Hormonal difficulties

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Age 67-total hysterectomy later part of June, 2014

Levoxyl--since the 90's--.05 and .75 every other day

Great health-former ballet dancer who is slim and keeps in shape

November floor came out from under me


More wrinkly face and neck

Color of skin is not good

Loss of hair

Nerve endings--prickly-like vinegar running through veins

No spunk---lost vitality

Joint pain when taking Premarin and estradoil patch

Hands and feet quite cold and numbing

Tried Premarin==made me more depressed

Estradoil patch-low dose--made me gain wieight within days and depression continues (cry at a drop of a hat.) 

Added progesterone--nothing seems to work?

Did power yoga and walked or ran every day--in great health-for years--all my life except when going through thyroid stuff in the early 90's

Do not feel like doing anything

Must work

Do not know how I'll even be able to teach after Christmas break

Thanks for any and all thoughts--Gloria

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    I wish I had something helpful to offer. I'm replying only because this kind of thing can make you feel crazy and I want to say you're not. It never occurred to me that my tubal ligation might be a contributor to my poorly managed thyroid issues, but after your story, I wonder. As for the joint pain you describe, in my case it's not the estradiol patch I wear that's causing it, it's any kind of T4-levoxyl, synthroid, Armour, westthyroid, naturethyroid, a new one whose name I don't remember-I've tried every last one. I have to take T3 only because any T4 causes such debilitating pain I can't function. Telling you this so you can see if it's maybe the T4 causing your pain. The T3 (I've been on several brands) keeps me functional (I can teach but my ability to cope with the stress is problematic), but I'm 40 lbs overweight, and I struggle with depression, fatigue and motivation as you describe. I have tried increasing coconut oil, essential oils, every diet imaginable, exercise...I went 5 months on no processed foods, no starches, no sugar, lifting weights 3x a week and jogging 9 miles a week for 5 months and lost no weight and no inches. I gave up in frustration, and now I'm back at it again simply because I don't know what else to do and I'm not willing to give up. I hope this post brings you validation and not despair. If there's anyone out there who has experienced any of this and found a solution, I'll be listening. Good luck Gloria; I wish I had better news.
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    Hi Gloria, if you are talking T4 medication, you should be tested annually for TSH. However, your thyroid may not be converting T4 (a 'storage' hormone) to T3. You should ask your doctor to test for free T3 and free T4. You may need to be persistent with your doctor on this. Keep a record of all your symptoms. Post the results here and you will be given helpful advice. Read up on your condition and join helpful organisations - knowledge is power. 
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    Almost every symptom you mention is included in a Hashimoto's diagnosis.  Joint pain, fatique, depression, hair loss, dry skin, etc.  You need to see a competent endocrinologist, preferably a younger one, asap.  Do not postpone.  One of the worst parts of Hashi's is the foggy brain because it contributes to delay in getting treatment.  Please take care.
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    PS  T3 seems to be the key.  Not all doctors are aware, because they are still doing what they were taught years ago.  Keep looking for decent medical care until you find it.  It isn't easy but it's worth it.
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    Hi Gloria, I just read in the Gaurdian today that some clinical experts are now considering depression as just a clinical condition, as there is a direct link between depression and inflammation in the body. My wife had two major operations and was told to expect a relapse after 6-months and it occurred. You have had a major operation and as a ballet dancer I bet you are too thin for your age to have the resources that help you fight inflammation (it's just a guess). We are being encouraged to add a little extra weight as we age to deal with health shocks. 

    On the depression/inflammation front the article said that depression was often improved with antiinflammatories such as ibroproven, worth a try.

    remember the human body is designed to live to 110, so at 67 you are only 12 years into the second half. In our line dancing class we have a lady of 74 who was a professional choreographer, famous singer, and Spanish TV personality. She choreographed Yul Brinner in the King and I. She brings dance style to our line dancing class. Look for other forms of dance in your area and apply your ballet experience to other areas. Have you considered tap dancing for example, it's completely the opposite to tap. Line dancing is very little country these days. There's Night Club two step, West Coast Swing, and all the usual ballroom and Latin, in 32/64/80 step routines. Life is full of new challenges, don't let a little depression/inflammation stand in your way.

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    I am a mother of 4 children and 3 with disabilities. Adhd ,autism, and epilepsy. Post tubal ligation  syndrome  has changed my life for the worst .I feel I was robbed of being able take care of my children the way I was ment to.

    In 2005  had c-section / tubal ligation. During the c-section I felt I couldn't breath I started to vomit while she was cutting. She ended up cutting my sons face close to his eye while cutting my uterus . while I heard him crying I was still vomiting and having trouble breathing while she continued to do the tubal. After the surgery  I really felt different, pain wise.

    The first month of my son's life was spent in the bed I was so swollen from head to toe that it was painful and difficult to move around. My 3 month appointment, after my baby , with the obgyn I asked if it was normal to have extremely  unbearable  cramps during my period. She said maybe because your uterus  is tired after 5 pregnancies  in 6 years and said it should get better.....

    It didn't , it only got worse about 1 1/2 years later  I went to the obgyn again  i told her it's only getting worse  and now it's accompanied  with blood that would at times run down my leg ,with a tampon or a pad on. She ordered a ultasound and did blood work. Everything came back normal. She said try drinking more water  and getting more exercise. I did, it Did not help.

    2010 I went in  again saying "listen it's worst" now with the extreme  cramping and the blood there are times I'm so bloated I can't sit up straight comfortably. And my pms,which includes ( cramping, bloating, nasea,depression, hopelessness, fatigue,dizziness, etc)   starts about 11 days before my period and doesn't go completely  away until 2 days before my period stops, sometimes. she looked me over and said my thyroid  is a little large. She than order a ultrasound of my thyroid and a complete blood work. Three days after  they said my blood was fine. Two weeks after I received a call  from the doctor  saying she has scheduled me to see an endocrinologist because they found four nodules  in my thyroid  that need to be biopsied. After the biopsy, it was confirmed I had cancer, I was 28. After I had the thyroid ectomy and my levels  where closely monitored and controlled. For the next three years i have been  ping ponged between my obgyn and my endocrinologists because I was still experiencing  the extreme  pms and period symptoms. Recently I have been to the obgyn and she says she has done everything. Birth control ,blood level checking,  ultrasounds , vitamins, I evan stop wearing tampons. She has referred me to a Boston endocrinologists to go for further  test. I'm at a lost because I have been trying for years to just feel ok , not  3 /4 of a month I feel like crap. Three days of my period i can bearly move out the bed. I'm am currently  saving and rebuilding my creidt  so can get a tubal reversal  but at times in feels like an unachievable  goal. And a hysterectomy is just not an option  for me am only 32 and not ready to deal with no thyroid and no uterus. I just need to know that I'm not crazy and soon I will have relief. ...

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