Hip joint repair options?

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hey y'all. I really need some advice. i'm 21 years old and I have been diagnosed with Crohn's disease, rheumatoid arthritis (affecting my right hip joint), and degenerative disc disease since I was 17, with symptoms of all 3 complications starting at the age of 14. a lot for a 21 year old, I know. here's what information i'm looking for: recently, I've been having excruciating pain in my right hip. it's so bad, it's to the point to where I literally couldn't even walk or move my right leg without the pain taking the breath out of me. it hurts that bad. after having some X-rays done at my local ER, it revealed that there is no cartilage left in my hip joint, meaning the ball of my femur is grinding with the socket of my pelvis and it' hurts just as much as it sounds. my rheumatologist has referred me to an orthopedic surgeon who i'm waiting to see to discuss my options. what are my options? am I going to have a full hip replacement at the young age of 21? is that heard of in the medical field? are there any alternatives to becoming pain free? i'm currently on a lot of pain pills to cope until I can see my orthopedic surgeon but I don't want to be on them for the rest of my life if I don't have to. thanks so much for any information you have to offer!


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    You poor boy.  What a lot of pain and disability you have had to/will have to put up with in your young life.  I do feel for you.

    I'm an oldie and have just been diagnosed with RA, therefore I cannot help/advise you.  Just wanted you to know I commiserate with you.

    Kindest regards from Constance. 💐💐

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    I am going to post some info that I have copied from The NHS [UK] site and perhaps you can ask about it  


    Hip resurfacing

    Hip resurfacing involves removing the upper surface of the femur (thigh bone) as well as the surface of the cavity in the pelvis in which the femur sits.

    Both of these surfaces are then covered with a metal surfacing (metal-on-metal). This helps correct a damaged joint into a correct position. An advantage of hip resurfacing is that less bone is removed than in a hip replacement.

    Hip resurfacing requires that a person has relatively strong bones so it is usually only suitable for younger adults and it may not be suitable for:

    adults over the age of 65 years – bones tend to weaken as a person becomes older

    women who have gone through the menopause – one of the side effects of the menopause is that the bones can become weakened and brittle (osteoporosis)

    Your surgeon should be able to tell you if you could be a suitable candidate for hip resurfacing.

    I will post the link following this but it might take a while to be approved.

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    I have the same problem with my left hip so I understand your pain. The only option I've been given so far is meds that don't work. So I'm gonna follow this post
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    Gosh im so sorry you have had to deal with all this, and at such a chronically young age, You have put up with so much, and it is wonderful you are reaching out to others for insight and help. I have some thoughts regarding the diet and nutrients you may take, since your body does not appear to be absorbing what you need to build bone health and other things your young body so desperately needs. I believe this condition you have may be hugely tied in with your chrones disease, which does not allow nutrients to be absorbed through your colon, where so many nutrients are broken down and absorbed for your bodys growth and healing. How is your chrones being addressed and treated? Do you take any nutrients such as calcium, D3, and magnesium (glycinate only) that help bone and muscle growth? These would be so much needed for you, but magnesium and calcium should be taken separately at different times of the day. Your body can only absorb the strongly needed calcium when it is taken with equal amts of magnesium, and with at least 5000 mg of d3. Lack of Magnesium and the inability to absorb it adequately ( lack of proper education or knowledge included) is so hugely responsible for over 300 enzyme reactions you so desperately need involving bone, muscle and nerve conduction, to aid your conditions, and is not addressed by doctors, which progresses and initiates so many painful bone muscle type diseases. There is no direct wsy to test magnesium levels in blood, as only up to 1% circulates in blood levels, while the remainder is stored in bones and connective tissue. Have you been given allergy testing to determine high gluten/grain and high dairy intolerances, which cause systemic candida (yeast) infection, that starts in your colon (gut) and spreads thru your entire body, creating degeneration of many body systems? Do you follow the special diet closely to help prevent inflammation in your body? Im so much wondering what kind of care and testing you have had that has caused and led to your painful conditions..do you get nutrition to your body by means of liquid green smoothies (tremendous magnesium and calcium) that your body can absorb and asimilate to build your bone health and colon health? As far as the degeneration that has continued, with your body starving for what it needs, i am trying to think of ways your body can begin to heal at your extremely young age that is outside the traditional realm, and am wondering if you are able to get into a water pool for therapeutic water therapy. It is so healing and strenthening for your body, along with the nutrients your body is starving for. I hope very much that you can do some things that would help restore your all over body health, which could help resolve some inflammatory and other painful bone and degeneration that appear very chronic at this time of your young life.
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