hiv or herpes symptoms?

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hi all,

i have a long history of ongoing health issues that started in 2013. that's also the time i started having sexual relations with sex workers. so i will list all the issues i've had or still have and please tell me if it's related to hiv, herpes, or anything else.

  1. when i first started having sexual relations, i was actually going to either massage places and getting a handjob at the end or sexual relations with condom. i did everything with condom at the start (including blowjobs). so during this time i started having pain in my right shoulder which gradually moved to my right neck and then to my right cheek. this pain was so severe i couldn't tolerate it. it's very hard to describe what the pain feels like because there's nothing i can relate it to. but basically it's like a spasm or something similar to it. the pain never goes away and i went to numerous doctors from that time up until today in 2019 and i still have the pain. and i've noticed that it increases the more stressed i get from studying, the more i talk, or the the longer i stay awake during the day. what i mean by the last part is this: when i wake up from sleep; the pain is mild and it increases gradually throughout the day. but it's really uncomfortable and makes me unproductive and has ruined my life a lot. when i first got this pain, it's also important to mention that i used to workout with heavy weights. so it could be either due to this or my sexual relations. i'm not sure.

  2. i've had 3-4 episodes of randomly fainting. the first one happened when i was masturbating in the toilet, and i just randomly fainted in the toilet. and then i've also gotten around 2 more when i wake up from sleep and i feel dizzy then faint again. this happened throughout the past 6-7 years. i believe the first one happened before my sexual relations.

  3. i had a dry cough that lasted for a full year that started maybe 6 months after i started my sexual relations. and there were times were it was very extreme and then times when it was mild, but it was always a dry cough. and then it randomly went away in 2014. but in keep in mind i am a smoker since 2012.

  4. i've gotten a sever jock's itch in ~2015 that lasted for 2 weeks probably because i didn't get treatment for it and was using baby powder on it. but then i used daktarin and it went away but left some scars that never go away. and in early 2018 i got a very mild one again that went away in a week and then i got one again a month back that was a little more spread out than the second one. but again, daktarin usage for 1 week and it went away.

  5. i got an unusual looking lump on my inner thigh last year that resolved on its on within a week. it wasn't itchy or anything but i could feel it raised. and it popped one day and my underwear was filled with blood while i was sleeping. when i woke up i noticed that it was popped and the blood.

  6. i got molloscum contagsium (according to my doctor) that lasted 3 months. again, wasn't itchy or scratchy or anything. i had 2 on my balls and 1 on my on my pubic hair area. my doctor burned it off with a silver pick and it went away. but then i got 2 more again last month that lasted for a month instead. one was on my penis and the other one was on my balls. they didn't itch or anything. i tried picking the one my penis shaft, and i tried to pop it with my fingers by squeezing and then just 1 tiny drop of blood came out, but after ~2 weeks it went away. i remember a hard dry piece of white substance fell off. similar to white puss that comes out from a pimple.

so overall, the most severe issue i have that's bothering me a lot is the first one. it's intolerable pain that increases throughout the day. i went to many doctors and tried all sorts of pills and nothing works except to what i tried just recently. i tried a pill called Gabatrex, when i first started taking it, it didn't do anything. but when i gradually increased the pills amount to 6 per day, the pain completely went away and i felt like i was normal and was very excited about it but when i stopped taking the pills, the pain came back again 😦

so given all the health issues i've had for the past 6-7 years and my sexual relations. are they symptoms of hiv, herpes, or anything else? should i be worried bcz i'm always freaking out!

p.s. i've done an std test for syphilis, hepatitis and 2 other things not sure what exactly (but not hiv and herpes). and they were negative

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    im not a doctor man but go get tested im going threw alot of issues myself but go get tested and see whats going on

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      Do u think my symptoms are typical from that of a hiv positive person or some1 with herpes? Also wut issues did u get? Are they related to stds or something else? Thanks a lot!

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      man i know u stress out but u said it started it in 2013 im having hiv like Symptoms i had unprotected sex with a sexworker being dumb it started with burning after i peed and then i was constipated i had sex on nov 12 2018 i was having other minor issue but then my throat started becaming sore on dec 19 2018 i was hard to shallow my neck was aching and my throat was sore and about 3 weeks ago my uvula swoll up im scared myself i been tested 5times on the 4th gen and i was tested last week at 73 days on the rna all nonreactive which means Negative and i was tested again yesterday at 79days on the 4th gen it was negative im not a doctor or anything but i dont think so man but get tested once can help your Aniexty since it been so long for real i been tested alot and im still scared but i dont like to see people going threw thing man cause i can relate u will be fine just get tested so u can feel better man

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      thanks for your reply i really appreciate it. i never had symptoms that u had. however i did get chlamydia in jan 2018. i was having white discharge and it burned when i peed. i just went at that time to the hospital and they gave me antibiotics and it went away within 1-2 days. but overall my symptoms are not related to what you have u had and thank god ur tests were negative. and yes it's very stressful to go thru what we're both going thru. no1 can understand except those that are suffering mentally and physically bcz of stupid decisions. i have done a test in the past, in early 2018 but the idiots in the hospital didn't do one for hiv and herpes, they did for everything else except these two. but yes i will for sure go tomorrow. i srsly just went to get rid of my nerve pain. i am very unproductive bcz of it. i started taking 4 pills of Gabatrex again recently and the pain has decreased but it's still there, i will try taking 6 pills again like i've done a few months back to see if it works or not. also, the problem in my country is that if u need an appointment with specific consultant (so like specialized doctors) we need to wait around 6 months for that. obviously i can't wait that long especially that i have big exam in june. but yes, i will get tested tomorrow and take an appointment. in the meantime i want doctors or experts to reply to this forum 😛. i swear i'm so stupid for doing what i've done.

      but thanks again for being active here ❤️ it means a lot

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