High heart rate after PE

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Hi. I am 44 and was previously very fit and active and had a large PE 3 months ago with multiple clots left and right. 

I have ongoing chest discomfort that is irritated with activity but heart rate is a concern the Dr's don't seem to be taking seriously. At rest its fine non stressful pottering around its around 100, after 10mins cleaning the kicthen its 130 or more and with even mild/moderate resistance on the exercise bike for 5mins or 10 press ups its 150 even up to 170.

My Echo was fine but of course I was at rest. I know ive lost loads of fittenss as I was virutually bed bound for about 6-8 weeks at home, oxygen for 3 weeks and still on morphine at 6 weeks, but I have been trying to increae my activity since and can walk for 45mins but the heart rate seems too high.

I don't want to go back in a few years time with symptoms to be told 'Oh you should never have been doing exercise at that level its knackered your heart'

Any comments and advice welcome. 

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    I should keep a diary, but in short I've been building up my tension exercises again, did about four/five sets 60 pushups, and bench full stack 3 sets 15reps on last Friday. I can feel restrictions in my chest (like a lump) and fatigue in bed for about 7pm every night. I feel I can do more lighter exercise, but I have difficulty justifying going out. I want to integrate but I have a constant feeling in my chest and I am trying to make provisions should the worst happen.

    The heart is a muscle, ive read that it emits electrical signals to your head and body . (ecg) machine. You head also sends electrical messages to heart and body. Everyone has electrical signals through their body.

    I'm 42 in January, got a mortgage and debts to service, though I don't see the point in looking that far ahead sometimes.

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    Hey Nicholas :-)

       My first clot was just over four years ago. I have had ongoing chest pains on and off since then! The haematologist told me it's the scarring and may always be there! I find high humidity makes it worse and sometimes it just seems to start for no reason! It is scary every time I get it as I can't dash to A&E every time it starts!

       I have recently suffered a second clot and the pain was like being stabbed over and over! The other pain feels like I've been kicked really really hard! So this new clot has helped me differentiate between the two!

       You are very early days still! I, too, am just over three months! I have recently returned to work and it's hard! Pain... coughing... hoarse voice but it is getting easier each day I do!

       Listen to your body and don't be too hard on yourself. Our bodies have been through an enormous turmoil and some statistics say it can take up to a year for the lung to fully recover!

       We don't have crutches or evidence of our illnesses to others so I find it can be a very lonely place sometimes! It seems there are support groups for every illness in the world bar P.E.s lol! 

       Good luck and try to focus on what you do achieve rather than what you don't! The fact is your body is not the body it was three months ago and it needs time to heal.


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      hi catherine13074,

      I may have this wrong but, I occasionally think about a scenario below...my inward investigation sole purpose to achieve a better understanding of clots in general and how I can live my life to the full.

      What if there is a thin stringy clot lodged along the pulmonary artery, starting from the calf and ending up through the heart and in both lungs. The anti clotting medicine no longer dissolves the clot and over time scar tissue covers the entire length of the clot. The scar stays fixed but the clot moves underneath at a snails pace encouraged by circluation and respiration. Over time the scar membrane thickens and thins along the way or becomes  the same type tissue with the same density and elasticity (biophysical properties) as our vein walls with increasing adhesion and cross tissue bonding.

      Have you any thoughts about this, pls respond.

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    I have absolutely no idea but it sounds an interesting theory! :-)

    I know from further scans that my body didn't dissolve the clots so they have embedded themselves in the wall hence the scar tissue! I have been told these will not move again... even at a snails pace which I find very reassuring! :-)

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      i'm a bit of a control freak sad

      managing a surplus of hormones in my body and having a numbing affect at the same time, like i don't really care - which is a contradiction, because I do care. A lot - am I becoming self centered?

      And i'm not bi-polar - at least I don't think so...Is this the way things are? I ***missing word*** it settles down overtime

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    I think a life threatening illness plays nicely with ones mind! There was no cause for either of my clots.... I hate the lack of control in that! Taking the medication is my control and slowly and surely getting my life back! I'm not there yet but with each new thing I conquer I get a little piece of my life back :-)

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    Thanks for the replies,

    I have a medical research background but in musculoskeletal so have zero expertise on heart and lungs. I can say with certainty however that clots cant and don't track from the calf to the Pulmonart artery.

    Anticoagulants do nothing to dissolve clots they just stop more forming. I think my problem is that I ignored it for three days until the pain was very severe so mine had already begun to scar/consolidate. Now despite not have pulmonary hypertension the heart is probably still having to work to get blood past the clot to keep by O2 stats up so beats more quickly to ensure to oxygen supply. recent ECG suggested possible atrial fibrilation but GP looked at it and said not but now I have uncertainty.

    As far as control this has changed my life completely for the worse. I was very fit and active and now 30mins of cleaning the house of doing some very low grade exercise and my hearts pounding i'm breathless and I have increased chest pain. I have no control over this massive limitation and no answers to my questions about my heart rate yet. I know I can't change whats happened but living with the uncertainty and no answers is currently very difficult.

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    I totally get all of the above Nicholas! Guess we all just need time.... stay positive.... I'm sure one day your fitness level will be back to a level you're happy with.... especially as CTEPH has been ruled out for you! Best wishes to you :-)
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    Hello, hope you are having a good day.

    I'm not a clinician but I would definitely invest in a pair of DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) socks.  They will support your legs where major arteries are while you are working or doing other activities.  Ebay looks to be a good place to buy them.  I've worn them going on holiday and they feel a bit strange at first - the old ticker sits back and takes a well earned breather so I don't feel so exhausted about getting on with things.


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    I had not associated rapid hr with PEs but my heart rate after any walking or house work goes above 130!

    I have had 3 separate PE events even after being on Coumadin. However since the first event I have become a diabetic and have short term memory loss do you have these symptoms as well?

    My echo showed mild right ventricular failure. My last event was last week, my Dr sees me every 2 weeks since the second event I never got my wind back after the first event

    There is a pulmonary embolism group on Facebook if your interested

    One of the women in the group is a marathon runner gives us hope!

    Remember you should crawl before you walk, and walk before you run.


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      If you have consented to a NOAC & No Antidote, or NOAC with Antidote trial, try your best not to sustain another clot whilst taking the meds. I'd be carefull with running or repeated shock to your muscular skeletal system, especially after Acute DVT/PE.

      According to 'life in the fast lane' dot com website

      Sinus tachycardia (ST) – the most common abnormality; seen in 44% of patients. ST= fast Heart rate

      The woman, whose a marathon runner probably had a full body CTPA whilst under trial, and was given the 'all deep vein clear' before she put her trainers on.

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      If no one knows where the clots are coming from it is hard to try not to get them. I was very active in never would have expected to be sick like yhis

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