Hi there, I was given levothyroxine 50mcg 4 months ago. ...

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Hi there, I was given levothyroxine 50mcg 4 months ago. I have read many of your comments but have not found one that seems to have developed side effects that I have. I go very cold and can stay this way for anything from 5mins to l hour then it is as though someone pushes a button and my body floods with heat.I go very very hot (not sweaty)Most of the heat is in my head hands and feet. Its similar to hot flushes you get during the menopause but not quite the same.Its very frightening when it happens in the night. I wake up because I'm extreemly cold and as I move my body floods with heat.I'm either very hot or cold my body temperature seems to have stopped working. My recent blood test has come back normal. I still feel very tired but I put this down to waking up many times during the night due to my body getting overheated. Please does anyone else have this kind of side effect?

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    Hi, yes amongst all the other underactive thyroid problems I do get this hot flushing unlike menopause flushes they do not start around the chest/throat and spread, they just happen. I wake up during the night or first thing in the morning and the heat just washes over me making me perspire heavily and feel very weak, this also happens during the day unexpectedly. I think this is the only letter I have seen it mentioned in so was glad you wrote about it. I have been on Levythyroxine for 7 months and feel no better now than first did. I'm female and 54 menopause finished a couple of years ago.

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    Hi, from a fellow sufferer. I, also, am woken up at night by a severe bout of feeling very hot causing me to perspire heavily, especially around the head. To ease my discomfort, I have to get up and change the pillows around to sleep at the bottom of the bed, where I find it cooler because of the draught coming from the window. I have aIso suffered from feeling warm in bed and suddenly becoming very cold, so much that I have to get up and put an extra blanket on the bed. I also suffer from hot flushes during the daytime (even though my menopause finished years ago). The flushes seem to be diminishing since first taking Levothyroxine 4 months ago. Maybe, a herbal tea such as camomile (with honey to make it taste nicer) might help if taken prior to going to bed at night, or there might be another more appropriate herbal tea you can try. Really hope my comments have helped even if it is only to say that I do understand how you are feeling and hope eventually with the help of the thyroxine, your side effects will gradually disappear. Linda. smile

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    Thanks for the advice Linda will try the tea, nice to know we are not alone somehow makes me feel better.

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    Thank you so much for this thread!

    I went to my GP to ask for any advice he could give me to help with the arthritis I was obviously developing. He said firstly we should find out which sort of arthritis it is.

    I went for a set of blood tests which, amongst other things, looked for auto-immune problems.

    To both our surprise it showed I have thyroid problems. When sent for follow up biochemistry all results were in the normal ranges, so I am sub-clinical.

    I didn't take any of this very seriously as I still thought all my problems were arthritic. However, after several months and a couple of routine blood checks which were still within the normal ranges I started to notice more and more strange symptoms creeping up on me and started to read up about hypothyroidism.

    Symptom after symptom started to appear (such as serious tiredness which meant I just HAD to sleep during the day and finding that towards the end of my working day my shoes felt so heavy I couldn't lift them enough to climb the stairs at work and an inability to stop a slow weight gain etc, etc, etc.) Despite this blood test results still came back within the normal range but changing slowly.

    My GP is SO sympathetic but says he can't prescribe without abnormal blood test results.

    I was beginning to feel a bit alarmed as all the symptoms I was developing fitted with lists of hypothyroidism symptoms I was reading - EXCEPT - I was experiencing waves of heat accompanied by profuse perspiration washing across my body, neck, and to a lesser extent my face. The exact opposite to feeling continually cold!!!

    Perhaps I had something different all this time? Perhaps something worse?

    So, again, thank you for all the above posts - I have a symptom which does fit hypothyroidism!!

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    Hello and thank you I have found it very difficult explaining to others about being "wet through" I am having a hard time getting treatment for thyroid as I am considered a border line case!!!

    To-day I was given a B12 injection and told that I would be checked again in 6weeks due to the fact that I have had breast cancer and the cells are once more showing as being abnormal my problems could be depression. It really does help to hear that others have the same symptoms and that I am not going mad.



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