High Diastolic Pressure when active

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Recently I've been experiencing a feeling of unwellness when active - even just slow paced walking. I feel weak, shaky, my hands and face feel numb and tingly, nausea, dry mouth, sweating etc. I started taking my blood pressure readings after walking or even standing and my blood pressure is high, particularly my diastolic pressure. It's consistently above 90 and I've seen it as high as 121. When I'm lying down, by pressure is pretty consistently 120/80. It's just when I move about. Even sitting in a chair seems to escalate my BP. 

I saw my doctor yesterday after getting a really bad episode. He's at a loss and my reasing was normal with him, but he referred me to get a 24 hour ambulatory BP monitor. However, it's not for a couple weeks.

From what I've read, Diastolic BP shouldn't fluctuate too much - if anything, it should decrease during activity, so this is what's got me concerned. I have anxiety, but in the past, during anxiety attacks I've only seen my diastolic go into the low 90's. I don't feel like I'm having any serious anxiety lately, and I feel like I'm physically able to feel the spike in BP. 

I guess where I'm in the dark is understanding what normal fluctuations in BP are under exercise and stress/anxiety. What's dangerous? How concerned should I be? 

I'm on 1.25mg Bisoprol that I started taking for arrhythmia, but I'm thinking of upping to 2.5 because of the recent high BP.


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    I was advised that you must rest for at least half an hour before taking you BP.

    I am quite sure that you are not expected to take your BP when you are active.

    I am looking forward to others response

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      Hi, yes I know that you should take blood pressure while at rest, not after eating etc. It's to be expected that BP will be higher if checked after exercise but what I'm wondering is how high it should be before it's too high.

      I always check my BP at the same time each day while at rest and it's always about 120/80. But There has to be a healthy range for exercise. Like I mentioned, from what I read, Diastolic shouldn't fluctuate much. Even during exercise, Diastolic should not go over 90.

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      michael27311...First off...you should wait at least 30min AFTER exercise to take bp readings. Notice the words "at least". Your doctor is doing you a favour by having a 24 ambulatory monitor, although it may take a few weeks. Why so long?? Now, you are thinking of upping your dose of Bisprolol from 1.25mg to 2.5mg. DO NOT DO THIS WITHOUT YOUR DOCTOR'S KNOWLEDGE OR PERMISSION. 

      Is your doctor concerned about all of this?? What actually did he say? Again, do not 'adjust' your medication. You are not qualified to make that decision, & you could make yourself very ill.

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      Hi Mike

      Thanks for the reply. 30 minutes after exercise? So does that mean that every time my doctor has checked my BP 5 minutes after arriving to his office, it's been inaccurate? Also, when referring to 'exercice' what do you mean? 40 minutes on the excersise bike, or just walking up a flight of stairs?

      I've never taken my BP after a vigorous exercise - the times that concerned me were because I had simly been standing after washing dishes. 

      regarding the Bisoprolol - my cardiologist told me that if I felt I needed to adjust my dose, that I was free to - just to keep in mind that it's cumulative and not a med that works instantly when adjusted.

      I want to reiterate that the only reason I was on google is because my doctor hastold me he has no more advice or suggestions on why I'm feeling the way I do, an is referring me to internal medicine to broaden the search.

      Oh yeah, I live in Canada, and wait times for specialists can take many months, but hey, it's (practically) free.

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    Hello Michael, the worst person you can talk to, is Dr Google!

    Listen to your GP and don't ask Google.  I do have hypertension & am on a cocktail of drugs.  I was told a long time ago, that doctors would start to worry when my diastolic pressure went over 110.

    The blood pressure monitor that you use at home, could be faulty & the more you take your own BP, the more it will fluctuate.  

    Don't meddle with your drugs.  Don't take your own blood pressure & if you want to know what it is, go into your local Pharmacy & ask them to take it for you.  The Pharmacist will tell you if he or she thinks you need to go to your GP.

    My blood pressure has been 230/130 & at that point, I was referred to a Cardiologist.

    Listen to your GP & don't ask Dr Google.

    Good luck!

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      mrsmop...You & I are on the same page here. Dr.Google is by no means qualified to give medical advice. It's simply a guide...nothing more, nothing less. Also, one never knows the qualifications of whoever put the information there in the first place. My own doctor says going on the internet is one of the worst things people can do..for the very reasons I've just stated. He said that if people want reliable information, they should go to the Mayo Clinic, or the New England Journal of Medicine. These sites do not replace your doctor., & the average person truly wouldn't understand what's going on. There are so many ailments out there with the same symptoms. 

      About the only thing I really didn't agree with what you said...those bp machines in the pharmacy. One never knows how often they are calibrated for accuracy.So many arms in that cuff...we don't all have the same size arms. Also, a pharmacy isn't exactly the best place to take readings. Too many people passing by., too many things going on, BUT I will say those machines are far better than nothing. You're also very correct when you advised he not take his bp so often. BP fluctuates from minute to minute, & if he's the slightest bit anxious at the time, the number will likely be elevated, & when he sees the number elevated, more anxiety sets in...so he continues to take bp readings...high readings. This certainly is not a good recipe for taking bp readings. 

      As you can see from what I wrote, I highly suggested he not adjust his meds without consulting his doctor. People play dangerous games when they do such things. If he's taking a beta-blocker, then increasing the dosage will reduce the heart rate. Perhaps all he needs is a mild diuretic to help with the medication he's already taking., or just wait 'til the 24hr monitor spews out the readings. From what he wrote, it doesn't seem as though his doctor is overly concerned, but certainly interested enough to refer the 24hr monitor. 

      I think that if the Dr. truly was concerned, he wouldn't wait as long as a few weeks to get a monitor. He'd find one somehow.

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      Hi Mike, I was basing my answers on the UK.  I guess you are in the US, I have no idea where Michael is but I suspect he is in the UK too.  The monitors are not always readily available, the High street Pharmacists are suitably qualified & have private rooms where they take blood pressure.  

      If Michael's GP was concerned, he would have sent him to the local hospital but you are absolutely right & I find the information on the Mayo website very helpful.

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      Hi again, mrsmop...I'm in Canada. I agree with you...If Michael's GP was truly concerned, he would most definitely sent him to the local hospital. Sometimes we as humans don't do ourselves any favours..we worry about things over which we have no control, or we obsess. Yes, the Mayo websites are very helpful, but still and all, blood tests, etc.etc.etc. must be done. The sites just give you an idea..but again there are so many ailments out there with the same symptoms that this/that needs to be either confirmed or ruled out by a qualified M.D. 

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      Hi Mike, I was just catching up on the new posts & I see Michael is also in Canada so you would be well placed to advise him with what happens in the Canadian system.  

      Off at a tangent, my friend's son is going to Montreal this week, as past of his PhD


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