Hiatus Hernia, gastritis and reflux! When will this hell end?

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Hi everyone. Is there someone out there who is going/has gone through this hell? Three months ago my symptoms started from no-where. Burning acid reflux, claggy throat, bouts of nausea and chest pain. My GP initially prescribed Omeprazole but after three weeks there was no improvement so he sent me for an endoscopy. I was so worked up - my mother died from oesophagal cancer - I had to have sedation which was great - go for it - as you don''t remember a thing! I was diagnosed with a sliding hiatus hernia, acid reflux with two mucosal breaks and gastritis. By this time I was a nervous wreck and had lost weight -mainly because it's hard to eat when you feel sick. I was also finding that I was getting full after only eating a few bites. Once again I got really worked up and rang the consultant to say that I had lost about 10lbs in 3 months and had lost my appetitie etc. He sent me for a CT scan which came out totally clear. Blood work was fine too. I should have been happier but am still finding despite being on another PPI and taking metclopradine for the nausea that things haven't improved. My symptoms are now seriously affecting my life and driving my long suffering husband mad with worry too!

They are:

nausea - this comes on in the night - 3 am - and often lasts until the early afternoon the next day

tight chest - feeling of spikes down my gullet and round my waist after eating

exacerbation of my asthma- sometimes linked to the tight chest after eating

lump in throat

loose stools and windy flatulence.

apart from the first bouts, I don't really get heartburn.

I am a teacher and leading a class when you feel sick is awful. The symptoms are worse if I eat late at night - I've done all the stuff with the raised bed head etc - or eat a fatty meal - quiche/pizza.

I have already gone to the GP so many times that I feel embarrassed about it and have developed health anxiety by googling so many websites. My GP has referred me for counselling as I am in such a state about all this. I never dreamed something like this could wreck you life so much. What do I do next? Should I keep badgering the GP until I get the right drugs? How long will the condition take to settle down? Will it ever? Any advice would be really appreciated as I am at my wits' end with this horrible disease. Thanks for reading

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    Hi poos -

    Sorry to hear you have joined my club.

    After suffering with this (including hiatal hernia) for more than 10 years, I've recently discovered the only consistent relief I've ever had.

    To start, do these things starting today: 1. eliminate sugar (every bit, right now) 2. severely limit carbohydrates (stay under 100 grams from all sources) 3. incorporate digestive enzymes with meals.

    You will feel significant relief by day 2.

    Google Keto and Paleo diet recipes for clues on meals.

    Also, finish eating/drinking 3 hrs before bed. Ideally, you should be eating very small portions at dinner. Typically, I eat a small portion snack (greens, protein, fat) at dinner. Frequently, I'll skip dinner.

    None of this is as hard as it seems.

    Pills have real long term limitations and negative health effects. They are important in treating the short term acute phase. However, you must alter your diet for the long haul. Yes, you can still enjoy an occasional treat but each treat has a price.

    Best of luck to you.

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      This is an old post but I'll comment for anoyone who needs it. i have similar smyptoms to you guys - I can go days where I feel ok and days where it gets worse again - it's been like this for nearly 5 months and it's exhausting! I've developed a fear of food, a fear of being sick (I only threw up with it thenight I realised I had reflux), a fear of waking up in the morning which no one understands till you've navigated work, relationships and family times with nausea that can come on at any time after food!

      Things helping me rather than getting depressing -

      - Forums! You'll find ways to manage symptos, you'll meet people who have similar issues and learn a bit more about the condition without going to the worst case scnerario (I've also been there).

      - Getting off forums! I know that's a contradiction but sometimes you can come across information where it takes people years to get rid of it. We will all post when we're down and need support and not when we're having good phases or getting relief. The good days for a lot of people and managing symptoms are possible! But no one will post about them - since they're too busy having a good day when we're all feeling crappy!

      - Marshmallow root tea (loose herbs). This helps when I get a hoarse cough from this.

      - CBT. This has helped me with the food phobia I've been developing. I have strong connections to foods making me feel sick and won't touch them again. You can't do that with acid reflux. So I have established that I'm not scard of food, I'm scared of being sick. This developed when I was 30 btw - I've not always had a fear of bing sick!

      - You can recover. I'm pretty sure I had this 2 years ago when I had the norovirus. My symptoms weren't as severe but I had nausea after eating a lot, presumably due to stoamch lining becoming a bit wonky.

      - Dr Axe - good information there.

      - Eating 3 hours before bed...

      - ...and breakfast first thing in the morning. This is difficult if you wake up and teh acid has come up in your throat and caused that choked up feeling. But if you can eat, do it as soon as possible so your stomach isn't empty. That's worse for it and never fails to exacerbate my symptoms.

      - Find a way to de-stress. This is so difficult and I've developed panic attacks since getting this over things. You need to get to the root of the panic, and if it's your smyptoms, try other ways to maange them. These symptoms are terfifying. You're not goign mad, you're rationally scared.

      - DIGESTIVE ENZYMES. I had the best night's sleep I've had in 5 months last night because I started taking these properly. Have not burped once today....first time in a month!

      - Probiotics - you'll need to get a mix. Look into SIBO, gut bacteria imbalance, and how serotonin levels affect gut functioning/anxiety.

      - Magnesium. You might not be absorbing it - I've been using Epsom salts and a spray on my skin and it calms me down a little.

      - Bland food if you're struggling to eat. Things with fats in them. Bananas are amazing, porridge is what I swore by at the start, I hear slippery elm is good!

      - There will always be a root cause of this.

      Acid reflux isn't "just" acid reflux. There is a cause. I believe mine was a build up of stress and antibiotic use has knocked me off balance. My mood has been chronically bad, too. I believe I'll start feeling better now I have great support from the hospital, my GP and a functional nutritionist. It's taken me months to get the right advice.

      Ask for explanations, they make your symptoms less scary. Get support and tell people what you're going through. Don't scare yourself, get stats. And enjoy the good days. Hope anyone reading this found this useful. I've become bombed down with people agreeing with me that GERD is scary and crap, not hearing much positivity - but the positive posts from people who have got a bit more well has really lifted me. So thank you and good luck!! xx

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      Thanks mj, you are correct. When people feel better they forget about others. It helps alot to hear when people over come this hell. I to have had trouble with acid reflux for the last 2 years. I tried everything the natural way for about a year and a half. Then one day i just stopped worring, went to the doctor and commended my self to god. The doctor put me on Ppi in the morning and pepcid extra strength at night. I can not say im cured but i can tell you i finally sleep for hours and no acid. I still have burning after meals but not as bad. I eat what ever i want. However, i do not eat later than 5 pm. 3 hours before bed time is critical for acid reflux suffers. I hope that who ever reads this and has a cure to plase throw your two cents in. Trust me there are people that really are thinkg that there world has no meaning... A small meassage of hope wont kill ya... Good luck to all... Keep fighting, the world around us keeps going......
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      Wow im so sorry. That alot of us are going thrue this...ive been going thrue this for 3 yrs now.mine all started after i had a nuclur stress test on my heart..i started having allergic reaction back on back to every thing foods meds i can barley eat .ive even had 2 endosopeys this yr done and a volon they said i have. Gastrites and a hiteral hernia& a hernia above my belly button i get chest pain alot trouble breathing i have asthma know so im dealing with asthma & severe allergies allergic reaction breathing problems chest pain pressure ive been thrue so much in tge last 3 yrs i cant exersize nomore i can barley do shoping its ruining my life its robing me of my life im started to get depressed its to much i dont drink i dont smoke i dont do drugs .so i dont know why all this is happeing .im now seing a allergies & a gi dr and 2 heart drs im on my 3rd allergies i see a lung dr to ive seen a Ent dr im seing all the specielist there is to see why all tgis is happening ive been seing all tgese drs for 2 yrs now im finley getting answers .i also had a nother nuclur stress test done on my heart last week i was in the hospital tgey did 2 stress test on my heart and a ecocardagram on me ekgs mulitply blood work the works thank god all came back ok .sive had a emteying scan done on my stomach i had a barume swallow study i had a tube go tgrue my nose down my throught from a Ent to im getting lots of blood testing done to see if tgeres a Auto immune disese goingbon..ive been tgrue tge works of testing its not eazy .for eney one to have to go tgrue all this so my prayers are with u all .i pray we all get better & may god guide us tgrue all this amen..so im dealing with allergies asthma& arteral gastrities bad hiteral hernia & another hernia so im think ing between all tgis its causing all my pain in my stomach & chest & all my breathing problems i have to use my proair hfa everyday_ benedryl every day .and i keep a epipen on me at all times .

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    Thank you for replying. I am really struggling with this but will implement the changes you suggest. I could never have dreamed that this would cause such problems for me.
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    Here's links to a few of the sources I use...some of the links are direct to treats but the sites are also helpful with other recipes.

    I've found that *pure* Stevia is the best sugar substitute as it is a natural plant source free from chemical processing (compared to splenda and the like).












    With each meal I take http://www.amazon.com/Source-Naturals-Essential-Enzymes-Capsules/dp/B000GFSVPU/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1384613328&sr=8-1&keywords=digestive+enzymes

    Here two really good links that describe why these strategies work....Highly recommended..

    Start here: http://chriskresser.com/heartburn

    And here: http://chriskresser.com/get-rid-of-heartburn-and-gerd-forever-in-three-simple-steps

    I know you're a bit worried and I imagine all of the reading and my suggestions seem overwhelming but keep calm. I believe that these changes will provide a lot of relief for you as they have me. Keep at it and you'll begin to have more good/great days than bad.

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    Thank you very mcuh for your reply. My doctor is not really all that bothered by this condition so I have found this forum very useful. I will start to go through the links and hopefully they will help even if I don't use all of them. I hope you are well.
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    Thank you both for sharing your experience. I started having problems "out of the blue" just over a year ago and I am now taking a PPI and Metoclopramide (the detailed side effects of that one scare me!). I will be reading through your recommended links in the hope of finding something that helps.
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    @April55 -

    My initial advise to anyone new to this is to eliminate carbs and sugar from your diet. It sounds harder than it is. Once you remove (moslty eliminate carbs/sugar) you'll realize that they are the source of your condition. It will be easy to make good choices and Keto/Paleo recipes will help you the most.

    I wish you all the best.


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    Hi everyone ,I am new to this website.last week I had endoscopy which showed a 2cm sliding hiatus hernia and gastritis.I have been on lansoprazole for a few years.I have constant nausea,total loss of appetite.Have had vomiting and diarrhea.My appt to see the consultant is'nt till march.I am desperate now to have a scan..feeling really down as I don't feel I am ever going to feel well again.I have constant belching as well.I am on sick leave at the moment.I have recently tried acupuncture for the nausea.But sadly it did'nt help.Any advice would be very welcome.
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    I cut out sugar (use monk fruit or raw honey) switched to almond milk (sugar free) and whole wheat and grain products. Basically eating healthy.  After 4 years of omeprazole twice a day for my hiatal hernia, I not only am no longer taking omeprazole, I am off my other meds as well!  FYI, omeprazole inhibits the absorption of Calcium.  My bone density scans were worse everytime I got one done.  I am looking for the next one to be better!  Be sure to cut out the milk, even skim milk has 13 grams of sugar!
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    Hi everyone,

    I have only just come across this forum and appreciate it is almost a year old but hoping one of you are still checking in!!

    Poos- has your condition cleared yet at all? if so what was the outcome?

    I have almost the exact same symptoms as yourself and feel totallty frustrated and down as mine has been going on for almost a year now! I have tried all kinds of meds and currently on my 3rd round of lansoprazole. The problem i have is the constant sickness, which, obviously prevents the tablets from working.

    I too had an endoscopy (with no sadation, which i would NOT reccomend) and have a the same as you described, hernia, gastritis, etc - im currently awaiting my bioposy results, these can take upto 6-8 weeks though!

    Mogro- I really hope you are through the worst as i too feel really down not knowing when i am going to feel well again.

    I have tried diet solutions as listed in here - i never use sugar anyway, exception of sweetners in tea, but i dont eat - or try - not to eat things with alot of sugar in.

    I just feel like this is never ending, i have been in and out of work trying to get back to a 'routine' but im debating this is helping as im making my sick record worse with constant seperate occasions.

    I go some days where i feel ok-ish, as in no vomiting, still have the nausea, and headaches, plus general tiredness and exhaustion. this is then quickly followed by days of vomiting and feeling terrible.

    Again, like you poos, i feel like my doctor isnt taking me very serious and im 'just another sufferer' im going out of my mind as i feel like i cant socialise, i cant make plans, i cant attend parties, the list goes on ....

    Any update on changes for the better would be great.

    Hoping to hear from you!

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