High heart beat enev at mildly troubling situations!!

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Hi, i'm a 19 year old male,almost 6(height),and weigh approx 62 kg,and i checked my pulse and it came out to be 81..I dont really work out as such..so is it bad??pls answer..also my heart beat gets really fast whenever my teacher asks me a question(even if i know the answer)..or in an argumentor in any other mildly troubling situation also..should i get it cheacked??

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    To ease your mind check it out But at 19 your heart rate at rest  81 could be OK for you I am 52 13 .12 go to the souna everyday swim walk and eat a very very good Diets Do not smoke or Drink my heart at rest is 58 and aim 51 Blodpreashure 110/ 68 But a average heart rate is 70 two 100 hope this helps
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    And a average man my age who is higher and the average both is 140/ 90 
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    gold standard of blood pressure at age 20 is 120/80 and pulse 72 . therefore 81 seems ok. stress and tension if in uncomfortable situations can make it feel fast however if you are concerned check up with your GP
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    The Dr will tell you and has Brain washed maney that 120/80 if 120/80 is gold standard my Bloodpreahure runs 110/60 so what's that then it was 152 /90 lost 2 stone 
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    of course it varies and is according to healthy weight etc. 150/90 was high , well done for losing weight , thats if you needed to of course
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    thank you all for your replies..i actually feel normal normally..but the problem comes whenever there is a test..like if i have to give an entrance exam..i get nauseaus and my heart beats out of my chest..or sometimes even in a misunderstanding with a friend.. or giving a simple guitar auditions..my hands get really shaky and obviously the heartbeat is elevated. I also have a very bad habit of shaking my leg..sometimes i cant sleep because of that..could this be related...also could nightmares be a problem..cos jen i was young(sometimes even now)..i used to have really bad nightmares??sory for the

    loong comment.

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      Sounds like anxiety to me.

      Imagine you are living in a cave and the Sabre Tooth Tiger comes to eat your family, its a ancient survival instinct FIGHT or FLIGHT.

      We still have that instinct its perfectly natural.

      What is not natural is not understanding it, and not making the effort to understand it, that helps you to cope with those feelings just knowing why, and your enquiry is a great start.

      This understanding has worked very well for my husband he has developed anxiety after a major heart failure and congestive heart failure episode that he was lucky to have survived.

      He was also told to wear a rubber band on his wrist, not too tight, just there, and when these feelings come to pull tight it and let go, enough so it stings/hurts but does no harm, seems to overide the anxiety attack, worth a try, yes, can't do any real harm, again does it work, YES.

      I don't fully understand why it works, maybe just re-directing the brain from thinking doom and gloom (Sabre tooth tiger), and thinking PAIN instead.

      Our brain is an amazing organ of our body, and even the Dr's will tell you they are learning all the time, we can retrain ourselves to overcome these hurdles, maybe its all just part of the learning process.

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    Sounds like strese two me I get it panick attacks raceing heart the your Bodey does the flight or fight thing your a young man go see your Doc put your mind at ease maybe it's strese
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    I agree it does sound like nerves. However my son had a similar problem where his leg would not stop shaking and after bllod tests he has a thyroid problem , he did lose aweight with this though.
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    thank you all for the repies!smile

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