Horrid smell in nose with sinusitis. Is this common?

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Over the past few years I have had episodes - without having a cold - of a horrible smell in my nose and pressure in my sinuses. I've been treated with steroid sprays and antibiotics and, eventually, it has cleared up. This time I had a head cold two weeks ago and, once again, the familiar smell and pressure has returned. The GP prescribed five days of Penicillin and a steroid spray. Now, three days later the pressure has lifted a little, but the smell is still there and becomes more intense when I put my head down.

Do others get a smell like this with sinusitis? It's sweet and smells like something is rotting - most unpleasant.

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    Hi I have so many sinus infections over the past number of years & sometimes like you the smell is horrible, but also the taste.. yuck. My old Dr., used to throw antibiotics & sprays at me, I would hate to think how many Ive taken over the years. Then I changed Doctors & they gave me a whole new course of action to take, this is, saline nasal spray ( I use a plastic bottle, do not do like me, use hot water from the tap as it burns the nose off you, use water that has been boiled in kettle, as per instructions, which Jean didnt read!!) a nasal spray & a tablet for cold & flu (dont think I can put brand names here) Thankfully it works & best part no antibiotics. maybe now you are on tablets just get the saline rinse, not nice but worth the effort, but again like me, dont forget to breath while doing it - lol

    on a lighter note, again, the first time I used it, about a 30 minutes after I went to the shop, bent down to pick up a paper & a stream of water came out of my nose, yup the looks I got, needless to say I check to see if anything is still in there before I go anywhere since - lol. Feel better soon

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      Thank you Jean. I saw a saline rinse in the local chemist the other day and wondered about it, but, as I was waiting for my antibiotic prescription at the time, I didn't get any further than that. However, I'm definitely going to have another look at it as I'd much prefer not to take the antibiotics. I did laugh about the water coming out of your nose - it sounds like the sort of thing I'd do! So, that's a warning for me to be extra careful. Thanks again for your help.

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    i just recently got a sinuplasty done for reccurent sinusitis and am too dealing with that same smell. i think it just happens when the sinuses get blocked

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    Hey cheetah,

    If any secretions clogged up in the sinuses then it tends breed bacteria, fungus or viruses.

    The key is to keep it draining by open up the clogged sinus opening.

    The best way to do it saline nasal wash( I use Neti pot) with distilled water and nacl.

    I used medicated sinus wash when I had acute infection. Once the infection gets clear you can stop using medicated sinus wash and can use normal saline.

    another ways are, You can inhale steam which keeps secretions thin and help to drain it properly.

    You can sleep on two pillows to help to drain the secretions during night.

    Hope this helps.

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      Thanks for your reply. I'm definitely going to get a sinus wash - it seems to be the way to go. I have tried inhaling steam in the past, but it doesn't seem to work well for me and makes little difference. Maybe when I've tried it the infection has got a good hold.And I've also been trying to sleep on two pillows this past week and ignoring the crick in my neck! It does help with the congestion, though, you're right. Thanks again.

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      If you don't mind me adding but what medication do you use in your sinus rinse that you have found to be useful.?

      I have had FESS surgery bilateral on my maxillary sinuses a few months back. That has been good but I still use daily nasal irrigation. If I spot signs of an infection then povidone iodine is then added to the mix.

      Whilst the surgery was OK for the maxillary sinuses I seem to still have sinus issues and a simple cold is rarely simple.!

      I have two different types of electrical irrigation machines and found that they are very useful.

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      Hey VImes,

      I never heard of povidine iodine for nasal wash and also electrical irrigation machines, Thank you for sharing.

      the medicines are in powered form, which are Gentamicin 80mg, mupirocin 20mg, betamethasone 0.75mg, clotrimazole 10mg.

      You have to mix it with distilled water and use it in your sinus wash.

      you can use it twice a day.

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      Thanks for that, are they only available through a doctor via a prescription....?

      Yes Povidone Iodine, I bought mine from that auction site at a 10% solution, is noted to be safe for mucous membrances and I have used it with some VERY good success to clear early signs of infection when irrigating.

      I have a SinuPulse Elite Advanced Nasal Sinus Irrigation System, very expensive and good, with a decent sized reservoir.

      I also have a NeilMed Sinugator Cordless Pulsating Nasal Wash, smaller holding capacity and no variable pulse. But very much affordable and a overall stronger pulse.

      I much prefer the use of the above to a neli pot type solution.

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      Just letting you know that I have replied by the list is waiting for moderation.

      I also asked if those substances are from a doctor only, prescribed.?

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      Thanks for noting what you did. I had made quite a lengthy reply going into some detail about those devices. However the post went for moderation and has still not posted. I'm not sure what causes that to happen but it can be frustrating.

      Also frustrating is the auto correct feature for spelling and words on my phone, sorry for the errors. It would be good to be able to edit your posts but sadly I can't do that either.

      A 10% solution of povidone iodine is what I add to my irrigation technique.

      Those that you mentioned I guess of through a prescription or a doctor.

      I am not sure what I can detail about those devices without this post vanishing. Sorry.

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      Hey Vimes,

      No need to be sorry.

      I appreciate for your reply, These are new things for me which you described. Waiting for your reply, I know it happens as There are few words, which send the messages for moderation.

      Yes these medicines, you can get with prescription only.

      it cost me 100 dollars per month.

      It didn't cure me, but I had significant improvement in my symptoms, Next thing is keeping the sinuses draining, which helps to prevent infection, it has become my routine to wash sinuses and steam inhalation.

      I think it is the humidity and allergic issues if infection is ruled out.

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      It seems that my previous post has now been posted, so that is good.

      The machines do seem, with their pulsating flow, offer much more thorough irrigation over that of a traditional pot.

      I agree that it is vital to keep the mucous flowing out of the nasal cavities. Sometimes even with irrigation that can be difficult.

      I have just started to add a teaspoon of baby shampoo to my one pint saline solution, in the hopes of breaking up the biofilm, sticky thick mucous that seems to be stuck, early impressions are favourable.

      Thanks for including the costs of those prescription medicines you use, not cheap but if affordable and effective that must be useful.

      I am looking at possible aids such as colostrum to help build a more natural resistance to these difficult to manage sinus issues.

      Take care and best wishes.

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      Hi Vimes ,

      Thanks for sharing your innovative techniques.

      Baby shampoo is something very innovative and worth trying.

      Keep us posted with new ideas.

      Just wondering, Are you really researching in this field?

      Thank you.

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      Sadly I have become reasonably familiar with several concoctions to try and alleviate my sinus condition. I wish that I hadn't needed to, but I suppose that can be true for many of us.

      Some people have claimed success with products that I would not place anywhere near my nasal cavities.

      Altho I am still needing to apply treatments and preventative measures directly to my sinuses I'm starting to think more holistically and approach this through improving other aspects of my well being to try and reduce these drawn out sinus episodes.

      Best wishes

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