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Been taking readings over last four days due to agonising headaches...readings are continuously over 190/123...heart rate reading 103 at rest. I am 42. Any advice?

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    Sounds v familiar. I'm 30 and had dreadful headaches and extreme bp readings too. I was diagnosed with conns syndrome. A benign hormone producing growth on one adrenal gland. Had the adrenal removed laparoscopically and am now cured!

    its much more common than GPs think and they are v uneducated on the matter in my experience. Get to a kidney or endocrinology specialist. 

    Good luck x

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    I was told that the diastolic reading is the more improtant one and if over 90 to see a doctor.

    Have you taken your BP at home previously or is it a new monitor?

    It is just as easy to be stressed when taking your BP at home as it is in a hospital or surgery. It is resting BP that is needed but I expect that you know that and sit quietly for a good five minutes before taking it. Also take three reading over a ten minute period and use the average.

    A GP I had said that BP does not cause headaches but stress does. A nurse told me otherwise

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    Book an emergency appointment with your GP as soon as possible. 
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    Yes I agree with comment above. Headaches and v high bp are taken very seriously if u present at A&E. They will do some tests to rule out brain and heart probs for ur peace of mind if nothing else.
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    Debbie, I second the previous advice to have your severe headaches and very high BP investigated as soon as possible.  The reason could be any number of things, for instance some years ago I presented with severe headache and increasing BP and was eventually diagnosed with a long-term auto immune illness for which I needed urgent treatment with steroids to protect my eyesight.  Whatever the reason for your symptoms, they need immediate investigation - if it is simply down to high BP with no underlying cause then you need treatment to get the BP down before it causes any further long term problems.  Importantly act on it rather than sit and worry because the stress of that will not help the BP.  Good luck!
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    Agree with the others ... go see GP asap. I too had severe headaches, vommiting and discoved BP was up at 240/110 and like Lyn was diagnosed with a form of Conns syndrome (I do not have growth on adrenal gland so just have tablets to control mine) .. but it could be many things and you just need to get it checked out to help you to start feeling better smile


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      You are fortunate to have been investigated. Despite medications since 2000 my BP is still often 220/110.

      I had several kidney tests last year when trying to get on the renal denervation trials at my local hospital. I had Kidney X-Ray, ultrasound scan and did a 24 hour urine collection sampling. At the end of that they said that my kidneys were in good order but my Average BP was low enough not to make me a suitable candidate. They don't care  what your highs are provided some drops during the day bring down the average.

      I persuaded my GP to refer me to one of the only four Hypertension referral centres in the South of England. My first appointment is in June for kidney tests. I'm going to write to advise them of the tests I have already had to save repetition.

      The trouble is that each area health authority seemingly cannot access their neighbours records. I once had two echocardiograms in the same week. One for the local cardiologist and the other for the surgeon who had done my aortic valve replacement. When I protested they said that they liked to do their own.


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      Derek - Have you had blood tests for Aldosterone and renin levels and potassium? these should be checked. I had all the same tests as you mention above and all clean, the only one that highlighted my problem was the Aldo/renin ratio. Aldo was fine but renin non-existant... a sign to investigate further for Conns. CT scan of the adrenal glands also necessary.

      Something is causing your BP to spike so averages are irrelvant, you need to find the cause of the spikes. These are very often hormone driven. A good endocrinologist should investigate your adrenal glands.

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      Hi Derek

      I'd be interested to know where the hypertension referral centre is in the the south - I'm in the south east.  Is the denervation trial to which you refer where they 'burn off' the nerves to the kidneys?  If so, that's what a friend of mine in Australia had done a few years ago - I think the very first trial was there. She still has to take BP meds but at least now they control the BP whereas previously they had no effect.  I have just a sole kidney and have been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, so that in itself might be the reason for my high BP but it's a helluva job finding meds to suit me as I seem to be very sensitive to most of them, and some of them aren't good for my kidney situation.

      That's a crazy situation where different health authorities can't obtain records from each other, therefore putting the patient through unnecessary testing (not to mention the cost when they're strapped for cash!).  I hope you don't have to go through unnecessary X-rays especially - you don't need more of those than absolutely necessary.  Good luck.

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      I'll send you the link to the referral centres as they vet links here and that delays them for a few days.

      The renal denervation programme has been stopped for re-evaluation as it has not given the hoped for results but has not resulted in harm to patients . I had previously tried to get on the programme at Imperial College and initially at Barts. Again I was told that my average was not high enough but at least they diagnosed my aortic stenosis.

      It is still being looked as a treatment for heart failure.

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      Many thanks for your helpful personal message with links, Derek - I have replied by PM.
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      I now know I was very fortunate to be tested so quickly, think It stemmed from my GP feeling guilt for leaving me for 3 weeks with BP never dropping below 210/110, after never having BP problems! Like you I also had Xray, CT of heart and kidneys, blood tests 2x 24 hr blood tests and all came back ok. It was only when referred to the endocrinologist who repeated some of the tests and then as a final test had to send my bloods to London for the Renin/aldosterone bloods that they realised it was aldosterone. However no tumours on adrenal gland so they just use spirolactone to control it and have gone from 4 tablets a day with BP still always above 170, to 2 tablets and BP always below 140, and no headaches since smile

      Hope all goes well in June

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    According to the Mayo Clinic, extremely high blood pressure is anything over 180 systolic or 120 diastolic, and you should seek medical attention. Normally, headache isn't a sign of high blood pressure, but when it's sudden or really bad, it could be. 

    So I agree with the others on here that said to check with the doctor asap. It's better to error on the safe side, since high blood pressure could cause stroke.

    Take care!

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      According to NICE anyone with a reading of over 160 systolic should be referred to a hypertension clinic.

      The first doctor I asked said that if he did that there would be a queue all the way from his surgery to the hospital.

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    Hi Debbie...yes you definitely should see a doctor urgently as I heard a few days ago that headaches could be a sign of a mini-stroke.  You may be OK but please see you doctor.


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