High blood pressure and sleeplessness

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Hello, I am 66 and up till now have never had health problems. During an operation (osteotomy) my blood pressure shot up - my GP says they cut an artery because of the state of my face but they deny that.  That was end of May and my blood pressure which up till then had been 120/60 all my life is now around 150, sometimes higher. That coupled with hearing my heartbeat(!) at night keeps me awake. |Have never taken medication for anything as I cook every day and walk a lot with dogs, go on hikes and walking holidays. Have tried cutting out caffeine etc but 6 months on, am tired out.  The GP wants to put me on medication (my heart is excellent as are all the blood tests), so it is a mystery but what can I do to get back to my normal range? I am 56 kg and completely well otherwise. Many thanks for any advice, gratefully received.


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    I sympathise with you having never had health problems in my life [I'm 72now]. Two years ago I had an NHS health check and they found high blood pressure and scared the daylights out of me by threats of stroke, heart attacks, dementia etc.All the blood tests were fine but I determined to try and sort this  HBP [163/93 after 24 hr monitor] but my dr didn't think I could reduce it enough. So I did go on medication, ditsy dose of Ramipril then raised after a month and changed to Losartan after a short time due to cough.

    At the same time I gave up salt, alcohol, lost weight and weigh 57 kilos [I'm 5'8"] and walked half an hour daily with the dog. Much like you really.  Had the Losartan reduced 3 months ago as BP now  <125 0="">. I hate taking medicine 'for life' as they say, and I hate having 'essential hypertension' written on my medical notes.

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      Jane, thanks so much for your swift comment.  Yes, I worry about all those things you mentioned. I did cut out salt in cooking (can't taste the difference!) and make my own stock, eat really good food. I am 5'6" so my weight is ok, though giving up wine would be hell...... Also never smoked, so just don't know what to do "naturally"......Can I ask if you have your problem in the family genes?  I am wondering why it was triggered at the time of the operation, that can't be a coincidence.......many thanks for your time.
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      Not in the family genes as far as I know. My father was killed in the war and his 2 sisters lived to their 70's. One was obese and did die of a heart attack but she never exercised: the other died of cancer. My mother died at 82 of old age they said. She didn't have HBP as far as I know. 20 years ago would they necessarily have discovered it unless you'd had a stroke/heart attack I wonder? She was very fond of her G&Ts and cigarettes though - really a heart attack waiting to happen except it never did! 

      So I was very surprised to discover I had it- very cross too ! Actually if I'm truthful I was mortified and felt it was a stigma and my fault although the dr said not so. Then I met someone who also had had a health check and was discovered to have type 2 diabetes, and she was a lot younger than me. I guess that would be a stigma and a real burden.

      I know what you mean about hearing your heart beat, it's quite alarming. I must say it's strange that your's should have started after your osteotomy - I had to look that one up!

      Have you tried beetroot juice, raw garlic or water melon. All those are supposed to lower the BP and it was shown to do so on 'Trust me I'm a doctor' if you saw it. Don't fancy the garlic though.

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    Hi mags. You seem to be doing everything right. I am 63 and diagnosed with high bp some years ago. On 10mgs ramipril and 10mgs statins . GP suggested my probs partly genetic as my father died of a stroke. My medication didn't really help until I combined it with lifestyle changes. I lost nearly a stone (not fat to begin with so now quite skinny) I also stopped drinking alcohol and coffee. I avoid processed foods and snacks. Certainly no salt where possible. I eat beetroot as I know this is beneficial as is garlic. I also force myself to walk very briskly for at least 30 mins each day come rain or shine. Apart from a few unexplained "blips" it seems to be working but not yet at the point where I feel I can ask GP to drop the ramipril. Good luck with your attempts to get to grips with this matter.
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      Thanks Fisherman, I just loathe the idea of beetroot - do you boil it (will have to look up ways to cook it). I walk 2 hrs a day and garden and used to do sheep herding with my border collie until recently. We hike a lot and never eat processed foods, but I don't seem to be narrowing it down.  Let me know if you can make beetroot taste half-way attractive - you probably have to eat pounds of the stuff for any effect....
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      Jane's recipe sounds delicious. Must try that myself. I am lazy.....I buy the ready cooked stuff and just eat it straight. I enjoy its taste so no probs for me although I am aware that many people dislike it. Garlic is also good for lowering bp. I don't think you have to eat tons of the stuff but a little bit regularly. 

      You certainly sound active enough although what I found is that my walking has to make me breath heavily, in other words not strolling but really striding out. Our bodies react to things in different ways but there is an overall commonality that must mean that certain foods, exercise and lifestyle changes can benefit us all.

      Others on this forum are aware that I have a 94 year old mother, living in a little thatched cottage on her own (supported by carers daily) who is surprisingly fit for her age and she puts it all down to eating loads of herring as a girl. She lived in Great Yarmouth and that was the staple diet in the 20's and 30's. Oily fish.

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      I hate fish, maybe that's the problem though I take fish oil capsules instead......jealous of your genes, odds are you'll get near your mother's age too.....
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    no mags you drink the juice ...
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      It's really good to eat as a vegetable. Forget the stuff sliced in vinegar, eaten hot as a vegetable it is delicious. Jamie Oliver scrubs small roots and cuts the tops off. He then places them on a large sheet of tinfoil and adds handfuls of fresh marjoram, several clovesof garlic,plenty of olive oil and some balsamic vinegar.  You then loosely seal the tinfoil and bake in a hot oven for about 3/4 hr. Delicious.
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      Helen, thanks, I was thinking that too (and planning to give it a miss) but the recipe is wonderful......

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