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Hi I was hoping you could help and maybe post my post in the group, I am 32 years old from London - for about 18 months now I have been suffering horrible symptoms, random muscle twitching, muscle pain all over, sharp stabbing pain everywhere, electric like shocks to, around temples and all over scalp, pain in strange places like between thumb and fingers on both hands, thoughts, middle of arms, neck muscles hurt 90% of the time (hot baths and massages help) spaced out feeling, pins and needles in legs and arms much easier than before pretty much a few times a day, the feeling like I'm going to stop breathing, pain just above ribs (pretty constant) feeling like I can't relax anything inside my body and my body isn't working automatically if you like (if that makes sense) get random number patches all over body, mainly calfs don't feel like there mine, and get same in stomach and back to which is horrible, neck muscles hurt a lot to, sometimes feel like throat is going to close up, I get jerks sometimes to like my leg or arm will have urge to jerk not loads but enough you know which is horrible and finally I suffer from bad bloating and ibs sometimes not even after having fatty foods or beer! Just random, my belly goes really painful and hard and so uncomftable hhhh .The symptoms seem to be worse if I have had a busy weekend, if I have been and tired my body or had a night out and had a few drinks I get the symptoms about 12 - 24 hours I have slowed down. I mentioned the alcohol yes if I get very drunk and have a big one the symptoms can come and hang around 2-3 days sometimes more, but they still come without alcohol to if I have had a hectic couple of days, however if I do go out and drink or even stay in and drink when I get to around beer number four 99% of my symptoms go away!!! Crazy as that sounds but as I said sometimes for days after I feel 10 times worse. When this first started 18 months ago half my body went numb and I had a massive panic attack whilst on a plane, them after that all my symptoms started and I have about 8-10 panic attacks over course of a few months at random times, sometime when driving, at work, out and about, random times, during this time I have seen so many doctors, I have had MRI brain and spine to check for anything serious, I have had my nerve systems both tested to the extreme, had my muscles tested for everything (weakness etc) every blood test under the sun about 15 times over, which covered everything from cells, to vitamin levels, I have visited chiropractors, sports massages specialist, reflexology, acupuncture, and after 15 month of all that with not one bag thing showing in anything (apart from a little wear and tear in lower back from football for 20 years) and hospital visits my GP and rhemotogist came back and said it's fibro and to try yoga, swimming etc which I have been!!! - laying here now it hurts to press my skin in certain places and pains in my head shooting around! But if I go out and play a football match, or if go for a ride on my bike, I did the other day and covered 24 miles!! I can still do all that and get through it usually no problem.

I have tried everything I can I'm still not 100% convinced it's fibro - I have got allergy tests coming up and seeing a dietician too so hopefully that will help.

I would really love to hear from anyone that is or has suffered from anything like this and if so if they have ideas or tips or if there is anything I have missed.

Thanks so much in advance - I just want to try and get back to me again.



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    HI Stan,

    Everything that you have described has and been happening to me, GPs will just try to push you tablets all of the time as they don't know what is happening either, I meditate everyday and practised yoga iwas doing really well and bang I havn't got a clue what happened but I just lost interest and retreated into myself. No idea what triggered that off. I have now taken on a course called sound therapy, I am into my 5th week and there has been a noticeable difference already google Elaine Thompson sound therapy and you will find her website there, her premises is in Weston-Super-Mare somerset


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    Hello, you are definitely not alone.

    My mother has fibro, and she has had literally ALL of these symptoms. She had electric like shocks, and muscle ppain non stop. Pain at strange places too, hands, fingers, earlobes, not to mention legs, feet, arms, eveverything man. The bloating too, she never ate much, but she looked like she did. She tried to improve her diet but it just didn't make sense. She couldn't walk neither, because her legs were twitching,she was like a puppet, couldn't stand because her legs just wouldn't hold her, so at first she started using a cane to support herself, but later she had to use a wheelchair. It was an awful experience... She got tested too for a bunch of things, she had an MRI too, blood tests... and in the end she got diagnosed with fibro, that's why I think you definitely have it too, the symptoms are exactly the same. But she has the primary fibro syndrome, so I guess it was a bit nastier than yours. She tried yoga and other mild physical activities, but none of these helped.

    Two months ago, we bought some bio vitamin supplements for her, and she has never felt better. The bloating stopped, her figure has improved, and almost all of the symptoms stopped. She had the primary fibro syndrome, two months ago she couldn't sleep nor walk, and now she is active everyday. She doesn't experience any pain, only an occasional headache. She's not using the wheelchair, she doesn't even need the cane anymore. No insomnia, no twitching or electric like shocks.

    It may seem like I am promoting this, but I just wanted to tell someone exeriencing these symptoms that there is a cure actually. I don't make money of these things in any way, just sharing my mum's experience, I wont judge who will believe me or not.

    I hope you find a cure or at least an alleviation for your health problem, or if you like you can write me an email, and I will direct you to my mother, she knows better than me what you are going through.

    I would be glad to share an information or two if you think it could help you.

    All the best Stan,


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    Hi cristina,

    What type of bio vitamins does your mum use.

    Kind regards James

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    Hi James,

    excuse me for the delay, I was gathering the info!.

    At first, my mother used different products, that she chose herself, because she didn't know at the time what her illness was, she wasn't diagnosed with fibro yet. Then, when she got diagnosed, the experts made a special program for her (aimed at her problems and symptoms). So when she started using the products that they advised her to take, she noticed improvement after a few months, and after two months she stopped using the wheelchair. The majority of the symptoms completely disappeared, and now she feels excellent.

    In order to get a personalized program (combination of products) designed especially for you, you have to fill in a list (where you put some details about your health problems etc).

    You can do it without the list too(if you already know what you need, I think they have different products for many things, something for skin, hair etc, not just fibro), but the other way worked better for my mother.

    If you are interested in the list, I can send it to you.

    All the best

    Emis Moderator comment: I have removed the url/order number as we do not publish links to commercial sites. If users wish to pass this information on or contact each other directly please use the private message facility.

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