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Came across this sight after being diagnosed with an internal (and external fissure) so nice to read posts and relate to a lot of what people have put down. I have been suffering now for comming up to four weeks ..... attended a colorectal out patients appt on Monday and was diagnosed ...... have to say had 3 weeks of torment wondering what was going on ... and the pain and discomfort is so debilatating .... my job involves sitting long hours based at a PC which i have just been about coping with. Specialist prescribed movical sachets and see how i go with a follow up appointment due in 6 weeks .... my life just feels like it revolves around pain and discomfort you try and carry on and but at times it catches you up and you feel so low. Can anyone tell me how long the healing process takes ----- when i first went to see my GP i was prescribed proctosydl cream (which made it worse for me) sad . Anyway nice to come across this sight.

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    I am in the same position like you already six weeks now when I was confirm for duffering from Anal fissure. I have most all medicins available in the drug store. But one thing i had notice that the pain & burning after bowel is less compared to before but still I am very discomfort with the pain. My GP has advice me I need to go for a dilatation of anus so that it have less spams on the Anus and this will help to heal the fissure rapidely.

    How much it will work we don't know also there are some side effect too.

    If some can help me will be great



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    :oops: so very very uncomfortable! it frightens me the amount of blood that is lost at times and the feeling of passing broken glass. I honestly think once you have this condition that it never really completely goes away. It is such an embarrasment when something goes wrong and you have to go through all the prodding and poking. An anal stretch was suggested but i don't think i will go for that unless it is absolutely necessary.
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    I have suffered from this condition for nearly 15 years. I'd always suffered from constipation so I guess it was ineveitable that I would get fissures. Not all of the 15 years have been really bad but alot of my life has revolved around the toilet.

    I have had 3 anal stretches which are completley pain free and nothing to fear. After a stretch the first time going to the toilet was pure bliss, no pain, no effort. I actually cried with joy as my life up until that point had been a complete misery. The effects lasted about a year the first time, 2 weeks the 2nd and about a year again the third. These periods of time with no pain showed me just how depilatating anal fissures can be.

    For the past 5 months now I have had my worst ever experience. I had a spell of constipation which reopened the old wounds and boy oh boy did it do it on a grand scale!!! I've never known pain like it. I would wake up in the morning crying, so fearful of the pain before, during and after going. I was in cronic pain 24/7. I actually consider susicide as I got no help or relief from anything or anyone, that is until my mum called my GP and laid it on the line.

    I went in to see him and he perscribed me some pain refiel cream, Lidnocaine I think. This did ease the pain slighty but didn't take it away completey (anything was better than nothing) Next he percribed me the GT cream, this seemed again to help but not much.

    The biggest thing that has helped me is to literally eat nothing but a vegan diet. It takes some getting used to but it has made going to the toilet so much easier. Yes i still grip hold of the sink and bite on a towel when I go but it is so much easier to get out. I strongley recommend trying it.. what have you got to loose.

    I also have Lepicol 1/2 hour before meals and sometimes if I feel the need I also have fybogel afterwards.

    I eat nothing but All bran with Linseed seeds on it for brekfast and drink nothing but water, at least 2-4 litres of water a day.

    I am sick of vegatables and fruit but I'm learning new recipes every day so all isn't lost!!

    My consultant recently perscribed Anoheal cream which I have tried for a week but I believe it has stopped my bowel muscles from working enough to move the faeces out of my body. I've stopped using it for now and want to get myself back on track before giving it another go to see if it was just a coincidence of whether I am right.

    The only other thing for me is an operation to cut away some of the inner bowel muscle (about 1cm), however because I have had three anal stretches before the chances of me being left incontinent are very high. By the way the 3 stretches never once made me incontinent in any way so don't fear it at all.

    If anyone else has had the same experince as me with the Anoheal cream, I'd be really interested in hearing about it.

    Oh nearly forgot... the blood loss... very large quantiys but all bright red and perfectly normal, very scary none the less

    Never not have this checked out by your GP just incase. Believe me, you may feel embarassed at having to get your bottom out but if it helps it is worth it.

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    I have suffered from an anal fissure for 14 months following the birth of my second child naturally. It was misdiagnosed as piles for 8 months, with suppositories which was agony! Thankfully I was then diagnosed as having a fissure. I was firstly prescribed Protosedyl cream which did nothing. I was then given an injection of botox into the muscle under anaesthetic. This was amazing! It made me mildly incontinent for a few days, but after that it settled down (although I have to go the loo immediately I feel the need) but there was no pain for up to 10 days, then I'd have a bad day, then good days for 4-5 days, bad day, etc. That lasted for 3 months. By the end the pain was back again and it was worse.

    I then saw another Consultant who told me I still had the fissure, plus piles, plus a tag. He gave me Anoheal cream which stung and did nothing. I've also been given laxative which I was on for 8 months - not advisable as coming off it is hell. I've since been on Fybogel which is great with enough water. I've also been on all sorts of painkillers but to be honest they just make you more constipated which obviously makes life worse.

    I've since had a cut in the muscle which has healed the piles, and had the tag removed. However I'm still in pain and have spasms, I think I have another fissure that hasn't been seen, but the Anoheal is helping marginally this time.

    I've also had help with an alternative therapy of Bowen. No-one knows how it works but just that it does. It has marginally helped the pain which if anything helps it a little it's worth it.

    I do not eat red meat, so have a high veg/fruit diet, and also cannot have anything but All Bran for breakfast. Baxters Healthy Choice soup and wholemeal bread for lunch helps as well.

    I'm going back in for a Colonoscopy (camera up the bum) in a few weeks and hopefully that will find the problem.

    It is a nightmare, but it can be healed. I've had several friends with the same problem to varying degrees. Go to your Doctor, it can get sorted, but push to be referred to a Consultant. It is embarrassing but I have no doubt they have seen worse!

    Good Luck

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