Hirsutism and perimenopause?

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I have all the menopausal symptoms  for 2 years now...I have enumerated them to another post..

​I would like to ask you if anyone have noticed increased body hair growth during perimenopause?

​The last years I have noticed one long coarse hair growing suddenly  on my chin especially before my period ( I remove it every time with a tweezer) I have also noticed the same kind of coarse dark hair sprouting  like thorns on my inner thighs and my legs,  and some long dark around my nipples...

​Based on my symptoms I am already perimenopausal but I was wondering about my overall condition because in the past I was told that I had PCOS syndrome,  no cysts on my ovaries, just the syndrome...

Is it possible to have peri along with PCOS Syndrome?

On my last blood test,

my testosterone was in the low range ( I do not know about my androstendione because in the past I had elevated level of androstendione)

I am confused rolleyesI have many symptoms of low estrogen ( hot flashes, insomnia, fatigue, bone pain, non existant sexual desire) ..Is hirsutism a symptom o f low estrogen and perimenopause?

​Thank you

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    Oh yes dear, welcome to peri and getting older lol I keep my tweezers handy, i’m always plucking hairs from my chin. I’m 55 and and get my periods every 3-4 months but hopefully they will stop all together this year. With the change has also come weight gain, ugh, I feel so fat. It’s a crazy experience for sure but perfectly normal. Take care and have a good day!

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    evi, this is very common.  It simply indicates a more pronounced testosterone effect.  Which can be due to lowered estrogen and/or a decrease of progesterone.  
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      hello gailannie,

      I made the same thought about the testosterone in combination with the low estrogen...You are right that the biochemical cycle of  hormones seems to affect simultaneously all of them.... they are interconnected..for that reason I think it is difficult to correct pharmaceutically an hormonal imbalance in some cases...especially in perimenopause when there is a constant fluctuation...

      At the age of 26 years old,  it was the first time that I notice this long coarse hair sprouting on my chin exactly the day before my monthly period...It coincides with the outset of my PMDD! sad Obviously a kind of change with my hormonal levels happened at that period of my life....

      However, what confuses me is that if I had more testosterone​ in my blood,  should I have additional symptoms such as hair loss? who knows what is happening with my erratic hormones?!

      Judging from my age​ and the intensity of my symptoms I feel like an unreal exception to the rule of the majority of women!

      Compared to the rest, it is the least annoying symptom of perimenopause wink

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    I've gotten a few dark coarse upper lip hairs right before my period for the last 7 years or so. Like clockwork! smile Always plucking at that time. I've started to get light,finer hairs on my chin and jawline....just waiting for them to turn dark and coarse sad

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    I have been growing a few chin hairs for a while. I also have a little bit of a mustache :O ... I put it down to being pregnant with my last child at age 41. But I started hot flushes at that time too. So I suspect I am in full blown menopause now. I don't know what they syndrome you are mentioning is though.

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    Hi Evie, most women get more hairy as they get older. I would advise anyone to stop plucking and invest in a home electrolysis kit and zap each one as they come through. It sometimes takes three or four times before they disappear completely, but once they're gone, they're gone!

    Serious hirsuitism though is generally seen as a sign of too many male hormones (of which Testosterone is the most predominant) and yes, it's linked to PCOS. The reason low oestrogen comes into it is because once we are post menopausal, our ovaries make male hormones and our fat cells convert them to estrogen. If something stops that process then it means we will have more testosterone and lower estrogen. If you have low testosterone and low estrogen and it makes me wonder if you have problems with your ovaries, so they are not making either enough testosterone which then means there is not much to be converted to estrogen. Things that can upset ovaries are all the environmental hormones in plastics, household detergents, makeup and toiletries. Bad diet. Stress

    Plus our hormonal systems are very complicated, women on traditional diets that include lots of plant hormones typically get less menopause symptoms.

    There are a number of books on this, try Maralyin Glenville's Natural Menopause or Sally Holloway's Grow your own HRT

    Good luck

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      Hello and thank u a lot for your reply dear Julie

      ?I am only 31 years old ( 32 in summer) and from the age of 26 I am experiencing weird perimenopause symptoms ( dry eyes, vivid dreams and nightmares every night, saliva and clenching my teeth, PMDD, hirsutism, insomnia  etc) but the last 2 years my symptoms are so intense and they are interfering with my daily life...Many new symptoms have arised ( seasonal allergies, IBS, bile reflux, joint pains, fatigue, itching ...I have everything on the list and I am very young to going through this)...Hormones have affected everything on my body..

      ?I think that you are right...Maybe my ovaries are not producing enough testosterone to convert into estrogen...I still have regural periods, but I feel my ovulation earlier than 15 day and it is painful along with too much crying and mood swings at that time....

      During my last appointment gyneocolgist told me that I have a large ovarian cyst approximately 6 cm that has to be surgically removed..It is not a functional cyst he said to me...but I doubt that the cyst causes my problems...I think that my hormonal imbalance created this large cyst again..( I have a historic of  an unexpected cyst rupture laparoscopy on May 2016 )

      ?Is there any reason that my body does not produce enough testosterone to convert into estrogen? 

      I am wondering if my hormones have been affected by some kind of metabolic disorder..

      ?The reason I make this assumption is that during my adolescence until my early 20's I was a very thin girl ..Now I have a normal weight but my blood sugar levels seems to drop suddenly very often..I have severe hypoglycemic episodes and my dentist told me that he noticed from the total condition of my teeth that I may become diabetic in the long run and that I have to stop consuming too much carbohydrates  ans sweets! I am trying to reduce the amount of pasta, potatoes and white bread but I cannot resist to chocolate when I have these crazy hypoglycemic events...I am crying and want desperately to eat chocolate or sth with too much sugar

      ?It is very weird all this stuff and no doctor seems able  offer to me  help in order to ameliorate this condition and improve my health and my quality of life..

      ?I have read that some women have tried successfully agnus castus in order to find a refief from these kind of symptoms but I am hesisant to ask my doctor about this...and I am more hesisant to try it under the fear of worsening my hormonal levels..

      ?As you said the mechanism of hormones are complicated and in my case the erratic changes of their levels are not compatible to my young age...I am in a deadlocksad


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      Hi Evie, sorry I assumed you were post menopausal. In fertile women the ovaries create oestrogen, progesterone and a small amount of testosterone. Plus the adrenal glands create testosterone. The ovarian cyst is definitely part of the problem . I just looked up the symptoms and they are 

      abdominal bloating or swelling.

      painful bowel movements.

      pelvic pain before or during the menstrual cycle.

      painful intercourse.

      pain in the lower back or thighs.

      breast tenderness.

      nausea and vomiting.

      As you suggest could have some form of metabolic syndrome and/or diabetes, all of which would add to unhealthy body which can effect ovarian and adrenal function. Your doctor should be investigating all of this. What you can do is go on as healthy a diet as possible, cut out processed foods, eat organic, stay away from detergents etc (detox your house) I know its a big ask but you sound very poorly and you need to do the best for yourself and get medical advice. 

      I very much hope this helps

      Best wishes

      Best wishes,


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    Yes, I have this, too, especially chin hair.  My gyn helpfully pointed it out to me at my first appointment with her two years ago but never recommended doing anything about it.  Testing keeps showing hormone levels as "normal".

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