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I am suffering from high BP from last 4-5 years, can any one suggest a best medicine from Homeopathy to control High BP.

Sometimes my BP goes to 165 - 95 and my age is 42 years. I tried Allopathy medicines but not of much use.

Please suggest

Anupam Saraswat

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    I don't know of any homeopathic medicine that works, however have you tried diet and excercise??? other than that there is traditional medicines that do have side effects.

    very best wishes

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    As I just mentioned on another thread, if you're at all overweight, getting that weight off, by diet and exercise, is by far your best bet.

    If your resting BP gets as high as 165/95, then yes, you should address the issue. Now. However right after exercise it might be that high and not mean too much. What is your average, resting BP?

    Besides that there are some foods that will directly lower your BP for a few hours at a time, just like (or better than!) drugs. But you have to keep eating them, so it's not particularly a great solution.

    If you mean "homeopathy" literally, I have no suggestions.

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      Thanks for your reply.

      Average BP is 150/90. I am not an overweight and also do Yoga daily. But still BP is on higher side.

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    OK, this will drop it about 10/15 points. Twice a week, drink the following.

    Get a blender and chuck the following into it.

    3 sticks of celery

    Handful of spinach

    Half an avocado

    Half a carrot

    3, 4 vit d mushrooms

    3/4 pint of beetroot juice

    Mix that up and drink in one go. Do this twice a week. Cut down on other sources of fibre.

    Get to the gym, do 3 full body exercise 3 times per week. Days in between run for 20 minutes. 4 times a week, mediate for 10 minutes just after bath and just before bed.

    My BP was 164, 90, after this is 135.

    If you want to lower your BP, then you have to changed your lifestyle.

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      Thanks for suggestion and will try the same and will let you know.

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      @SpenceK's diet will work especially well if you eat that instead of a double cheeseburger and fries! You can also get much the same from supplements instead of vegetables, especially the vitamin D.

      Make a salad out of this by using arugula, butter lettuce, and other darker lettuce instead of the celery, and you can even throw a little dressing on it, maybe a few nuts, fresh beets instead of juice.

      Also, the full workout is great, but you can get at least 50% of the benefit with about 10% of the effort just by getting out and walking a couple of miles a day.

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    I tried about everything, last was 2.5mg Amlodipine for 2-3 weeks that got it down

    then I stopped it and started back walking 1.5 hrs every day, not once, not twice per week, every day. If you can do full body strength work as well, better, but I can't due to injuries. Next I started eating 4-6 bananas every day spread out 2-3 times, the potassium I think reduces salt retention and the tryptophan in the bananas will calm down the sympathetic nervous system. I am down from 180/110 to 140-150/90. Cut out all refined sugar, it makes the metabolism slow down, impossible to lose weight. I may have to take the amlodipine for a day or two once a month to help get it down further, but I still have 20 lbs to lose. The bananas work way better and longer than celery, but too many will cause weight gain.

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      Celery is also good against gout, reduces uric acid.

      Keeping all the electrolytes balanced can be a challenge, wish there was a quick home test for that.

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    The vegetables I listed are specifically known for lowering blood pressure, especially celery and beetroot, so not everyday vitamins will not help as much. Also, fullbody workouts are known to increase testosterone levels and build muscle. A slow 20 minutes walk will not do this.

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    I had blood pressure issues for the past 3 years. all meds made me sick. my blood pressure was 160 over 100. I was exercising already but didn't do anything. I got my blood pressure to 130 0ver 80 with no pills by doing paleo diet. it's not easy. u have to give up a lot. fruits vegetables and meat all plain no salt. Plus I still exercise. I started 3 months ago and blood pressure is perfect. I went to doc on Friday and he didn't believe I stopped meds. by doing this diet I also lost 20 pounds. I wasn't over weight.

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    Beetroot juice. Google it - it's a centuries old remedy for high blood pressure and it does work.

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    Beetroot juice, or any consumption of beets, fresh rather than canned is much better.

    Yes, it works, but it's not a cure, and the day you stop eating the beets your BP just goes back up.

    Another dietary cure you can Google is - eggplant! Discovered this when I ordered it by chance at my local Chinese restaurant, and three hours later my BP was down thirty points! So I Googled it, and now mostly use Chinese or Japanese (small) eggplants, just microwave for a couple of minutes and you can eat them, skin and all, with a few spices or sauce or whatever you like. When you microwave it, takes a lot of the water out - save the water, it has the active ingredients in it, too. May have two or more active ingredients, actually, at least an ACE and a calcium channel blocker. Maybe.

    A third one is dark chocolate! Contains beta blocker. An ounce or two of 72% or more has definite effects, just like a beta blocker pill. MILK chocolate is NOT supposed to work the milk proteins are supposed to block it - but I think that may be wrong, the milk chocolate may just buffer the active ingredients, so it works more slowly and maybe not quite as strongly.

    Again, none of these is a cure, they are treatments, temporary - like any BP drugs.

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    Homeopathy has been proven time and time again to be no better than placebo, the only advantages it has are (1) as there are no effects there are no side effects and (2) there are no overdose dangers unless you count drowning.

    If you don't want to take medicines to control your BP you are going to have to go down the diet and exercise route. Eat lots of vegetables, reduce your fats and sugars, cut out salt. Smoking is about the worst thing you can do to your body so if you do, don't.

    There is no easy magic bullet, it either needs medicinal help or a dramatic change to your life style.

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      To add to Jason's reply - my partner is vegetarian, with a very healthy whole food non junk low sugar diet, non smoker and doesnt drink more than a couple of glasses of alcohol a year but his blood pressure is proving incredibly difficult to manage. I have just spent most of the day with him at A&E as his BP rose to 280/160 and they think he may have suffered a mild heart attack. He is already on BP meds and diuretic. The only factor for him is weight loss as he is slightly overweight with a 'pot belly' which is apparently the worst place to store fat. Diet and exercise is the only remaining remedy. I eat exactly the same diet as him and we have identical lifestyles but my BP ranges from normal to just below normal - probably an hereditary cause in his case. The cardiologist coincidentally also recommended beetroot juice - obviously the latest 'miracle cure' on the presses at present. So...weight management seems to be the critical factor rather than just dietary.

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