High pitched tone in my head all the time

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I had to pick a somewhat random forum to post this in since I don't know what it is.

I have a high pitched tone in my head all the time and it's annoying.

When it first started (about ten years ago) it would be agonizing and torturously loud and would ruch on me the instant I fell asleep, catching me just before I lost conscoiousness, and I would feel stuck inside myself for a second, suffocating, being anihalated by that immense noise, struggling to wake up it felt like drowning but with a sound so loud I wished I was dead.

Absolutely terrifying, but when it was that loud it wasn't a tone more a high pitched pulse maybe three pulses per second, like a fast high pitched sledge hammer pounding away on the inside of the head.

The first night I couldn't sleep from this I thought I may never sleep again and die a horrible death, passing out into that tortue when I couldn't hold myself awake any longer, I ran from my house and just roamed the streets crying.

After some time I came back home, and I managed to fall asleep.

That's how it started, but that tone has never gone and it's always been there, it's there right now.The tone doesn't get like that anymore but it does get very loud and pulsing when im in bed or when my eyes are closed sometimes.

Has anyone heard of anything like this? Any ideas what it might be? If it may be curable? I don't feel like I'm losing my hearing or anything like that.

Any help appreciated, thanks.

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    ya i agree with phillippa it sounds like tinnitius ive suffered from it for the last 5yrs ,ive got used to it ,one of my friends told me at the start not to listen to it if i could and put music on or the radio to blot out the noise ,it did help ,its very annoying i have to say and its caused abit of deafness in one of my ears which can cause problems i did go to gp and i was on some form of tablets but i stopped using them as they didnt help much ,if it is tinnitius there is not much you can do but live with it im afraid . in saying that i would go to the doctor for a deffinate diagnosises to be sure
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      Hello Astralogic,

      sounds like Tinnitus,  do you notice it when there are other noises in the house like the TV or a radio playing and then the noise starts when all is quiet?   Have a word with your Dr about it, or a nurse in the practice who will have a look in your ear to see if there could be some wax that is possibly irritating your ear drum.  It can be very annoying sand when bad be distressing.  No cure for Tinnitus but I have heard of people using something that makes what is called 'White Noise' being used,  a noise that is distracting and played through ear buds.  Another reason people are bothered by it can be when withdrawing from a drug.

      Hope you can get some help, at least find out what is causing it and get a definate diagnosis.

      Warmest regards

      Jessie x

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      Yes, it becomes more noticable when everything goes quiet, but I can hear it all the time despite that.

      Also sometimes for a minute or two it will suddenly become loud and make everything else go quiet.

      Thanks for the advice, I'll tell my GP I'd like an ear test.

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      mine is not so loud its annoying as its constent mine is more like a hissing sound its not a pitching sound thank god ,but in saying that i can live with it i would love for it to go ,doctor tells me its unlikely to go and if it dose ill be deaf in that ear as it is my hearing has been impared by it
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    Guys, is it possible for this ringing to be caused by muscle tension in and around my jaw/head? Because I do have such tention and both the tension and ringing began at the same time.

    If this is possible, is it curable?

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    I have the same problem. BUT, my noise started after something crossed my brain. I thought I was having a stroke. I'm calling it a worm, when it got to the center of my brain the noise when unbearable, my speech changed, I was very weak. After a few seconds it made it pass the center to my right side and who knows where it went. I called 911 went to ER. They did test, nothing. After this the high pitch noises continued. Some days higher than others. At nite I take a sleeping pills ando I sleep, no sounds, wake up sounds like steam escaping from a old radiator.

    I'm seeing a neurologist but he has no answers for me. I asked him to refer me to a disease specialist so I can find out if it is a worm in head.

    I must say this so-called stroke has everyone curious and without an answer. I have had many lab test and all types of machines looking inside my head but still nothing concrete has shown any thing as yet. Of course I have been doing some research myself and have come up with something new that just may be the problem. The brain could have a condition known as Neurocysticercosis. Treatable with Antiheiminthic Drugs, targeting the worm. There are many ways that I could have picked up this worm. Let me get to the point, I could see a disease specialist or I could take this drug hold Albandazole. This kills the worms that I think are in my head. Nothing else could cross the hemisphere of my brain but a worm of some kind. http://cnn.it1yEskvO

    I'll let you know the results when done with Doctors. I live in Georgia USA, was I Philippines maybe got in from uncooked pork. Jack

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      Wow! You brought a new perspective into this condition. I don't eat pork n if I do just a couple of time a small pieces super well done!! I believe this condition it's neurological link to silent stress after a period of time . I don't listen to loud music nor use ear phones, there's no reason for me to have this condition until, my divorce and constant worry n struggle to make it which, affects my nervous system although, I appear calm on the outside. This is my thoughts into how I think it happened to me. Take care I gotta go now.

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    In response , I have had a similar sound may say constant hizzing sound and has nothing to do with hearing loss. I must say that studied massage twice and the nervous system is amazing and yet, I realized that the silent stress from my divorce and constant struggle has caused this. I remembered when separated I stared to have a couple of times the high pitch in my right ear then, went away. I tested myself 2x at chiropractic testing booth with new technology equip n turned out I was seriously chronic like black, red colors meant I needed treatment bad. I said wow! I may look calm but my inner is going at a super speed that eventually I think caused this hissing in my head. It's been 2yrs since the test but the constant sound in the head is 1 year n few months. I really believe it's neurological. Finding myself needing financial security, stability and fall in love with a man who would share with me and love each other till the end of time. I hope n pray there is a solution to end this . Maybe a combination of chiropractic, happiness, massage n live life to the fullest no matter what comes against me in body, mind and spirit. Will be the answer to end this annoying n scary reality to have this condition.

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    Got it myself. Had it for years (not ears!) In both ears too. Hissing in one, heart beat in the other.

    Hissing can be heard above most day to day noises too! Annoying but nothing I can do about it.

    Just add it to my other issues!

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    I had  A small case of tinnitus  And the VA put some kind of thing in my left ear and it went around to the back of my neck,  which the audiologist said was to measure something .  When she took it off it popped in my left ear and then she put me in a booth and did a hearing test. They gave me hearing aids that omitted tones for tinnitus  which do not work .

    I later found an "indented scar, perfectly round"on the back of my neck right at my hairline. I now have a ringing in my head that sounds like it's being controlled with the rheostat.  It doesn't ever seem to go away, nor does it seem to be in my ear. It very much seems to be in the left side of my head. 

     I sure don't know what the VA  audiologist did to me but, they screwed up my head forever. I've been to the neurologist and he doesn't seem to know what's wrong.

     I believe the thing they originally put in my left ear and went to the back of my neck was some kind of laser they used to measure  whatever they measure. And I also think that's how I got the scar on the back of my neck, which is quite deep. With all this being said, this ringing has been in the left side of my head ever since, and never appears to get better.

    I sure could use some good advice because it absolutely drives me crazy and gives me bad thoughts just to make it go away!

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      One painful lesson I've learned about doctors in general, is that they usual compound your problem. 

      These are strange times we live in.  I have a hard time trusting doctors, but I find the VA facilities particularly frightening. 

      When I first started hearing this constant "frequency", I had a feeling I picking up on some unusual atmospheric sound. Who knows, but I've searched in the strangest of possibilities. There's something very peculiar about this, and it's not your "hearing". 

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      Hi Dan,

      I was just rereading forum comments,  and I'm very curious if there's a follow up to yours.

      Have you found out exactly what kind of instrument the V.A. audiologist used to do that test? Are you still experiencing the more extreme pulsatile tinnitus that seemed to be exacerbated by this test?

      I have great sympathy for anyone who suffers with this problem. It seems to me that yours was made worse by medical attention. How depressing is that?! I'm hoping you're doing better with the passage of time.

      If you get a few spare moments, can you please check in with an update? Wouldn't it be a miracle if "we" could discover the causes of this thing and possibly get some relief?

      Take care of yourselves my forum friends. I wish you all the very best of luck in handling this odd and tormenting mystery condition. 🤕🙁

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      hi DAN,

      my name is Dan as-well and i have the exact same problem with the, what they called a pressure test and when they pulled out that thing for my ear it popped I've had the exact same feeling "ringing in my head" with the white perfectly round score it popped I've had the exact same feeling "ringing in my head" with the white perfectly round scar at the base of my skull at the base of my skull. I also was given hearing aids that omitted three different sounds that did nothing to help. What side is they called me in to tell me I was due for new hearing aids which is not normal for the VA so I believe I've been used as a guinea pig as you probably have been as well.

      please contact me if you receive this reply at

      upon receipt of your email I'll give you my phone number to call me I hope maybe you live in the Northeast so we can get together and talk about this. "This really sucks bad and is been the most distressing thing that is ever happened to me with the exception of Vietnam!

      i believe I or WE are being used as a test dummies! Please reply this is really important to me I hope to you as well

      Moderator comment: I have removed the email address as we do not publish these in the forums. If users wish to exchange contact details please use the Private Message service.

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