Horrible pain after gallbladder removal

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I had my gallbladder removed on the 11th of September, 2017. A week later I was hospitalised again and had an RCP( not sure what the name is) to remove the stones which were stuck in my bile duct. They said I had sand and sludge in it.

I started healing better after that, with the exception of the slight discomfort and bloating.

A month later I started having sever attacks.

It would start in my back between the right shoulder blades, in which it would move to where my gallbladder was ( under my right rib) and the pain in the back would disappear. Now, the sever pain is where the gallbladder was, after that the pain would be constant in the gallbladder area along with the mid upper part of my abdomen. After some time the pain where the gallbladder was would subside but the pain in my upper mid abdomen would remain. Then that would subside too.

The pain comes on suddenly all of a sudden I start feeling sever pain.

Did anybody experience this? Or knows what the cause is?

Please, I thought I would get some relief after I removed my gallbladder but right now I'm not sure sure sad

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    Hi I also had mine out on the 14th Sep 2017

    all Brit kind of emergency although I had had the pre op 4 days prior,

    'and mine was keyhole but on entry the surgeon found a puss filled gangrenous distended 

    inflamed gallbladder.

    however he completed the opp and I was awake 90 mins after I went under and I left the 

    hospital the following lunchtime ,oh and I went under at 6:30 pm the night before.

    ive had similar to you with the pain but not severe.

    i had quite a few episodes of the upper back pain then that going and

    the pain being upper right flank under the rib like a sharp kinda stabbing pain.

    then a sort of upper mid stomach like ache type of pain like I've been punched in the stomach,

    not to bad but I'm aware of it for sure , and it lingers on and off .

    but I've had no fever so I'm just keeping an eye on it and trying to take it 

    really easy ,I'm assuming it's part of the recovery and internal healing !

    what are your thoughts ?

    I'm also like you a bit worried !


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      Thank you for your reply!

      Did you see a doctor about that and if so then what did he say?

      Actually my attacks are once a week now, but I'm worried that they might get more frequent and longer. What about yours?

      Could it be that we are actually passing stones that are stuck in the bile duct?

      Before my gallbladder surgery I rarely experienced pain that would be in my upper mid abdomen. Now I'm experiencing it every time I get an attack.

      Could it be food related? Or? Any ideas?

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      Not sure I be leave you could be passing a stone every 5 days !!

      i don't know maybe we are still healing !!

      maybe it's pancreas playing up !

      i also ask myself could it be anxiety !

      i know I've had my share of worry but just cannot seem to stop worrying about it all !

      what about you are you still worrying!

      mine is daily my pain but I worry because I have pale stools still which I had not long after my 1st attack near 3 years ago and thought if due to gallbladder / stones would have gone along with the 

      gallbladder, but nope still pale stools !

      oh my it is a worry is ant it !

      i did not see a doc about it as to be honest I have no faith in them when it comes to this illness I think they are just guessing most of the time anyway !

      let me know how your doing now.

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    Hi, I had my gallbladder removed 11/6/2017 and for the first month and a half I was totally pain free. But Christmas Eve I started getting the RUQ pain and diarrhea. Now I have pretty awful shoulder blade pain again. Not the same as when I had a GB, but definitely in the same spot. I went to my GP today and he thinks I ate something that made it angry. I guess it was Christmas and we had lots of sweet snacks, tamales and alcohol. I took an IBprofen today and it actually kind of helped. Everything I've read said that we're still healing, but I guess only time will tell. How are you feeling chrisuuu?

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    Hi! I know this was posted a few months ago, so I’m hoping you’ll still see this response. I was admitted to the hospital in the beginning of Aug 2017 for pancreatitis, then discovered I needed my gallbladder removed. I had never had an attack besides when I was experiencing pancreattitis, so I had no idea how severe it could be and how people had dealt with it regularly. Anyways, the only problem I had before my GB removal was severe bowel and stomach issues (chronic constipation) which cleared up and changed my life.Well, the pain has started to come back, it’s excruciating to the point I don’t even want to leave the house because I’m glued to my heating bad. Most of the time it’s pain in upper back and where gallbladder used to be (like I said, I’d never experienced that before) and when it’s really bad in upper abdomin. The only imformation or advice for you is if you are a drinker (alcohol to clarify) that is most likely your problem. Sometimes I get pain after greasy, fried, unhealthy food, but the pain is no where near debilitating. When I drink too much (keep in mind it was just a holiday and I took advantage of it) the pain is unbearable. I’ve noticed it’s most common and sever severe when I drink. If you aren’t a drinker, I’m not quite sure wheat to tell you besides try to see a specialist for your diet, some friends have sworn by it. Good luck, you aren’t imagining it and you definitely are not alone. 
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    I have had my gall bladder removed in 2010. About three months later I was rushed to the hospital because a Sharp pain started in the back right shoulder blade area than rapidly referred to the left side and abdomen to the point I couldn’t stand up start or barely breathe. After several visits back and forth to the ER in a two day period. It finally subsided but it hits me every so often and just as hard. My doctor said it may be stuck rib which is when your lung can be stuck between your ribs which with the pain I had and areas in which it occurred didn’t seem likely. Then I was told it plueritis ( however you spell that) where the the lining of your lungs inflame making it hard to breathe. This may be what it is but my concern is I’ve read a lot of people’s stories that have the same problem I did after gall bladder removal and mind that I was 18 at the time I got it removed and in good health still am. So no one has ever been able to help me as far as symptoms and treatment but I do think it has to do with my the removal of my gallbladder 
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