Hip Subluxation/ Partial Dislocation

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I do pole dancing for fitness and while I was doing a particular move "Special K" (Russian split/Oona split) I partially dislocated the leg/hip joint of my left leg (leg on the pole).

My leg then went back in as I (quickly!) came out of the move. Since then I have had trouble walking/sitting/lifting my leg higher than my hip or touching my toes etc. It hurts when I move it in certain directions but not constantly. (I am not testing it just what I have found happens). Although I have developed a constant "uncomfortableness" which means that I have to keep changing positions every 10 minutes if I'm sitting. I think that I weakened my hip when my hand slipped in this move 2 weeks before at a competition. I didn't fall on it but I think I might have over-extended my leg or something even though I had no pain or anything afterwards.

I went to the doctor but all they said was "it's not dislocated" and told me to stay away from that particular move. Nothing about how long I should be off pole or anything. Basically I wondered if anyone has had a similar problem (I haven't heard about it ever happening to anyone else in the special K). I also really don't want it becoming a chronic problem so I don't know how to go about looking after my leg or what I should do as I reintroduce myself to pole when I'm ready. I don't want to find out I should have done something too late!

Any advice would be appreciated thank you.

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    I've literally just done the same thing! I was at my pole dancing lesson and went into splits on the pole (lower foot on the pole first then lifted my right leg to the top) and as I stretched into it (normally I can do this no problem) my lower leg popped in the hip. Kinda felt like it dislocated then went back in. For the rest of the lesson I had a lot of problems extending my left leg, and since driving home it's still very painful and uncomfortable. It feels like it's in the back of my leg right under my bum, not sure if this is the hip or leg... can't find much to say what distinguishes the two. It's very tight and when I tried to stretch it out at the end of the lesson it felt like something was pushing against the back of my leg, but doesn't feel like anything is sticking out.

    Has yours improved at all or did you go to the hospital in the end to get it checked out? I'm really worried this will be a reoccurring problem and will not be able to practice pole the same again. Supposed to be graded in April :S

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    It sounds exactly like what I have. I am still having problems with it going on 10 weeks now. I have been to a physio and had treatment but she told me that she couldn't help me anymore and referred me to someone else who I am seeing on monday. I used to be able to get my chest on the floor in a straddle and my head on my knees in a pike but now I can't get anywhere near and splits is out of the question. I have problems with anything that involves swinging my leg like handspring or handstands etc but i'm trying to avoid most things apart from spins anyway (i still have to teach!).

    I didn't go to A&E or anything I went to my gp a week later. You should go to a physio or gp to start off with but i would suggest a sport specialist. my physio thinks I may have torn or broken off some of my cartilage (see acetabular labral tear). I don't know whether this is the case. The last orthopaedic specialist sent me on my way saying it's just my hamstring but although this is involved also I don't agree that that is the end of the story.

    I would stay away from pole as much as you can. I know this is really hard but you don't want to end up doing yourself more damage. If i wasn't teaching I would leave it completely.

    Let me know how you get on. How is it feeling right now? Do you find it hard to locate it exactly? Can you still touch your toes (if you could before!) . how about lying on the ground bring your knee up bent with the other leg straight and slowly rotate inwards and up towards your head- do you feel the pain then or does it feel ok?

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    I went to my gp yesterday and I had a quick examination. She said I've more than likely torn the ligament at the top of my leg and should stay away from pole for 3 weeks, keep it rested and heated to help it heal. So 3 weeks I will stay away!

    It doesn't feel too bad now. It's been 2 days and I've kept taking Ibuprofen to keep any swelling down around the ligament, worn Deep Heat patches throughout the nights so it's not stiff in the mornings and tried to keep walking to a minimum. I have a little more range than what I did Thursday, but not going to attempt splits any time soon. I can bring my knee to my chest as before, but if I bend over to pick something up I can feel the stretch. The pain is right up the top and feels like it's inside my glut on the bone. So putting my head to my knee's in a pike is out of the question for now! I can touch my toes but with trouble, I have to be sat on the floor now as opposed to standing, just to take the strain away from my leg. And same again, swinging my leg is a problem at the moment still. Although it has only been 3 days. At least I can sit down straight now without putting all the pressure on my right hip.

    I'm hoping it will only be 3 weeks that I am out for, and if it's not 100% in that time then I guess I'll have to take more time out. Will have to think about seeing a specialist too. Thanks for the advice on a sports specialist, otherwise I would've wasted time seeing a general physio! smile

    Hopefully you will get to the bottom of your injury soon, sounds like a tough time for you. Let me know how you get on.

    We'll be back into full swing soon smile

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    Hello! This is a rather late reply, but I thought it would be worthwhile because I had exactly the same issue. I'm not exactly sure how I did it (I'm an acrobat), but I have a lot of rotational movement in my hips, and I noticed after a training session that something was weird in my left side - like something was obstructing me in anything stretching the back of my leg. I thought it was a slight hamstring tear, and had been resting it, but this had gone on for three months! My osteopath couldn't figure it out.

    Yesterday I noticed that when I stood on one leg on the left, my pelvis would twist to the right, which made me think that my hip was stuck in a slight external rotation. I also realised that all of the muscles around my hip joint (felt like the ones underneath my glutes) were in spasm. I did some release work on them (basically sticking my knuckles into each until they released). Then did a 'hurdling' stretch on both legs, and felt things shift a bit in that hip. Today, it feels like I have my normal leg back, with full range of movement.

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    I've never tried Special K but i have a friend who said it was really good but that too much could hurt. i guess that is what happened to you. i suggest not to try Special K until you are feeling a lot better.
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    I seemed to experience a lot of the same symptoms as the person who injured her hip while dancing. In my case I sustained some sort of injury while I was laying in bed on my stomach. At that time my lower back was bothering me and felt as though it needed to be popped, so I was laying face down fully extended with my toes extending just over the edge of the mattress. I was then forcefully pressing my toes against the mattress upwards in the direction of my head while tightening my back muscles. This Stretching/Isometric sort of exercise seemed to be placing a tremendous amount of pressure on my hip area, it felt good at the time as it was giving my lower back some relief.

    Later that day I started to feel as slight pain in my left hip, but only when lifting my right knee to near waist level or while laying on my left side and then later i started to feel the pain while walking or when sitting for more than 10 minutes and would stand up. I am wondering if it is possible that I may have suffered some sort of hip subluxation, that my hip joint may have partially extended out from the socket as a result. If anyone has sustained this sort of injury or knows what might be the problem I would be greatful for your response.

    Thank you.

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      I have had the same problem.  I used to perform yoga, when I noticed a pain on the joint at the hip.  This was accompanied with me losing balance on the left leg as well.  This used to occur possibly every 2 months.  Now the "possible dislocation" has come up again, but more serious.  My leg is gone weaker, pain in the whole leg ( more the hip and knee).  I have an appointment with the doctor for Thursday, which I hope will be fruitful, specifically in light of the fact that discolations generally cannot be picked up by an x-ray.  I would appreciate any feedback herein.

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