Horrible burping problem

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I've had reflux and anxiety for years but for the last few days I've had this horrible urge to burp ever few seconds/minutes with an accompanying pain in my upper right back/Oesophagus, nausea and general loss of appetite. Sometimes this can lead to a horrible burping attack where I just have to burp ever few seconds to relieve the pain in my back, acid reflux and bloating. I tried an all day doctor but he just blew me off as having nerves and gave me sleeping medication but now I'll have to beg my regualar local GP to not just ignore me.

I'm really scared.

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    Hi ,

    I used to suffer this burping constantly and I even counted them . There were days that it reached 34 burps worst would be 56 in a day. Luckily it all stopped now and got Globus Sensation which is far worse than the burps. I just managed to follow my GP's prescription of Omeprazole before breakfast. Are you currently on medication?You didn't mention if you suffer from GERD / LPR. I think I have both as they are closely related with each other.You will be fine don't worry.

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    Hello Adam I have gerd and i too suffer from constantly burping some days are worse

    Than others. It is also very uncomfortable

    As I have trapped gas.

    To help settle it down I take esomprazole 60 mg daily ranitidine 300 mg and Gaviscon

    Throughout the day.

    I avoid fried foods, gassy drinks and limit

    Caffeine. I also try and have smaller meals

    Instead of a large meal.

    I don't eat too late before going to bed.

    I also now only eat wheat free bread.

    This seems to have helped a little.

    I would go back and see a different gp and

    Ask to be referred to a specialist.

    I know when this started happening to me it too a long time for my gp to take what I

    Was saying seriously but once I so

    The consultant and had a endoscopy

    To find out what was going on .

    Have you been offered an endoscopy ?

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      My regular GP just  felt my stomach, took my blood pressure and said "Reflux" then perscribed me Randitine (So hopefully I'm on the right track since you take it too) but I still get the feeling he doesn't quite take me seriously because I tend to panic alot. He never even mentioned GERD.

      Frankly the idea of having a camera in my throat sounds horrifying, but since Randitine is longterm I won't have a clue if it's working for weeks...


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      Hopefully meds will make a difference for you.

      If you do need a endoscopy at any


      You can ask for sedation you don't

      Remember having the endoscopy so

      It makes it much easier.

      I panicked when I had my last one but I wasn't sedated that time.

      Hope things improve

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      I worked as a endoscopy nurse for 20 years. A EGD/ENDOSCOPY is nothing. I have had 3 of my own they do not hurt they take 5 mins. You lie on your left side. They spray your throat with a numbing spray so u don'tgag they put a bit block between your teeth. If u have dentures u remove them. You will be sedated with. a medication called Versed (midazolam) It is a second cousin to

      Valium. The medication has a side effect called amnesia. After sedated the dr guides the endoscopy throat to the back of your throat with 2 fingers it has a ton of lubricant on the scope he tells you to swallow. It is like swallowing food once it is past the gag reflex u don't feel it. The dr blows air into your esophagus and stomach which opens up and the dr can guide the scope down the esophagus into the stomach into the duodenum all with the air. Whatever he sees he will

      act for example he might do a biopsy or dilate the esophagus if it looks constricted, check to see if u have a hiatal hernia or gastritis which just looks like a red areas of inflammation

      he looks at the esophagus. If he suspects hpylori he can put a biopsy forcep thru the scope and grab a piece of tissue and put in a medium

      if it turns a certain color then it is positive for hpylori which is the bacteria that causes ulcer. The dr can do random biopsies that get sent

      to the lab. It is a very easy test and

      it does not hurt u can breath fine. The medication is considered conscious sedation. You are awake enough to follow orders u just do not remember

      cause the Versed caused amnesia. You might have a scratchy throat for a day or so. Every person freaks about the EGD but it is the Colonoscopy that is a pain in the butt. You have to drink a nasty Colon Prep

      be on clears liquids for 1 to 2 days get diaper rash from pooping and that test can be uncomfortable. U get sedated for the colonoscopy to. I would rather get the EGD then spend years on all these meds it is a piece of cake, Patients always say is that it

      once the EGD is done since it is so easy. All that worrying for nothing. Adios

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      Is Gas-Ex the natural product or do you mean Gas-X? I'm asking because I found when I get the bloating sensation that despite burping I never seem to get the gas all the way, like it's either coming from my Eusophagus or soemthing is blocking all the air from coming out. It's bearable when there's no gas (Though I can always bring up some kind of gas even straight after burping which is really worrying me) but after I eat soemthing big or when I first wake up it's just constant burping to get rid of the bloating.

      Also when I vomited yestday it was a HUGE burp, like I should be doing. But I can't just be sick all the time.

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      Is it safe to take Vitamin C with Echinasia that says it is safe for your stomach?

      Can i also take Omeprazole in the morning then ranitidine  before bedtime, as i sometimes wake in the middle of the night with burning pain in the gut?


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      Gas-x is a product used to

      to get rid of gas. They sell it

      in most drug stores and supermarkets in the United States.

      They are usually gel like tablets

      in a foil pouch you get 20-30

      a package. They must sell them in the UK. Go to your local drugstore or

      Grocery store and see if u can find it.

      I get the gel caps because you can swallow them. If people would take a fiber supplement in about 3-4 weeks

      your bowels motility will be controlled.

      Fibercon is the easiest some people take Metamucil but fiber keeps u regular keeps the colon walk healthy.

      You have to give it time to work.

      If ur having a severe acid reflux attack I would not take a fiber supplement until it passes but fiber is

      your best friend. It help u from getting

      diverticulosis and some studies suggest it helps prevent colon polyps.

      most Colin polyps are benign but I have had 2 tiny little polyps in the past that u can't see with the naked

      eye but they were removed during a colonoscopy and they were precancerous so I have to be checked every 5 years. If ur having so much has it sounds like irritable bowel it effects your upper esophagus stomach and colon. I take gas-x because I get terrible has pains due to irritable bowel and it helps to get rid of it. I have never heard of the product you mentioned. Sorry I am a Yankee I was a endoscopy(gi) nurse for 20 years. If u have any other questions feel free. Have a great weekend

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      Vitamin C lozenges are best if u get sore throat paid from acid reflux. U can tame Omeprazole and Zantac at the same time. Omeprazole is Prilosec it is a PPI. Ir is a proton pump inhibitor it turns off the pumps in the stomach that make acid. Zantac is a H2 Blocker it keeps the stomach cells from releasing

      Acid. Do not take them at the same time. Zantac Pepcid and Tagamet are H2 blockers ur suppose to take them 45-60 minutes before a meal and at bedtime. Just make sure u take the Omeprazole at a different

      time if u take them together they are not as effective

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      Follow up Echinecea is a natural

      that is suppose to help allergies.

      Vitamin C should not be a problem

      with this Herb just be careful how much vitamin C ur taking. Citrus fruits are one of the worse things u can ingest if u have GERD or Acid Reflux.

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      Your welcome anytime.


      is fine if u

      have acid reflux.

      Bananas are suppose

      to be ok

      except I was eating

      bananas during my

      bout with acid reflux


      indigestion and it about

      killed me trying to

      swallow the pieces. I

      was given Protonix.

      Over the counter


      did nothing. Protonix is a

      PPI but u need a

      prescription it wasnt

      expensive for me but it

      really helped

      along with gas-x tums and Ranitidine(Zantac)

      and Pepcid.

      I am doing a

      lot better. I

      have to wait

      5 weeks to

      have an Endoscopy

      but I had a barium swallow

      that was negative.

      That Barium

      is horrible to drink

      Good Luck

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      I just had a scope down my throat and honestly I would choose that over getting a cavity filled ! Other thanthe yucky taste when they freeze your throat...and the 30 seconds of feeling weird being unable to feel your throat. It was super fast. Litter ally about 3 minutes of them prepping in the procedure room. 3 quick sprays. Then you ate drugged and out and poof awake. Don't let it worry you.
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      The numbing spray tastes like crap

      before an EGD it has lidocaine in it.

      U just have to wait about an hour after the test to have something

      to drink the medication they give to sedate you is called Versed it causes amnesia so u dont remember even though most people are awake and can follow commands. Unless the dr decides to use general anesthesia

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      Hello again,

      I stopped on Omeprazole to be tested for H Pylori which came back negative. I substituted the Omeprazole 20 mg with ACV and honey in warm water which made me feel good and asymptomatic for quite some time. Thinking that everything was all good I ate salad with tomato and drank 1/4 glass of pop or soda couple of nights ago which made me up all night as I suffered from stomach burning. Then this morning I went back to Omeprazole 20 mg before breakfast no ACV with honey , had 2 muffins then when  I spat  there's a pinkish hue blood in my spit. Could this be due to acid reflux ? has it gotten worse or was it because I stopped the PPI for quite some time?

      Also lately, there were morning were I would cough , feeling all itchy in my throat then it would be followed by episodes of sneezing am I developing some sort of allergy?

      Thanks again I hope you will reply.

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