High heart rate during the day but normal at night.

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I'm male, 28 years old, 183 cm and 74 kg. Not overweight but I have been physically inactive the last couple of years.

I have a fitbit and in the last couple of years my stepcount per day was around 5000-6000 steps. This is largely from using the public transportation and just walking around the house or at work.

My resting heart rate is around 100 during the day. Sometimes a bit over sometimes a bit under. Every type of exertion makes my heart rate shoot up. Even stretching to get my water bottle of the table can make it go up by 20 or more bpm. Walking at 4 or 5 km/h can make it go around 150. Running/walking up the stairs or cycling can make my hr go up to 170-200 bpm.

I measured my hr at night and during sleep with a polar hr strap and my hr was somewhere between 55-80 at night while awake and somewhere between 45-55 when at sleep.

However even at night with every slight exertion it can shoot up by 20 or more beats per minute. I also noticed some spikes to about 110 bpm during sleep. This might be because I moved during my sleep.

I did visit a cardiologist and had an ecg, echo, bloodwork and thoraxphoto done which all came back fine.

So basically the cardiologist told me that my heart is normal and the fast hr is just something that is a part of me.

However I'm still concerned about this. I can't get it of my mind to the point that I am a bit anxious to start exercising.


Can a fast hr like mine be harmful in the long run?

Could this be IST or POTS?

What other possible causes could there be?

Are hr reducing pills beneficial to me?

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    Hello Orion, have you taken any blood work? I have the same problem, but I know what causes my problem. I am an anemic patient, so at times I have fast heart beats but once I take my iron pills I am fine. Rapid heart beats can be linked to this condition. If you have not taken any blood work, you should. Maybe you have high blood pressure, anemia, high cholesterol or perhaps it is not even health related. Anxiety can trigger fast beats as well. 
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      Hallo Emily?

      Yes I did have bloodwork done. No Anemia or thyroid. I did have low vitamin D and somewhat high cholesterol. I'm working on both but I don't think the cholesterol or vitamin D are causing my high heart because my father has very similar cholesterol and vitamine D values with normal heart rate.

      My anxiety also cause high heart rate during exercise?

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    iam 21 years old and i have exactly the same simptoms as you

    hight rate at day

    normal at night

    and any little exersice cause my heart to beat fast and strong

    how are you now? have you found whats the problem?

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    DO NOT TAKE any heart reducing medication unless the doctor has diagnosed you with a heart problem and even then explore other options. I made a big mistake in taking beta blockers because of my heart rate. If you think you have a high heart rate just wait till you try to quit those heart medications. I'm not joking and now months later trying to quit this drug I'm slowly getting back to normal. They are horrible drugs. 

    I am exactly like you. With any little exertion my heart rate jumps to the 100s and even after I eat it jumps to the 100s. At night my heart goes down to the 60's and even 50's while sleeping it's so strange.

    My advice and I can't praise these two things more.

    Magnesium in high doses 

    Holy basil and Ashwaghanda

    If s**t gets crazy a xanax

    Do not go down the road of beta blockers I thought I was going to die from it

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      Hi i have the exact same symptoms for the last 11 months. its very hard to exercise now and i used to train everyday i struggle just to do any exercise now. have you had any results or treatment to fix the issue im really struggling and have had so many tests.

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    Hi i have the exact same symptoms for the last 11 months. its very hard to exercise now and i used to train everyday i struggle just to do any exercise now. have you had any results or treatment to fix the issue im really struggling and have had so many tests.

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    I have something similar but I know what it's from. I have what's called an incomplete right bundle branch block. It's common in people after surgical correction of an atrial septal defect. Resting rate when I am sitting can go into the 50's. When I am sleeping it can go down to the mid 40's sometimes lower. I found out just how low it got when I was in the hospital after a fairly serious head injury at work. I also have obstructive sleep apnea. I think I nearly gave some of the staff a heart attack because the low hr, irregular breathing , and low bp, are all indicating a worsening situation in my brain.

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    Hi Orion,

    I have the same problem. It started for me in June of 2019. I ended up going to ER because rate was so 134, my head was hurting, chest was hurting and I was dizzy. They found nothing.

    Went to see cardiologist and she did a stress test, echocardiogram, blood work, halter monitor and more EKGs. All came back fine. she did give me a pill call Metoprolol Tartrate and I take a small dosage twice a day. Problem now is my HR drops down low, sometime upper 30s and lower 40s. I still get spikes where it can go up to the 120s when I'm walking or doing household chores. My doctor did say that is can be normal for some to have a higher HR and that stress and anxiety can be a major cause. But see said not to worry about it being high because its not dangerous. I got scared because heart issues run in my family and I'm 60 years old.

    I hope you fine some one who can help you. Good luck.

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    Is your blood pressure slightly lower than normal like 110/70 range. I have a similar problem along with other symptoms that developed over time. But my doctor thinks its possibly a neurological disorder likely Parkinsons but were still in the process of trying to figure it out.

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