High BP and Anxiety

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I'm 37 and have four children. Since giving birth to my surprise fourth child one year ago, I've had trouble with anxiety and high Bp. My doctor starred me on Prozac 20, Propranolol 120, and Lisinopril 20 about two months ago. It seemed to be working until last week. I've started having strong attacks again which runs by Bp up. It has gotten as high as 177/105. I know this isn't as high as some stories I've heard but still scary for me. The attacks consist of nausea, head pain, eye pain, burning skin, hurting arms....along with various other things. The attacks leave me feeling very fatigued and spaced out. Does any of this sound familiar to any of you? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! ??

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    hi lindsay

    I have the same problem if i get stressed out my bp shoots up .I find that i can have a very high reading but no symptoms.I have a feeling that what you discribe are probably related to anxiety and the adrenaline building up I used to have these attacks when i was having a lot of panic attacks.You could ask your doctor if this could be a side effect of your meds as well Its surprising but sometimes what you take for for one thing can intenseify another.


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    I suggest you go for an ambulatory BP meter for a 24 hour period. This will give your BP reading for one complete day. You can probably see the pattern. If high anxiety is causing your BP to shoot up, you will know from this. During night time, the BP has to be low because you would be asleep. If BP readings are high during night time also then ask your doc to relook at your medicines. It would help if you your self can google check for any reported side effects of any of the drugs you are taking. 
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    Lindsey ,I have high BP stress related . Im on 50 ml Losartan be 4 yrs come October I've been on BP med ( illness my cause for the daily stress ) . I take no other meds at all outside of occasional Paracetamol for allergy headaches . Phone British Heart foundation ,they will talk BP situation over with you . It's best advice Id tell you to do . I take Losartan before I go to bed . Drs don't tell you best time to take them . The highest mines been is 162 ,but I can tell when my BP is up ,depending on how my daily anxiety is . It's a given stress a big culprit . Have you had any thyroid issues ,that can be brought on during a pregnancy ? Go check that out with your Dr ,I've got thyroid issue . Look on Thyroid Nation on FB it will give you any indicators for a thyroid Prob and what it throws up . I had a private blood done for that after reading what's put up ( had thought to Thyroid before blood test ) my tests came back as Elevated Peridoxidase Antibodies . Drs dismissed thyroid when I asked if possible cause to high anxiety back 8 yrs ago . Im glad I went and got mine checked for myself . Allergies another have affects your describing .i suffer Sinusitis badly . Hope you can get your BP down ,go walking Lindsey burn that adrenalin off . I know all this is far from easy far from it . 

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      I see my dr in August for bloodwork and I will ask him to check that. My brain knows that my lifestyle isn't helping. I don't eat like I should. I don't walk like I should. My four kids range in age from 1-16 so there's always something going on. My brain knows all these cause my anxiety but my body seems to have a mind of its own. There's so much bad in the world today that I should not be having these things. My kids are healthy, I have a great job....I'm blessed for sure. So, I tell myself I'm crazy for even having these things but it still happens. ??

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      Try and keep on top of health , one week goes into another . 

         Give your Dr possibilities what can and could be a problem . Gut feelings never far wrong either  trust what body's trying to tell you . 

         Forget what's going on in world ,your not going to solve it. No more than I am Concentrate what's going on in yours ,now that's something you can help solve . 

         Work and looking after 4 children ,hectic life it sounds ,juggling all it throws up .what blood work you having done . Definatley ask if thyroid can be acting up . Hormones I blame for many of our illnesses . Thyroid is a hormone again governs a lot . 

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    Hi Lindsay.

    My BP has been as high as 210/114 ended up in A&E was told it is stress and to do something about whats causing my stress.

     I sympathise with you because I get the same as you with all these awfull attacks so know where you are coming from.

    I am on four medications daily which makes me feel awful most of the time.

     I am trying to wean myself off of them very slowly, stopped the directic now so I don't feel so dried out.

    I eat healthy and walk every day for an hour or so and use the breathing tecnique.

    Slowly breath in through the nose into your abdomin for a count of seven, hold for two, then slowly out for eleven you will notice your shoulders drop down. 

    This brings down my BP down to 120/ 75 so I know it works for me.

    Heavy/deep breathing will push up your BP. 

    I have an appointment with my GP regarding changing/coming off of my drugs as I'm sure they are making me worse?

    Best wishes.


    Guernsey CI

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      It's so nice to hear other people's stories. It makes me feel not so crazy. Mind if I ask what you are taking? Sometimes I wonder if the Meds make it worse also and I surely don't want to take them forever.

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      I agree with you listening to others can certainly can help to sort ourselves out.

      I have so much going on in my life it's no wonder my BP goes up.

      I am taking A B C D          ace inhibitor  Perindopril  8mg

                                               Beta blocker Bisoprolol   2.5mg  

                            Calcium channel blocker Amlodipine 10mg

                                                 Directic       Indapamide 2.5mg

      I have underactive thyroid and take     Levothyroxin 1.25mcg                   

      I took myself off my directic as I felt so dried up especially at night, mouth, eyes awfull feeing despite drinking plenty of water throughout the day.

      I am going to reduce the amlodipine next but I shall inform my GP first

      Listen to Marlene she is right you know.

      Eat a healthy diet and keep off the bad carbs and sugars. most of all drink plenty of hot water, you will be okay darling,don't worry.

      All the best 


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      What most people don't know about dueritics (water pills) is that not only are they not good for anyone over age 60 but they will also deplete the sodium in your blood stream which causes alarm when your blood is checked on a lipid panel they also muss with your cholesterol numbers

      ... those little duretic pills cause more damage than they are worth and doctors usually just automatically add them

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      Hi Ann.

      Thankyou for your advise.

      I felt so unwell with the drugs percribed I decided to stop taking indapamide (duertics) about a month ago and now feel a slight inprovement in myself.

      Due to puffy ankles I am gradually reducing the 10mg amlodipine by shaving a tiny amount off each tablet every day with a file hopefully to get it down to 5mg.



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      this is a horrible drug for me as well Pat... it takes a while to find something that works for you.. the good thing about Amlodiping is that it is a calcium channel blocker which is a class of BP meds... and people can come off of these easily.. unlike a beta blocker which you must be weened from.. good luck and good health to you
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      Thank you Ann that is reasuring for me.

      I am also on a Beta blocker Bisoprolol 2.5mg.

      I dread the thought of trying to wean myself off that one then.



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      Pat whatever you do you must be weaned off the beta blocker, do not suddenly stop taking it as it will make your BP spike.. stay safe my friend....if you are ever in double about any medications remember your pharmacist is the go to person not the doctor....be well my friend
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       Oh thank you Ann that is so helpful.

      The GPs in the past said not to come off of any of tthe meds and it's a bit worrying.

      In two weeks time I am to visit a new GP to our practice in the hopes of coming off or changing my meds, I hope I can find him easy to speak with.



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    It isn't unusual for people to have problems with their mood and anxiety after the birth of a child and one year is no time at all really. The problem is, as youv'e discovered that when you feel anxious your BP goes up and this in itself becomes a source of more anxiety. The symptoms you describe are more likely to be related to your anxiety, but once again add to it. If your in the UK your Dr should be able to refer you to a CBT therapist who can teach you techniques to manage your anxiety. The courses tend to be quite short and very practical and the results are very good this would help with your BP. Remember that most problems associated with a high blood pressure are related to how long people have suffered from it and whether it is persistently high. I know it all seems very complicated but remember you can only deal with one problem at a time and dealing with the anxiety might very well reduce or even remove the issue with your BP.  Good luck.

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