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After 2 years of right rib pain, pain between my shoulder blades and 24/7 nausea i finally had a HIDA scan at the end of November.

I got my results on Friday and my ejection fraction was 73%. Luckily the gastro hasn't discharged me and wants to see me again in 3 months.

I've read that 73% could be an overactive gallbladder but it's taken me 2 years of pushing and fighting to get this far so how on earth can i suggest that to a gastro/healthcare system that is so hard to get anywhere with?

I've read that overactive gallbladder is over 65% but some sites say over 75 to 80%.


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    Well done Matt, well at least you know that you have a choice, to either repair your GB or have it out. I am going for the Option of taking my health into my own hands, as I say I already feel what's coming regarding a request for a HIDA test this Jan with consultant.

    I refuse to waste my life on the NHS and negligence. I wish you a very Progressed New Year.

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    what is a hida scan? Is it different than a CT or an MRI? I don't have my gallbladder but have suffered since it was removed almost 2 years ago.i wonder if that scan would show what's possibly happening to me?

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      Hi Cindy, a HIDA scan is done before Gall Bladder extraction and it finds out how well or not your GB is working. There is a upper and lower % which indicates over active or under active Gall Bladder.

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    hi matt. I know this is a late response, but my HIDA scan was also high (96%). I am convinced this is biliary hyperkinesia and ill be seeing a surgeon tomorrow. your percentage is right on the boarderline but it's definitely worth looking in to if you're having symptoms of gallbladder attacks. all of my other tests were clear. ultrasound, CT, endoscopy, colonoscopy, blood work and mri. this is exhausting. good luck to you.

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      Hi Sarah, Sorry for the late reply, i've just seen your reply.

      How did you get on with the surgeon?

      Your HIDA ejection fraction is really high and i agree with you that mine is borderline. I really don't know how i will get through to my hospital about that one as it's taken me over 2 1/2 so far to get this far, referred for surgery 18 months ago, told no to surgery, 7 month wait to see gastro after no to surgery, having the HIDA and told after getting results i will be seen again in 3 months OR SO. That was 4 1/2 months and i have NO idea what 3 months OR SO means, very vague!

      Sick of living in pain👎 All day nausea👎 Light coloured poo👎 Dark urine👎 Pain between shoulder blades👎 Fatigue👎 Dizziness👎

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      Hi Matt! I had my surgery 3 weeks ago and I am feeling so much better. Still having some digestion issues but they are definitely getting better and I am actually eating real food, but still trying to stay away from super greasy foods. I am so sorry to hear you can't get through to anyone. I am assuming you are in the UK? I am in the US and everything went pretty quickly for me compared to others I have read on these forums. I struggled for about 7 weeks and it felt like a lifetime, I cannot imagine what you are going through. Have you had any other tests to rule out other things? I had every test imaginable. My gallbladder ended up being chronically inflamed with quite a few polyps formed as well. No stones. i am just thankful it is gone. I truly hope you get some answers soon. I hate that anyone has to fight for their health. Please keep me posted.

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      Oh WOW so pleased for you!👍

      I've been here for nearly 2 years and i can ONLY recall one person who has come through here from the UK who hasn't had a bad time with the NHS.


      Oct 2016 pain started between shoulders started

      January 2017 right stomach and flank pain started and started losing weight started

      March 2017 nausea, light coloured poo, dark urine and fatigue started

      During this entire time i was begging my GP for ultrasound and eventually had one end of April but it showed nothing. Kept on and on at GP and was eventually referred to gastro in June 2017 which was going to be a 6 month wait. This was changed to an urgent referral by a locum GP as i'd now lost 8 stone between Jan 2017 and June 2017.

      Met gastro who was dismissive and highly ignorant, had CT scan at end of June and waited for results until wait for it.................. mid August which i got via letter and i was also being discharged. I had to hassle the gastro for a further 3 months until i was given another ultrasound and that showed a something in my gallbladder and a thickened wall. NO APOLOGY!

      Was referred for surgery and waited to see the surgeon for ............. 3 months, yep 3 months. Surgeon wanted MRCP before surgery so had that then waited 6 weeks for results when i saw the surgeon again. MRCP was normal so was refused surgery and was accused of canceling an endoscopy that they should of referred me for when i was referred for the MRCP but they had actually NOT referred me! I was re-referred back to gastro but it was a 7 month wait.

      July 2018 had endoscopy that i should of been referred for 5 months previously by surgeon but hadn't referred me then accused me of canceling it, this was still a further 3 months after re-referral.

      November 2018 met gastro and it was a different gastro. To be fair he was nice and not highly ignorant like the 1st and he sorted the HIDA and another ultrasound.

      December 2018 saw gastro with the results of ultrasound which showed nothing and the HIDA results of 73%.

      Thats as far as i've got since my 1st symptoms started Oct 2016. It's a nightmare, draining, depressing and living in pain whilst going round in circles albeit very, very slow circles.

      Sorry for the essay Sarah, but honestly you couldn't script it.

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      Oh Matt this is awful!!! I had to google calculate how much 8 stone is, holy cow that is a HUGE weight loss!!! I cannot believe all the stuff you have to go through! I started with weird stomach aches mid February of this year. Went to ER, had CT scan, no findings. Referred to GI dr. He ordered endoscopy, colonoscopy, and ultrasound. Had them all within 5 days. All came back clear, other than a small polyp on gallbladder. I asked for the HIDA scan and had that the following day. He called me same day with results of 96% and he says that is normal. He wanted MRI. In the meantime I found a surgeon on my own and made an appointment. The next day my GI dr called and said MRI came back clear and he wants me to see a surgeon. During all of this I started eating less and less and I was miserable all the time. So light headed and my brain just wasn't working it felt like. I cried every day. Saw surgeon who says he doesn't really believe in overactive gallbladder but since they saw the polyp he would take it out. 2 weeks later it was removed. I lost 22 pounds in a very short time frame (equal to 2 stone if google is to be trusted) hahaha. Again my story was only roughly 7 weeks, so I cannot imagine living that way for years. You definitely need to keep fighting for your health and I have read a few times here people in the UK just keep going back to a&e again and again until someone finally does something for them.

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