Hiatal Hernia Axiali, GERD type A and Gastritis

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First I would like to apologize for my English.

I've been diagnosed with Little hiatus hernia Axialis, GERD Type A and Gastritis.

I was treated since April 2018, with esomeprazole starting 2x1 40mg for 7 days 1 month once a day 40mg,amd after 20mg for another 3 months. But because I dont have relief from my symptoms I had control gastroscopy 15 days ago, and the same diagnose is confirmed but they change my medications: Now I was taking 2x1 40mg Pantoprazole for 14 days, then starting yesterday 1x1 in the morning 40mg for additional 1 month, and at same time I have to take sucralfate just before sleep.

Besides I take the medications all the time, have lost 15kg, in 4 months, I eat as directed by my doctor, I still have the symptoms like, nausea, bloated stomach, and occasionally when my stomach is so bloated I have high heart rate and difficulty in breathing, that cause me a lot of panic and I have finished maybe 9-10 times to ER, where they diagnose me with digestive problems and anxiety like panic attack. After injecting Reglan, Ranitidine and 5mg Diazepam, for about half an hour the symptoms are going to easy and I'm sent home.

I have done all tests for my heart including stress test, I've done test for my lungs, liver,kidneys, prostate, etc, etc, but everything is normal.

I think also develop some panic disorder because now I afraid also to go anywhere wher there is no hospital nearby.

Can someone please tell me how long will this last, what are your opinions for my situation.

And can anyone tell me, can I take Pantoprazole in the morning and in the evening Ranitadine on my own?

Can you suggest me something?

Thank you in advance

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    I will be following this as I had same issues. It took almost a year to find out tho I had low vitamin d level and magnesium and got them up then reflux stared and I had gallstones. I removed the gallbladder and it didn’t go away scope done the other day said I have a hiatal hernia by not bad enough to do anything about so not treating and I have lots of bile and reflux and gastritis. The gave me sucralfate to take 3 times a day and I take a nexium once a day. I have to quit smoking and change my diet. I hope that and the meds help. I always feel like something is in my throat. I wish you the best of luck! Keep us updated 
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    So sorry to hear about your struggles!  I'm no expert, but here are my biggest suggestions after dealing with digestive distress the past 6 months.  I read a great book called, "Healthy Gut, Healthy You" by Dr. Anthony Ruscio, and these steps are straight from his program.  Amazing book, by the way.

    1) Check your stress levels.  #1 thing for me has been controlling stress.  Pray, meditate, massage, whatever you need.  

    2) Get some exercise -- even light -- and get out in nature.  Get sunlight, go for walks, ride a bike, work in your garden, whatever.

    3) Change your diet and really try to commit for at least a couple weeks to see if you feel any better.  Lots of diets you can try will cut out common triggers: Paleo (to cut grains and dairy), Low-Carb/Keto (to reduce bloating and fermentation in the gut), Auto-Immune diets to reduce the chances you're allergic/sensitive to something.  DO your best, but try not to stress too much about diet, because again stress makes all this worse I find.

    4) After those things have you feeling a bit better (not cured -- but better), look into probiotics to support healthy gut flora.  Consider digestive enzmyes at this time too in order to support better breakdown of the food you eat.

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      I totally agree , Nick . I only got better once I started to heal my gut with probiotics and cutting out all grain products , I went on the Ketogenic diet . I would also be really careful taking Diazepam , it is addictive . I know I must be sounding like a broken record by now , but I HATE all medication ending in - prazole ! They are all Ppi’s , they don’t cure anything , only leave you with a new addiction . Just try getting off of those , it’s insanely hard .

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      I have digestive enzymes. Does it produce more bile or doesnit help breakdown food so you don’t produce more acid and bile? I go to market next weekend I’ll get all healthy stuff. And I will try lowering stress. I am taking the meds and I hope they help. I k won’t takes time. But I have bile and acid reflux I take nexium and probiotic and started th sucralfate today I take it 3 times a day. And I’ll ask dr about the hernia he didn’t even tell me I had o e I saw on paper work the surgery center nurse said it wasn’t bad n doesn’t need anything done that most of us have one and don’t know so I called the dr office to confirm but he was out till this week. Anyway thanks for the advice!
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    I had my hiatus hernia repaired last year, I had so many months at a time of gastritis and felt so ill.

    My advice would be to address your diet, eliminate all bad fats, eat clean and lean, lots of fruit and veg, avoid caffeine and alcohol etc. Take a good gulp of gaviscon before bed. Do not take more and more PPIs!!!! Your stomach needs acid. Good luck and I hope your symptoms settle. Good luck.

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    Hi again,

    Thank you very much for your replies.

    I was reading some article that suggests using benzodiazepine, especially alprazolam along with PPI and Sucralfate has very promising results in healing GERD.

    I don't know posting external link is against forum rules but here it is, and if someone thinks that this could help please replay.

    In meanwhile in my original question I asked is it safe to take pantoprazole in the morning and Ranitidine in the evening, because I already tried on my own and I do have some relief in symptoms

    Thank you...

    Here ia the link that i mentioned above: http://m.selfgrowth.com/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.selfgrowth.com%2Farticles%2FShipko1.html&utm_referrer=#2618[/b]

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    I am so sorry you are suffering.  I am going through the exact same tormenting symptoms and it is miserable.  Please study the connection of the diaphragm muscle and hiatal hernia.  The shallow breathing and chest pain can feel like a panic attack or heart attack BUT it is NOT.  It is the weak diaphragm muscle affecting your breathing.  You do not need to live in fear.  You are going to be okay.  There are exercises for hiatal hernia and diaphragm that may help you.  You can find videos on major free video clip sites like Y---tube.  Search exercises for healing hiatal hernia and exercises for strengthening diaphragm.  Start slow and easy as in the beginning it may aggravate some symptoms.  Have you had an impedance PH test?  Have you had the manometry test?  There are fundoplication surgeries to repair the hernia if you cannot get control of your symptoms.  I had tried every PPI drug, none of them worked at all except Prevacid (US).  It still doesn't take away the symptoms but it curbs them.  They also treat with baclofen which can relax spasms in the esophagus and stomach.  Carafate (sucralfate) is another drug that can aid to heal inflammation, irritation and erosion in the stomach and esophagus.

    Prayers and blessings to you friend.  This can be a horrible nightmare to get through.  If your GI doctor is not working hard to help you heal, find another one.  

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      Thank you very much for your replay. I already feel more calm, but I was searching for my symptoms and all of them are common as heart problems, so besides I already have done all tests for my heart etc, when I experiencing this symptoms I immediately start suspecting in heart attack,but thank God its not.

      Until now I've tried esomeprazole and pantoprazole but I think they both donr work as it should for me.

      And yes after reading your post about finding another GI doctor, because when i review all our conversations he is constantly pushing with benzodiazepines along with ppi and sucralfate , I already scheduled an appointment for tomorrow at another doctor office who is also and Medical Professor and has a very High reputation in my country, and I hardly waiting to go on that appointment hoping that he will make my symptoms less severe.

      Thank you very much to all for your replays

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    Your original question was if you could take the two medications, Pantoprazole in a.m. and Ranitadine in the evening.  I am not familiar with those medications so I will not be able to respond to that.  However, I do suffer from both acid and bile reflux and have a small hernia too.  I was taking Omeprazole in the morning but after continuing to have terrible episodes in the night, waking up after having inhaled whatever had come up from my stomach, acid, bile, etc., my dosage was changed to one in the morning and then another one in the evening.  That has helped quite a bit.  I find that if I skip one of those doses, I start to get the familiar burning in my esophagus.  I have been given the sucralfate liquid too.  That I use only on occasion.  The last couple of days I missed a dose of omeprazole and it has been hell.  The burning in my esophagus has been severe, even after taking sucralfate, liquid rolaids, tums, omeprazole.  I know I should not take them all at the same time but I was desperate for some relief!

    Finally, last night as the burning kept on, I ate some ice cream.  It felt so good. And then I went to sleep sitting upright in my recliner (which is normal for me.)

    I KNOW that ice cream is one of the worst things for me.  Once I stopped eating ice cream at night, my GERD was way more manageable.  But I think it gave me the soothing feeling I needed last night. The coldness felt good.  Cold water only seemed to make it worse!

    Be very careful with the benzodiazepene (sp).  They are a GREAT was to calm down but also are HIGHLY addictive.  It is important to take care of ourselves.  Try different relaxing techniques and exaggerate them!  Do it for you!

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