Horrid throat condition

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I've been suffering with some horrible throst symptoms. My throat will one minute feel really dry at the back of my nose where it meets my throat, just under my vocal chords in my trachea and then centrally in my chest. I also get severe tightness in my windpipe just under my vocal chords. It feels so bad that i feel like im gasping for air although i don't sound wheezy. I'm coughing frequently and also clearing my throat often. my throat muscles also ache and i always feel my jaw being tense. When i inhale air i feel the irritation more and it makes my throat drier and it causes me to cough more. Sometimes there will be a feeling of alot of phlegm in my windpipe which is thick which i can't clear.

I've been to the doctors many of times where i've had a camera put in my throat, a upper gi endoscopy, a barium swallow test, blood tests, peak flow test on lungs. I've had different guesses to what it could be with the latest one post nasal drip caused by allergies. My nose hardly ever feels blocked and feels normal except for the dryness at the back. I've been prescribed nasal steroid which im 2 days into. My nose feels open, however my lungs and throat still feel tight. I've been getting really bad anxiety from all whats happening and i'm fed up with people saying it's all in my head. No matter how many times people say i'm fine, i feel something very bad is happening. I just don't feel anywhere near right. 

Is anyone else getting this irritation or has suffere from it before? What did you do to soothe the dryness in the throat and lungs. I do breathe in steam when i can, however it doesn't feel to be making much difference. 



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    Welcome to our world!  sorry to hear you're going through this, it's horrible and of course when people think it's all in your head it makes it even worse.......I'm sure if you read through all the previous posts it might give you some comfort unfortunately it won't be physical.....stay strong and try not to worry.
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    its interesting to hear about the different comments on here. i too have a throat condition that has some similarities. my throat has been sore for about 8 months,

    i also feel tightness around and when i open my mouth wide it feels like something in my neck is sore.

    ive had the scopes, barium swallows, etc and things look a little swollen and the ENT said i have a lot of phlegm. 

    So far, GERD/ LPR seems to be a common diagnosis. Im not sure if thats what i have but it does have a lot of the symptoms i display. ive been on ppi meds for a few months with no relief or improvement. ive read on some of the forums it could take 7 months -/+.

    Can you tell how your symptoms came about and how old are you? im 40 years old and all this started earlier this year after some rounds of antibiotics. im not sure if theres a connection but i believe there is. 

    Next week im going to see a GI and see what she has to say. The first visit is just a consultation but im hoping to do an endoscopy down to my stomach to see if it can be diagnosed with more certainty. 


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      it started in the summer. It began with sudden episodes of throat tightness and shortness of breathe. I wasn't on any medication of any kind. I was stressed a few days prior to it all begining which i guess is the only thing i can pinpoint what started it. As time went on it got much worse. The cough and throat clearing only started in august but as time has gone on i've got more a different symptoms. For the past 2 days i've developed a horrid tickly feeling in the lungs which is causing a torrid cough. I never really get a sore throat though. I hardly ever get any pain involved with it at all. It just feels swollen. I just can't believe there isn't any explanation..
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    i too have globus and lpr.

    I'm on antideppresants for my anxiety and a ppi for my reflux.

    ​I feel the ppi med has made my problems worse but the consultant has dismissed this.As time goes by i'm feeling more and more angry that he hasnt taken what i said seriously but daren't say anythin as he is going to e lookig down my oesophagus in a few weeks.

    ​Totaly fed up with this horrible condition

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      I have throat condition also feels like pins are sticking in my thyroid area. I cough constantly. It's ruining my life, started 15 years ago with a visual. Had many tests. Told it was a hypersensitivity from the virus that settled in nerves of throat. Had open heart surgery 18 months ago and it got worse. I can't go out in public because of the cough. Went to ent and was diagnosed with dysfunctional vocal cords. Google it. Some may have this. I didn't buy this diagnosis and went to mayo clinic in Jan 2016. Repeated tests to run out stuff. I have chronic sinusitis which draining causes cough. The rest of my symptoms they say is from largeness sensory neuropathy. I am one of 30 patients. They noticed by vocal cords it masks the sensation to cough. It's been one month and it did not work. I can go back for a bigger dose of Botox. But I contacted my other doctor to go off of armpit thyroid for a low t3. I started this drug one month before my heart surgery. I googled drug and found many complain of a cough. Talk to someone the other day who has pin prick feeling in her thyroid . I have this too and it makes me cough. She said her doctor is taking her off her new thyroid meds. I am going off my thyroid meds in 2 weeks to see if symptoms improve. If they don't work I go back to mayo for a bigger dose. Here are several diagnoses to look up

      Laryngeal sensory neuropathy

      Hypersensitive throat

      Neurogenic cough

      Mayo clinic in Rochester has a cough clinic and will run you through a bunch of tests and if they come up with nothing you may get diagnosis of neurogenic cough

      Drugs for this condition is gavapentom lyrcica amytropoline and cymbals which all caused me sore effects so I went for the Botox injection

      The nurse said its a miracle. It has worked on most patients very well. Dosing is variable. Good lick

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    You are describing the dryness in throat that I am struggling with too but the GP says it is Globus related and a symptom thereof, its the mosts annoying thing.

    The tightness in the throat by the voicebox, well I have that everyday of my life now for the last 7 months, again Globus.

    Mine feels like I want to grab the inside of my throat and rip something out, its a sewn on stuck feeling but mine is more one sided!

    I tend to find that gum or lozengers provide temporary relieve!

    I am back at the GP for some anxiety meds to see if that will help me

    I am now not as anxious as I was as there have been a few tests done on me chest x-ray, lyranoscopy, bloods, upper GI endoscopy and they all clear, I am sure this not cancer as this was what cause the anxiousness in the first place.

    So my question is - you get rid of the anxiety why is the Globus still hanging around?

    Anyone with answers....deperation here sad

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    I've been desperate to find something on the internet that describes exactly how I've been feeling the past couple of months on your description is spot on. I've had appointment with doctor and blood tests just been taken to check thyroid etc. However trying to explain this uncomfortable feeling that tends comes and goes in varying ways every few days is so strange and hard to explain to anyone. I don't have swollen glands or even sore throat just this incredible over dryness through general breathing that makes me want to cough and clear throat. Shortly to go back to my GP so if anyone has a condition to suggest etc it would need most helpful please.

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