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Hi not been on here for a while im 13 months TKR

Have never been pain free just get told it can take 3 years to be pain free

Im in a lot of pain today and iv noticed its hot to touch not had that since i first had my operatio

Any advice

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    everything I have seen on here says if it is HOT.....get to ER or doc right away.  Could be an infection.


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    Get checked by your doctor. Could be an infection. Do you have a fever? Is there ANY redness? Has the nature of the pain changed? Do you have any reason you might be at risk for an infection?
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    Hi l am 14 wks po and my knee is no longer hot or even warm, definetley get to doc straight away this should not be happening not after 3 yrs unless you have an underline infection  good luck keep us posted
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    Get to your Dr asap. I'm always leery of heat even if there isn't any drainage or seepage. It could be one of the internal stitches inflamed and a simple round of antibiotics would be needed. Its just to risky to sit and wait.
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    hi jenfid

    im now  21 mths post revision ,too have never been pain free even since my bi lateral  and since revision mine is always warm not hot !,    but if ive walked a good lot or over worked it then it would be alot warmer !!! there is a difference  between  very warm and hot .i know mine will never be ok .i have to live like this you never said if your knee bend or straightening is a problem for you .if like others said here its really hot then it would be a good idea to get it checked out .in the mean time ice it often and see if it settles down

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    I am 15 months and starting at last to have a few days where I am less aware of my knee and have discomfort rather than pain. I noticed after a period of inactivity it was really sore and when I restarted the gym with a person trainer it really improved -so much of the pain was from stiffness. I have also started makign sure I massge with the bio oil or any body lotion every night and occasionally at lunchtime. That has soothed it too. It is sometimes warm - if I overdo it - but never hot - so get checked. Put a cool patch or ice it see if it settles. I have also started avery now and then, as soon as it flares up, taking ibrofufen and a painkillers or 2 for 3 days max - this has really helped stop things escalating. Some days I think my knees have ruined my life and others I know I could not have gone on as I was. My biggest dread now is having the other one done - I am really worried as its starting to hurt (more than the operated one) so the impending inevitability is in my mind. I am determined however, to lose weight, as I know this has a massive impact. Good luck - let us know how you get on always best to get checked. 
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    Hello Jen  I am 12Months TKR have also never been pain free every one i have seen have told me i am marvelous with all my movements bends etc, have seen pain specialist and he told me it is nerve damage, have a lump to front fo my knee on the outside. so i have stopped all medication and doing the best i can, because i get pain with medication and without .although my head & wellbeing  is better without the tablets.Other knee now bad would not put myself  in same position. worst thing i have ever my life
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      I'm sorry to hear you are still in pain after 12 months. I'm a little over 5 months and still having pain. Everyone says similar things about me. They say I'm walking good and look as if I'm doing well. But they haven't seen me going down steps, getting in and out of a car, etc. I also have a lump on my knee, actually 2, one a little below my kneecap and

      the other a little above, more toward the outside. They feel like pockets of fluid. I think mine is nerve pain also, but my doctor doesn't seem to want to listen to what I'm feeling. I went to my family doctor to get gabapenten. Think it helps some. I don't think we should be still having pain after all this time, especially you. My surgeon is now treating me for infection, but he doesn't really KNOW that I have any infection. I just went to an infectious disease dr. on my own. He doesn't think my problem is infection, but I'm going to have a nuclear scan done probably next week which will show if I do or not. Did you reach a point after your surgery where you just stopped improving? That's what happened to me. After about 6 weeks after surgery, I just reached a point where I didn't get any better and still haven't.

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    Its got a bit better had ibuprofen n ice on it if still same tomorrow will ring Dr

    Iv got really good bend in my knee its still stiff though i go to my arthritis aqua group twice a week maybe iv pulled it

    Im never pain free

    Iv got to have other knee done but if im still going to be in pain dont know if it's worth going through it all again

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    Poor child.  Go back to the physicians handling your case and demand some satisfactory methods to ease the pain---Heat is a signal that there is still healing (Infection?) going on, but it should not be so intense that coupled with the pain you are reluctant to do much at all.... As I am sure that you know, working on your ROM is what keeps the joint from locking up and you need to reduce the pains in order to do that.  So, Go go, go...

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