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Ear Problems

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  • g59989 1

    Have this ringing in my left ear for years now xx

    I have had a high pitched ringing in my ear for like more than ten years now and i have tried everything to get rid of it ear drops, doctors, it goes away after ive woken up in the morning sometimes, very rarely,but after 5 minutes its back and it doesnt go away sometimes it is really really loud

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  • danny402000 2
  • Evamore 2

    Should I go for the op?

    So I won't describe my story in length (unless anyone wants me to) but basically I have a perforated eardrum from a grommet that I had 6 years before it arose. I've had another grommet since, only for it to do basically next to nothing. This was almost 4 years ago. There was a scare two

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  • marie99158 2

    Ear pain that won't go away

    For about 4-5 months now I've been getting stabbing pains in both my ears. I've been on antibiotics and ear drops but nothing has changed. My doctor said the ear drum is fine but last time my canal was slightly inflamed but the ear drops would fix it but the pain is still there. It usually starts

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  • carinyosa99 1

    Ear issues are driving me crazy!

    My ear problems started nearly a year and a half ago. I live in Maryland, right outside of Washington DC, and we had some strange weather patterns. I vividly remember the meteorologist on one of our news programs stating that we had an extremely low barometric pressure level. I have always been

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  • Devok 1

    Ringing blocked ears?

    I woke up 5 hours ago and my right ear had a ringing bell noise and also seems blocked, after taking a further nap the problem consists and there is no pain,, very similar in having water in it, I havnt been swimming also no water has entered my ear canal. would anyone know what this is?

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  • lizzie67 4
  • Coach cathy 1

    Please help!!! Just got ear tube & ear drops leak out!

    Hello, could someone PLEASE tell me if it's normal for the ear drops to run back out after I drop them in??!!!! Last Wed I had a tube put in my right ear because my ENT said I had a nasty ear infection with fluid & inflammation in my middle ear behind the ear drum. I've NEVER had ear problems OR an

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  • Tyler 619 2

    Muffled hearing and tingling in right ear?

    About a month ago I got sick and my ear clogged really badly. Didn't think much of it initally, but after a while I went to an ENT and also had an audiogram done because I was scared I was suffering from hearing loss. The audiotest was perfect, showed no hearing loss in either ear, also I had no

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  • jaypoulton 2

    Don't know what to do

    Hello I have had yellow smelly discharge from the ear and tinnitus for 6 months now and have gone to the doctors several 1st time said there was nothing wrong (doctor 1) 2nd time said there was nothing wrong (doctor 2) 3rd time went to see a registar and she said there was a infection

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  • LongIslandGuy 2
  • charis 1

    Acoustic Neuroma

    Mine is a very positive story. I had tinnitus for a year in my left ear. My doctor said there was nothing to be done and I just learned to live with it. No big deal. Then on 25th August 2007, I woke up and couldn't hear anything out of my left ear. I had just moved to Dubai and thought it

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  • GureenRyuu 2
  • connor30496 1

    Ringing in the Ears

    Hi, I went to my doctors 3 weeks ago because I was feeling dizzy and had nausea, and the doctor said I had Labyrinthitis which is an inner ear infection. About 2 weeks into it I started having a ringing in my ear which has gone on for like a week now, I'd give it about a 6/10 on loudness. I was

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  • Guest M

    Hi there, I had my stapedectomy operation done in Decem...

    Hi there, I had my stapedectomy operation done in December 2006 and thought I'd share my experience with anyone who might be considering this operation and sprawling patient forums as I did. I was 60% deaf in my right ear and had early signs of otosclerosis in my left ear. I decided to go ahead

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  • abi16349 1
  • andrew97653 2

    Rapid thumping sound in right ear

    Hi for the last couple of months I have experienced a rapid thumping sound in might right ear, like a  very fast heart beat. it only seems to happen at night and is driving me mad. some nights it wakes me up At 3 or 4 in the morning. i have been to my GP and he is arranging for me to visit ENT

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  • femi01 1
  • AlinaGG 2

    Eustachian Tube Dysfunction or Otosclerosis. Please help!

    Hi. I have posted here before and someone suggested that I have ETD, judging by my symptoms. I then googled ETD and all of my symtpoms match (constantly blocked ears, severe pain during landing on a plane, a need to swallow in order to hear, random pain in ears and surrounding bones etc.). It all

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  • missy1960 1


    I've had fluid on my ears for three months, I am on nasal steroids, decongestant and zyrtec, I am under a doctors care and I am being seen by an ENT in two weeks. My ears ring all the time and hurt quite often. My primary physician feels I may need an allergy test, I am a 56 female and in

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  • antonio20149 1

    pulsations in the ear

    hi, eight years ago I had a button tinnitus that started me after a yawn hiccups, I lasted from 2 to 8 hours, at least 4 times a week, after 8 months I and passed after a bad cold, now eight years later I and returned two months ago, in these two months was sporadic, started for no reason, now I

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  • rachel90529 2

    ears blocked/clogged

    Hi everyone Lately my ears have been blocked. Like my hearing feels really reduced. The other day I went to the doctor and he checked my ears. He said they were perfect. Is there anything else that could be wrong ? He did check them twice. And I thought this would go away but it's not and I really don'

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  • george75282 1

    ear infection with hearing loss

    I recently had an ear infection with a lot of drainage.   An MD gave me some antibiotics and the infection cleared up but my hearing didn't come back.   Can't hear anything in the ear that was infected.   I am worried.   The recently infected ear had extremely bad hearing to begin with but still I

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  • brenda30796 2

    Roaring in ears, and replying back to what started over a year ago

    The roaring started over a year ago.  I had Menier's for years, but thank God I haven't had a bad spell in a few years.  Up till about the end of February when I retired, I was a receptionist for a very large corporate office, and wore a head phone and answered the phone into the company as well. 

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  • corinne11 3

    Help i woke up deaf in my right ear

    Has anyone else had the same symptons? I woke up was sunddenly deaf in my right ear that was 7 weeks ago i went to A&E and managed to see someone in ENT outpatients examination showed no infec or wax?? Had hearing tests which confirmed my hearing was very poor and sound wave tests showed no sound

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  • needsomehelp26 2

    can chronic eustachian tube dysfunction damage your hearing

    i have been having this for a month now. there are times when the pressure is really bad and my ears hurt. the pain travels down my neck. seems like this would be unhealthy for the ears, is there any evidence that it damages hearing? this forum seems very knowleageable place for this question.

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  • Mayebi 2

    Stapedotomy on both ears or not?

    I had a Stapedotomy done last year which had a pretty good result. I wonder whether I should have my other ear done as well but I am a bit reluctant. I am not sure how long the operated ear will be fine and whether anything can happen in the future. If the protesis will one day move or anything

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  • hmsxox 1

    Can anyone tell me what this is?

    Hi, I'm pretty desperate for some advice! I'm a 24 year old female and have been having problems with my left ear. 10 days ago I was picking my son up from school and my ear started throbbing, it quickly got more painful and I went and had a bath to ease the pain. That night and the following day

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  • anna58679 1

    Ear problems for around 2 weeks. Gotten worse.

    I have been having ear problems for around 2 weeks and i am awaiting a letter to go to the ENT. It started by having faint ringing in both of my ears a few weeks ago. Then i had a sudden episode of dull hearing that lasted a few seconds. The GP said she didn't know why i had ringing in my ears.

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  • jay43019 2
  • needsomehelp26 2

    ringing in both ears, pressure, vertigo. will medications help?

    I have been having this ringing in both ears and pressure with occasional vertigo and shooting pains in both ears. My doctor did not find any fluid and said everything looks good but recommended some steroid nasal spray. I was also given amoxacillin antibiotics. I am a healthy person and never take

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  • jamesfoley 2
  • jack 57312 1

    Ways to prevent wax build-up??

    My ears block up with wax regularly and for years I have been going to the doctor every 6 months and getting one ear or the other syringed. The wax is very compacted – it doesn’t come out easily when the doctor tries to flush it out and it is a painful business. I’m worried that one day one of my

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  • chris11339 3

    T tubes

    can any1 help me with this question I have To tubes fitted in both ears more than a year ago and after the initial infection days after the operation is have had had no the last few days my hearing has been distorted and popping when the popping happens the sound changed and volume

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  • m99670 1

    hard lump behind ear

    Hey guys, I've had a small, hard, immovable lump behind my ear for 8-10 years now. I've never thought anything of it as it doesn't cause any symptoms at all. But recently I've been obsessing over it! I know it's very unlikely to have some sort of cancer for 8-10 years without any symptoms but I

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