High Levels of ALP, ALT, AST, GGT. Please Help!

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My, ALP, ALT, AST and GGT levels have been abnormally high for over four years and when I mean high I mean from my latest blood test...

ALP- 175.00 (Highest being 307.43)

ALT- 175.00 (Highest being 307.00)

AST- 348.00 (That being the highest its gone)

GGT- 62.00 (Highest it's gotten being 268.00)

For four years that have never once gone into the normal range. I'm fearing that there is something wrong with my kidneys or liver because my Lymphocytes have been consistently low as well.

I have constant pains in my stomach along with fevers, swollen throat, voice problems and it could go on. 

A little information about myself I am female 23 years old 5'9 200 pounds, I do have Hashimoto's - hypothyroidism and Sjorgen's Syndrome. I also had my gallbladder out last year, having removed it along with 10 stones.

Long story short, I trusted my doctor to tell me if anything was strange about my blood tests, over the years. Only to find that by getting a copy of all blood tests I've done in four years, being 30 that there are constant highs and lows to things that she didn't tell me about.

I've been having muscle and joint pains, stomach issues, extreme fatigue, severe depression, neck pain, swollen neck, severe brain fog and so many more debilitating symptoms for 11 years. 

Please don't say you should get this check out by a professional, I am, but they are so useless. I've been trying to find out what is wrong with me for over four years with very little success. I'm just trying to gain as much knowledge as I can from people who might be able to help me. 

Please comment if you have any suggestions or questions I'm open to everything. Thanks.

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    Martha sorry to hear that you have not been well informed about your blood test results.

    It looks like you may have a mixed hepatic picture and cholestatic picture. The cholestatic picture could be explained by the gall bladder stones and any biliary tree involvement you had last year. The hepatic picture tends to suggest some sort of liver involvement. 

    I think you should see a Hepatologist and if not a Hepatologist, a Gastroenterologist to get them to look over your results and give you an explanation.

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    Oh I meant to ask! Has your Sjögren's Syndrome been confirmed? If so, that means you have two autoimmune conditions at least. 

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    Martha, I am sending you a link from what I just researched. I have NO idea if it will help but it does have some easy to understand info on Sjogrens, those high numbers and the liver etc.  I don't have much confidence in any doctors these days but after TONS of research I think I have found a good. They all obviously did not graduate at the top of their class.  I think you do need much more help than ANY of us can give you because each of us is different and Sjogrens is so complicated even when the dr even knows what it is.   Is there a way for you to check out doctors thoroughly in your area?   Do you live anywhere close to a teaching medical university hospital?  I finally had to drive 2 hours from Eugene to Portland to find knowledgeable highly trained professionals.  If you want to let me know what city you are in, I can try to help with researching of drs and pass those along to you.

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      Hi Lindaisout,

      Just have to chime in here. Half the time I myself don't know anything about blood levels. I appreciate so many on this forum and the help they give those in need. Thank you .

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    No idea what's wrong but a simple google search shows that these are all high indicators that you have liver damage. Not sure what it could be caused by, have you ever had an U/S on your liver?

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    I've been through this. They're treatable through diet. but you'll have to take a leap of faith and let go of the drugs based medicine.

    Our planet and food supply is toxic, we're not meant to be eating what we are.

    If you can rid yourself of toxicity from your body, and also spirit, and reduce stress, your body will heal.

    Google Serena Williams. 


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    To answer some of your questions, March of last year I was checked for SSA and SSB Antibodies for Sjogren's Syndrome and my SSA came up as possible while my SSB was negative. To be honest I was completely unaware of anything being positive only finding out last Friday because I requested a copy of all my blood tests for the last 4 years. I'm trying to see a Rheumatologist to check if I really do have SS, but while I was unaware of what SS was before I saw the positive results after researching it the past weekend, it fits my symptoms perfectly.

    Thanks for the offer, lindaisout, but I live in Saskatoon, Sk, and the medical care in my city is s**t. Basically, I've been told that no doctor can help me except a specialist like an Endroglonigst, which I am seeing, but she is absolute s**t because she doesn't listen to me and I am only able to make an appointment with her every three months. So I'm trapped in the health system at the moment.

    I am pretty sure that something is wrong with my liver because I've been having stomach issues and pain for about a year now, the only problem again is that only a specialist can help me and so I'm stuck. 

    Don't mean to be rude Nick, but faith isn't gonna do anything. My diet is healthy and fine, yet my body and my mind refuse to do anything. I'm aware of what happens when I don't seek help from doctors and medication and it doesn't lead to good results, trust me. May work for some people but not me. 

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    Hi Martha, could you print out the leaflet that Linda posted and ask your doctor if she would investigate the liver angle a bit further? It's possible that it is just a fatty liver however it could be as bad as Autoimmune Hepatitis

    I'm going to post another slightly more technical article in another post, as it will have to be checked by the powers that be and it may take a day or two to come through. It may have some useful points in it for you.

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    Ok it looks like I can't add the link here directly, so put into your search line 'Liver Function Tests Clinipath Pathology' and it should come up fairly near the top. It is a .com.au link.

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      You could always send it to Martha via private message. Just click on the envelope icon next to her name.
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    Hi Martha,

    I just found your information about the issues you are having. and although this was from 3 years ago... yikes.... I was hoping you could provide me some insight about what you have found. I have the exact same symptoms you mentioned above. I have been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, sjogrens and fibermyalgia. I am just lost with how to live anymore because I am in so much pain

    I hope you can send me some information and are finding yourself well.


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