How can i lose weight ?

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I went to my doctor last monday okay he said the exam look good but i am little overweight not by much. i am 5-07 tall and weight 171 how can i lose this weight. my dcotor did not really tell my how to lose weight I am also a 23 male

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    so is that 5' 7" tall and you weigh 171 lbs or are you talking in metric - and by how much are you over wgt - we are not experts here on this forum - just ordinary people so it is not our place to guess how much you are over wgt or by how much you need to lose - please be specific or the advice  you receive might be very wrong indeed - if your doctor did not discuss wgt loss with you then it would be my assumption  that you do not need to lose very much so an easy way to do that would be to cut out snacks between meals such as crisps, sweets, biscs and stay clear of sugary drinks as often what we drink is forgotten about but it can be as bad as some of the foods we eat - make some swops in your eating regime such as low fat and low sugar alternatives - drink less alcohol, drink  more water and include a bit more physical activity into your daily routine such as walking or cycling instead of using the car or bus - walking up stairs instead of the lift or escalator - little changes all add up to the bigger picture - just get weighed once per wk whilst you are doing this - good luck

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    PS whilst  you may not have very much wgt to lose it is better to nip it in the bud cos nobody becomes a BIG ten stones over wgt - it starts with one little pound - that little pound grows into a stone and so it goes - it sneaks on gradually and is often unnoticed until the clothes start getting tighter but the next lot of  clothes we buy we make sure they are a bit bigger and so it goes - you do right to lose your  little bit of extra wgt before it gets out of hand - so  say you have ten lbs to l ose - be realistic - you might only lose it at 1 lb per wk but keep chipping away at it till it is gone and try to learn a few life style changes along the way 'cos its not the losing of the wgt which is the hard part it is the keeping it off - you do not have to cut out all the things you like but you maybe need to restrict them cos if you don't change some things in your life then even if you lose the surplus wgt this time, it will just come back plus interest - ten pounds to lose this time but if you regain it then you can bet your life it will be a stone the next time and the time after that a stone and a half  - it gets bigger every time. You are young and you can do this but do it now

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    I have seen that people are saying that 80% of losing weight is dieit. I have been trying for a longish time now and have lost some weight. But have not found a pill that has helped instead I just made small changes to my deit. One was to drink more water instead of tea. But if you like tea you can get this a friend of mine runs the site and she likes the stuff. I doubt it will cure all but like anything should help if water is not for you

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    It seems like you are just ok, should not get serious with losing weight. But yes, it is always good to stay fit. Try the following things:

    Eat a high-protein breakfast.

    Avoid sugary drinks and fruit juice. 

    Drink water a half hour before meals. 

    Choose weight loss-friendly foods.

    Eat soluble fiber. 

    23 Yoga Poses to Lose Weight Faster 

    Drink coffee or tea. 

    Eat mostly whole, unprocessed foods. 

    Eat your food slowly.

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    Start at the top of the list (most important) and go down as far as you need.Perhaps you only need the first piece of advice?

    Choose a low-carb diet

    Eat when hungry

    Eat real food

    Eat only when hungry

    Measure your progress wisely

    Be persistent

    Avoid beer

    Avoid artificial sweeteners

    Review any medications.

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    I've sent two replies to this thread so far to help you but they've deleted them both. I'd post my email address but they would probably delete that too lol.

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      it will only be deleted if you are going against posting rules - if you abide by the guidelines then your replies would not get deleted - for example are you including links or advertising?  If you do not know what you are doing wrong then ask for an explanation - posting your email address would not be advisable for your own security and I would def think it would be deleted for your own safety - it is common sense really    
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      no links just advice that's working for me. I'm losing half a stone a week, but don't worry I'll stop replying to this thread. I won't bother offering help in the future.

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      that  really strange then - maybe you need to ask them what it is that was not acceptable in your replies cos like you say, you were just trying to help and that is what makes places like this tick - sharing of tips and advice that is - makes no diff to me personally either way though 
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    There are a number of factors to consider when trying to lose weight. Are your testosterone levels optimal? How is your nutrition? What are you eating and how is it effecting you? As well as, what type of exercise are you doing, how often, and are you being consistent?

    When it comes to nutrition, understanding your macronutrient intake is just as important as understanding if you are deficient in any micronutrients. Micronutrient deficiencies can manifest as a large array of symptoms including fatigue, depression and a weakened immune system.

    High intensity interval training, also known as HIIT, is one of the most useful exercise methods. HIIT workouts can be performed as little as 14 minutes three to four times per week and deliver the same cardiovascular benefits as other exercises in significantly less time.

    You may find the following article on exercise for weight loss interesting:

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    Yoou need to adjust your diets and get on some exercise . For suggestion, I tried the apknite app My Diet Coach – Weight Loss Motivation & Tracker. It works fine for me. Anyway, this road will need a lot of efforts too. Hope this help you.

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    I was lead here by an email i got from Patient Access and by an article within it by Sarah Jarvis entitled "Whats the link between fat and cancer". I would say none, there is clearly a link between obesity and cancer, but obesity and fat are two different things. for example good fats like those from avocado, nuts, wild caught salmon, organic meat, organic eggs, organic milk are not "bad". Obesity is mostly caused by over eating on carbohydrates eg sugars and grains and lack of exercise. Take grains for example it is widely known in the farming industry that to fatten a cow for slaughter they feed them bread and biscuit waste, ergo bread and biscuits aka grains and sugar make a cow fat (obese). This would strongly suggest that humans would also gain weight/become obese over time eating grains and sugars. Check out Keto diet for optimising weight loss and health, even the US Navy SEALS are now experimenting with KETO for fitness.

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    Your doctor didnt tell how to lose weight, because its an easy thing to know, just watch calorie intake, and increase heart goodness and circulation. Work out more, but diet is the most important thing to do.

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