and managed to see someone in ENT outpatients examination showed no infec or wax?? Had hearing tests which confirmed my hearing was very poor and sound wave tests showed no sound was...

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  • anissamr 1

    Ear has been clogged for 2+ months, seeking help.

    About two months ago, I woke up one day and my ear had a clogged feeling to it. Now, my ear has done this two other times before, and it took less than an week to have that "pop!" Though, ever since the second time got clogged and popped, my ear clogged every evening when I went to bed, and would pop...

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  • just30903 1

    Shooting Pain in ear

    So im having these shooting pains in my ear. I guess its my eardrum. Its extremely painful shooting pains that last like half a second but they come out of nowhere. Its like my ear gets full a little bit.. a feeling of fullness then little ear twitching here and there then comes a sudden shooting pain...

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  • lisa38100 2

    Impacted ear wax

    about a month ago I noticed that my left ear wasnt popping back when I slept on it. I made an appointment for ear irrigation with my local nurse.  I applied olive oil to my ear for about a week and then went for the procedure.  Unfortunately the wax was too impacted and I was referred for microsuction....

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  • summer2015 1

    Help please need info, ear trouble

    For almost 3 months now I've been kinda dizzy and very lightheaded. I have my balance and can walk just fine but it's always like the room is (not spinning) but idk not normal for sure. I've been diagnosed with an ear infection and I'm on my 3rd round of antibiotics. Before I was just really lightheaded...

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  • lizaakalisa 2


    I've been having pain, tingling and numbness on the right side of my face. I had an MRI and wàs diagnosed with mastoiditis. I know nothing about this. I have been on a round of prednisone and doxycycline. No relief and actually feel worse. Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.

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  • lisalisa67 6

    Hibiscus tea

    i oddly came across some article on hibiscus tea and vitamin c and tinnitus. Has anyone heard of this or tried it. I have been eating  raw ginger helps with dozzy but never knew about hibiscus tea for tinnitus.

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  • PerkP 2

    Ringing in ears that won't go away

    I've had constant ringing in both ears for 2 days now. It's ok when there is noise around me but when sitting on my own I can hear it and it's really annoying. I've just got over a nasty cold but am feeling almost as good as new. I still have a dry cough that wakes me up at night but doesn't hurt as...

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  • emma15009 2

    Post-Concert Ear Problems!? PLEASE HELP!!!!

    I recently went to a Justin Bieber concert. It was awesome and fun except for the fact that it was unbelieveably loud! The screaming girls were the worst part! After the concert, as I was leaving, I felt like I lost 1/3 of my hearing. On the ride home, most of my hearing seemed to come back. I was very...

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  • rik29890 2


    Hi. I had mastoid surgery 5 weeks ago and I am still in a lot of pain. All round my ear feels mega sensitive. My ear drum don't feel right, I can feel it all the time. My Dr said that theirs ear wax causing compression and gave olive oil. When I first had the stuffing removed I was feeling the benefit...

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  • sarah 11382 1

    Ringing/humming in ears for 6 weeks

    I noticed about 6 weeks ago that I had a constant humming sound in my ears. I thought it was my left side only but it's difficult to tell. I booked a doctors appt when it didn't go after a couple of days. He checked my ears for wax and said they were clear so referred me to ENT at the local hospital....

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  • lisalisa67 6

    Retracted ear drum

    anyone get a dx of a retracted eardrum and have weird sounds? Sound sensitive? Jaw pain..Because they seem to think this doesnt matter and no scan given. It has been six months now i recently had a sinus infection clearly messing me up worse. I havent been back to the ent since end of april as they seem...

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  • louise232323 1

    On going ear problem.

    I'm 38 with on going ear problems. My right ear been blocked for over 3 years. I had grommets and t tubes.but right one fell out. right now I've had some results of my latest ear swob from my gp.(I'm all so been seeing a consultant at e n t for many years.) In Jan I was given antibiotics drops.x 3 timed...

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  • Supergav 2

    Help! Hearing problems following infection.

    Hi, I'm 36-year old male and about 3-weeks ago I went to my doctor with typical flu-like symptoms. He informed me I had a Respiratory Tract Infection and prescribed some antibiotics and pain killers which I took over the course of the following week. The problem did not clear-up and, after developing...

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  • ryan1984 1
  • brandon33697 1
  • Lil Brownie 1
  • eyesonfire 3


    Hi. I am new to this. I live in Canada. June 2014, a year ago, when my ear started popping out of the blue. It was my left ear only. I saw my GP who suggested allergy medication and nasal spray. I tried both and it did not work. I had 2 more nasal sprays and again, did not work. I went back to my GP...

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  • jamesfoley 2
  • glenn2448 1


    I have had a right ear clogged for 3 months. Went to family dr.they flushed it out and got a ball of wax still stayed clogged after two more weeks went back They flushed again and again untill it hurt pretty bad.she told me to go home and keep flushing it . It did not help only made it worse,...

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  • Randomforumdude 1

    Ringing in ear since yesterday evening. Bizzare situation

    HI there, This is going to seem a little far fetched but bear with me. I'm still pretty taken aback myself on the circumstances of how this happened. So I was taking a stroll in my neigbourhood the other day and I passed by a house which had some sort of high frequency emitter installed in the front...

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  • laura13391 2

    Started as a cold developed some hearing issues

    So about 4 weeks ago i suddenly developed a cold, within 2 days of this starting it suddenly felt like both my ears had intense pressure (felt like the needed popping). I don't think i had lost much range of sound it was just that when it would get loud my ears would just but a blocker on letting the...

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  • dionne005 2

    Ear problem after smoking

    Hello, I decided to smoke MJ one time which also was the first time I've smoked anything. One day later o hear ringing in my left ear. Week later in my right ear too. I felt fluid in my ears dripping constantly and severe pain in my ear beyond ear drum. Also had vertigo. I took herbal meds for inflammation...

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  • thebooface 1

    Ear Grommets out after 3 weeks

    Hi all, I'm an adult and I got an ear tube in my right ear about three weeks ago due to fluid behind my eardrum. Today, I saw a neurotologist for some other ear complications, and he said the tube is already gone, possibly due to thinning of the eardrum. That's all fine and dandy, but the paranoid in...

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  • Evamore 3

    Ear ache after swimming.

    So I have a perforated eardrum and I went swimming today (because I'm on holiday). Right at the end, I decided to go right at the bottom of the pool and I got a blocked ear. It became mostly unblocked after 10 mins but I still have a bit of hearing gone and it's really, really painful 4 hours later...

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  • lisalisa67 6

    Had a sinus cold and. Now ears pop when swallow

    Was on antibiotics. Has a sinus inf. And cold now cleared but still have a cough. when I swallow i think i ear my ear tubes ooen and close again. Annoying, i tried blowing aor and wir opens but popping or whatever you dall it still occurs. The ent is basically useless. Noted last time retracted eardrum...

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  • larennaise 1

    Mastoiditis treatment

    Hi! I'm a 23 y/o Type 1 diabetic with suspected mastoiditis. I've seen a college nurse and am being referred to an out-of-hours clinic this afternoon for confirmation of this.  I was wondering if the usual course of treatment for mastoiditis was hospitalisation, or if oral antibiotics can be given?...

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  • tasha96 1
  • jmoser201 1

    Blocked ears days after flying

    Hello - 5 days ago I had to fly with a cold. During the descent I had very bad pain in my ear along with stuffiness in the ear. The pain went away upon landing, but I still have the stuffiness. Is this something I should see the doctor for, or will it clear up on its own? Thanks!

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  • prakash99684 2

    Facing Weird problem after successful? tympanoplasty

    I had tympanoplasty in 2012. It was all good for 2 years but then I started feeling Pain and itching in my operated left ear.Sometimes pus starts flowing out of my ear after infection, generally during cold and running nose.Added one more problem, I started making vibrations/noise/voices using my Tongue​...

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