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25, dealing with chronic anal fissures for 4 years now, have had lots of time to research and experiment with different way to deal with these horrible fissures.  These are the most scientific remedies I have found that will drastically help in healing yourself. 

1.) Miralax (propylene glycol)-  osmotic laxative that wont build dependence like stimulant laxatives.  Take as much as needed to keep bowel movements at soft served ice cream consistency.  with an active fissure i use one cap morning and night.  very safe and can be used long term even in children.

2.) Magnesium citrate-  250-500mg taken at night, a natural stool softener that again can be used long term, and is very safe. 

3.) Squat- either squat on the rim of the toilet, or buy a squatty potty or similar stool to elevate the feet.  this is how humans are designed to go to the bathroom as it straightens out the colon and rectum, making going much easier with less strain.  Don't strain or push hard when going, really focus on keeping everything relaxed and loose or you will tear the fissure further.  allow gravity to do its work.

4.) Petroleum jelly- squat over a small handheld mirror if youre physically able and use your pinkie finger to put petroleum jelly into your anus.  this is gross but it will be a life saver as your fissure begins to heal and will prevent friction and further tearing.  do this every bowel movement, and continue doing this for weeks/months after your fissure has healed because it takes more than 6 months after healing to regain even 60% or so strength in your anal tissue, and a re-tear is very easy from an odd dry or large stool. 

5.) Wet tissue paper- pretty obvious what to do here, its very important to keep the area as clean as possible to facilitate wound healing and keep infection away, bacteria will make healing take longer. never use alcohol or soap based wipes because these will dry the tissue out.  also dont wash your butt with soap anymore, only water. soap will dry the tissue out which is a big no-no.

6.) Supplemental fiber- this one can go either way, but i have healed every fissure ive had without psyllium husk fiber.  eating high fiber foods is always the best option, because fiber supplements bulk your stool considerably, and require large amounts of water to stay soft (which most of us dont drink enough of every single day).  bulking your stool will cause re-tears in your fissure every day if you are regular and prevent the fissure from healing.  natural fibers from veggies, beans, whole grains, etc. dont cause this bulking effect like psyillium does and are the way to go as far as diet is concerned.  once the fissure has healed through (only takes 5-6 days even for a seriously deep fissure) then you should add psyillium or alternative fiber every day to help maintain regularity.  bulky stool wont retear a healed fissure easily as long as its soft (magnesium/miralax/water).

7.) Holy Grail-  Desitin maximum strength 40% zinc oxide cream.  holy cow, this stuff is truly amazing.  zinc speeds up wound healing and can heal a moderate fissure in about 48 hours.  ive healed multiple fissures that were to the underlying muscle fiber in about a week.  this is a game changer for anal fissures.  this is very thick stuff, not like an oil at all and the key is that it needs to get INSIDE the fissure cut itself, not just spread around on the anus.  it works topically to speed up skin formation and heal cuts while killing bacteria and thus needs to be applied directly in the fissure.  squat over a mirror  and hold tissue paper or towel soaked in warm water over your anus to relax any spasms, then GENTLY spread the anus open and use a q tip to gently apply the cream into the fissure site itself, then spread around the anus as well.  an even better way ive found is to use coconut oil first all around the anus, and then use the zinc cream after because the oil will help carry the zinc deep into the fissure site. do this as often as possible, right after bowel movements, and absolutely every night before bed as you wont be re-tearing the fissure all night.  you can find this stuff at walmart, target, most grocery stores.  use coconut oil on tissue paper to easily wipe away any excess zinc cream that has gotten smeared around on you, it doesnt wash away with water.

8.) Diltiazem 2%- calcium channel blockers can help relax the spasms in your anus and can be very helpful.  the problem ive run into is they need to be compounded by a pharmacy and the consistency (variation in potency throughout the cream) is very hit or miss.  ive used batches that i could instantly feel relax the anal muscles and felt warm, and ive used multiple batches that might as well have been petroleum jelly, they did absolutely nothing.  the zinc cream is significantly more helpful in actually healing the cut itself imo.

no potions or essential oils or any other half proven tips here...fissures are simply a cut, nothing more.  the reason they are so hard to heal is because they are on mucosal tissue that stretches daily, and are exposed to lots of bacteria.  keep your stool soft with your diet, avoid nuts/anything that doesnt digest well and follow my advice above, and you will be blown away how quickly even a moderatley deep fissure can heal, I promise. 

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    This desitin cream for children's rashes???? Thts the cream to use???

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    What if sm1 has tag too??

    Can do the same like u did??

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    Can i use other zinc oxide creams???

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    Wow I saw this the other day.I was prescribed that Diltiazem too. Felt like it wasn't doing that much.Still had some burning after bm.I do take magnesium. Helps to keep stool soft. The doc said 2 weeks ago it was already healing. Well I hope so I've had it 2 months! Sitting in a warm sitz bath helps to relax muscles down there too.I tried the coconut oil then I put the Desitin on a hemorrhoid applicator and put it up there and moved it around a little.I then put the prescrip around opening and I went to a Thanksgiving dinner and had NO burning! It lasted all day. I will continue to do that till I see doc again in 2 weeks. Thanks SO much!

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