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Sounds stupid I know but I have hot flushes and the sweat on my arms, back, legs etc is cold...I sometimes feel cold when a flush starts and not hot....guess where it's cooling me down?

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    hi tracky

    i am having a multitude of hot flushes again... mine did stop but came back.. 

    i read that we have hot flushes to cool us down... Great !!!!! 

    sometimes after i feel a chill but not often.... i am almost one year no periods and wonder if this is why mine have returned for a while.... who knows, but the cooling down would make sense where i live as it flamin boiling... only place i feel content no flushes is the pool.... 

    mine starts around sides of face then neck whooooosh and then  goes down body like a wave of heat...

    magnesium helps but hasnt got rid if them completley but then nothing will completely, but it does help .... i suppose while its august in spain i will just be teying to cool my body down more... 😞 feel for you hun... i am same ... Jay xx

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      Hi Tracky

      well ... i just take the naturals ... i want my oestrogen to drop and get through peri meno, thats what peri meno is ... i just take the naturals to help and nourish... 

      theres HRT but if you want to boost the Hormones  and then you wont be in peri, and when you stop HRT ... ( as you will be  putting hormones back in your body, which during peri your body is naturally trying to reduce) then you will have peri and meno all over again at a much older age ...

      black cohosh is one some take but i dont want that either..

      i just happy this way, the B6 helped me no end... i want to be 50 and its done and dusted....  i shall still of course continue with the supplements.

      try estroven Max or menapol plus  for relief ....  or HRT if you want it see your doc if you finding it too hard etc...  sorry  i dont know your preference .. natural or HRT... Jay xx


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      Hi Tracky

      very wise choice in my opinion, but each to their own ay...

      in early peri Maca helped me no end, i had the flushes and night sweats back then.. look it up.. tablet form..

      and Estroven Max ws brill too for me...

      i changed to menapol plus now 2 a day, as been on Estroven Max for years .. so change as good as a rest 😄

      theres a few to help the symptoms .... 150mg daily B6 excellent for me 😀

      good luck Tracky ... Jay xx

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      FYI       ref Maca 

      i take two a day have done for 10 years .. and get it from biovea or amazon uk

      For centuries the root herb Maca has been grown in the Andes mountains, typically at altitudes of over 12,000 feet.

      The herb stimulates hormone levels of oestrogen and progesterone by working on the pituitary gland - the gland responsible for secreting sex hormones.

      Women who take Maca report less fatigue, greater energy and relief from hot flashes and night sweats. According to Dr Northrup, Maca can also help impotent men, because it stimulates the pituitary gland into secreting more testesterone.

      Jay xx

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    I get so scared sometimes,because i have been feeling so light headed at work,and dizzy,im scared i am going to faint and die.I no that sounds silly,but its how i feel,and so so tierd all the time,no matter how much sleep i get.I take anti depressant lexapro,anti anxiety antenol,magnesium,iron tablet and vit b6 but only 50mg tablet.I work full time,and love my job have been there for 15 years.I have just had my first grand daughter and they live with my husband and i,i want to take her for walks in the pram,but am scared cause of the dizzy,please someone give me some advice.Should i get my bloods checked has been a while,
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      Hi Louise

      regular full bloods are always advisable...

      they check thyroid and blood sugar, iron, etc etc .. ask for B12 blood test, but..

      ideally you should stop all your vits etc a week before so the blood tests are accurate ... you must ask your doctor about the test and mention what you currently take.. fasting blood test is required .. for Blood Sugar and chlorestrol    .... FSH blood test ( hormone for menopause result) often comes back normal in early peri even though your are in peri as hormones flucuate too much ... up and down eractic ..

      a true postive for menopause is more accurate when periods each year drop to about 4 - 5 periods a year..

      good luck Jay xx

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      Hi Louise 

      i forgot to say... i 10 years peri, aged 50.. havent had period for almost a year, take naturals... B6 you may need to up that, I take 150mg daily, also Maca very very good...

      i too still can get wobbly, so i ensure i eat little and often even though I am not hungry... Jay xx

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      some Maca info... 

      Maca and Menopause

      Menopause happens naturally in women body when Estrogens production falls below a certain level and ovulation begins to stop – in some cases drastically and in others slowly-. Hormonal balance changes and that alteration is responsible for the different sufferings in women. Estrogens level usually declines causing weakness on blood vessels, cholesterol, bone affection, insomnia, mood swings, vaginal dryness, hot flashes, cardiovascular disease and memory problems among others.

      Hormone replacement therapy (HRT), is a well-known chemical treatment, but it is also known its many side effects and risks.

      Actually it ages the body by diminishing the hormone-producing capacity of the glands. Furthermore, it does not work from the root of the problem, simply it hides the symptoms under a dependence. Estrogens replacement therapy has joined the official U.S. government list of cancer-causing agents.

      How does Maca help to treat menopause problems ? Maca works directly to the menopausal root problem, it does not represent any risk for body, it is not toxic and is considered an adaptive plant : raise the non-specific resistance to disease, is capable of normalizing functions in the body even in disease states, it is non-toxic and harmless to any organ of the body, and safe for ingestion for long periods as a nutritive (for prevention).

      Dr. Chacón deduced that the alkaloids were acting on the hypothalamus-pituitary gland. MACA´s effects are specific to the endocrine glands, and therefore, it is equally beneficial for both sexes. MACA is a strengthener and rejuvenator for the entire endocrine system, thereby encouraging the body to produce its own natural hormones - and in the right proportion to each other.

      Dr. Hugo Malaspina, one of the most important doctors in Peru treats menopausal problems with maca, he assures that the treatment with MACA on menopausal states is successful in about 95% of cases. He has been working with maca treatments for around 12 years and even in hysterectomized women, where MACA has played a powerful role improving menopausal symptoms and restoring the absent hormonal balance in body. The effects on human are not limited only to ovaries and testes but it also works on the adrenal glands, rejuvenating and regulating other glands like thyroid.

      Maca is used in Peru to alleviate Post Menopausal Symptoms like hot flashes, low libido, depression, and problems with concentration and mood swings. Works entirely different than Black Cohosh, Dong Quai, or Licorice Root.

      There are two important states in menopause, initially begins the peri-menopause state, in which women suffer from hot flashes, insomnia, mood swings and other symptoms of dropping hormone levels. Maca is able to reduce this conditions. The suggested doses for this state is ca. 6-10 capsules 500 mg, but commonly this dose is reduced after a month of treatment. The benefits will be noticed after a week of treatment in most cases.

      The other state involving menopause, is post-menopause. For these women the typical symptoms of menopause have globally disappeared, but begins the aging process of body. MACA could help to slow and keep youthful skin and preventing vaginal dryness. Also can benefit the bone health due to its supportive mineral content. It is also used in Peru to treat and prevent osteoporosis

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      Thanx jay,if my vit b6 are only 50mg can i take three of them to make 150 mg,also i am regular wirh my period still,just getting a little longer and heavier.Thanks though will get full bloods done and b12 
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      hi louise 

      years ago when i lived in UK and had a wonderful doctor, and in early peri, he sent me home with a bottle of B6 on precription... but... never explained the benefits, so i never bothered, i though what will they do, being naive ..

      if only i had known then... 😥

      years later i now realise and take them every day. wow what a difference for me .. Jay xx

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    So it will be okay to take 3 of them do you think,sorry to be a pain.I was born in england in Nottingham,now in perth australia
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      Hi louis

      i would maybe take 100mg to start and then see how you are then increase if necessary.. 

      my besty friend went to live in Perth 😔 not seen her in person since ...

      i know Notts area... i am from Lincs..

      but live in southern spain now 

      take care.. Jay xx

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