How do I get my doctor to take me seriously?

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Hey everyone. Im hoping for some advice regarding my symptoms and my doctor ignoring me ☹.

A little bit about me - 32 years old, mum of 3. Lower abdominal pain started around 8 years ago. At first it wasn't too bad but when it got worse I visited my GP who referred me for a scan. The result was a small cyst on my ovary but nothing to cause concern.

As time went on the pain spread all across my abdomen and round to my lower back. I requested to see a consultant again and waited 4 years to see him (yep that long) By this stage the pain was excruciating. I went for a scan in January this year and all he said was in order to stop the pain i would need a hysterectomy, that was fine, I was willing to do anything to be able to live my life and have fun with my children, something i found hard with the pain. The catch was the waiting list was 2 years long. I cried, I was devastated, another 2 years of pain. I was prescribed co- codomol and the pill for extra hormones for the pain (they don't work)

Fast forward to march this year and i asked to see the consultant again, this time i seen him within 2 weeks. I cried and pleaded with him to help me, it was then he diagnosed me with Adenomyosis without even examining me again. He told me he would put me on his urgent list then said that list was 16 months long and sent me on my way.

I left feeling deflated and confused. How could he diagnose me with this? Wouldn't he have told me the first time thats what it was? I searched the symptoms and wasn't convinced.

In April i visited my GP and pleaded for new pain relief, every day i was walking around with 2 hot water bottles stuffed down the front and back of my jeans all day every day. I couldn't take my kids out, I couldn't push my 1 year old in his pram, I felt like a failure as a mother. My GP just prescribed the same pain relief i was on and sent me home.

I was that desperate I started to research private scans and operations but I couldn't afford them.

Over the next few months I started to get more symptoms. I had pain further up my abdomen and back and I was constantly constipated. I was passing blood in my stools and there was blood when wiping. I again visited my GP and she examined me and told me there was a lump in my back passage but she was going to note it as a pile for now. She asked me was there a history of bowel cancer in the family and I replied yes, my aunt is currently receiving chemo for bowel cancer, she is only 48 years old. The GP nodded then prescribed me laxatives and sent me on my way. Before I left i asked her again for better pain relief and her response was to try and lower the pain relief I am on. Currently I am taking 15/500mg Co-codomol and she tried to give me 8/500mg, how does that even make sense? I honestly could not believe she was trying to do this. I had to argue with her to give me the same dose I was on.

Im going back this Wednesday because I am not letting this go, I need better pain relief and I am sick of my GP probably thinking im just someone who wants pain killers. The last thing I want in the world is to have to take pain relief every 4 hours, I really wish I didnt have to but its my only option to try and get through my day.

How do I convince her of how much pain I am in? All I want right now is pain relief that works and a proper in depth scan of my abdomen which covers my womb, ovaries, kidneys, bowel etc. Is it my age that is stopping this happening? Im bleeding constantly from my back passage but because im 32 theres nothing wrong?

Any advice would be much appreciated and I am so sorry for rambling on but i figured the more info i gave the better response i might get

thank you x

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    This kinda sounds like what I'm having

    Mine is IBS (that's what my GI told me after running various scan and nothing came out of it) I also had endometriosis which I've removed in Feb this year. The bleeding was from piles which I've also removed in Nov 2017 and that stop the bleeding. Try to observe if your pain is aggravated after certain meals

    I feel your pain cos this stomach pain is affecting the quality of my life

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      hi thanks for the reply. my doc mentioned IBS before but then it was dismissed because its nothing to do when i eat. Eating does not make any difference to the pain, Its just a constant cramping, like mentrural pain. The weird thing is, anytime i was pregnant the pain went away then once my boys were born it came back worse. Im just so confused and need answers

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      The doctor shouldn't have dismissed IBS simply because your symptoms are not aggravated by eating. IBS affects everyone differently. Some people do have food triggers with IBS whereas others do not. I have IBS which is not triggered by any food. Only stress sets off my IBS.You could see a different doctor and ask for an anti spasmodic to see if that helps. That would provide a clue to your pain. IBS can be very severe. Constipation, haemorrhoids and fissures can all occur with IBS including nausea.

      I had the same difficulty getting a diagnosis. It took me several doctors over three and a half months with lots of negative tests before IBS was identified.

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      Hormones can also affect IBS. My pain always felt worse during my periods.

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    Hi mcoo86

    I think the doc lowered your cocodomol dose because they cause constipation and constipation will cause extra pain. An anal fissure or hemorroid will cause bleeding light red blood is that what you get light red blood?? if blood is dark coffee like then it is something internal. Regarding pain you would be better off with ibuprofen for inflammation as it sounds as if you have inflammation pain, but always eat when taking them as they can irritate your stomach. I feel so sorry for you going through this with two children to care for. Do what my daughter did, she went to A and E or emergency room, during the day when they have scanners available, not so much at night. From there an appointment was arranged for her with a consultant. Sometimes we have to take things into our own hands. Get a family member to look after children and go to A and E during the day. Really stress your pain. I really wish you well and sincerely hope you will be dealt with asap...

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      Hi Mary thanks fir your reply.

      I was changed from cocodomol to naproxen to see if it helped with my pain and it didnt. My consultant suggested asking my Gp for it because what he had diagnosed me with was a muscular condition where the lining of the womb grows into the muscle. The naproxen made no difference with my constipation either, however i do understand that cocodomol can cause this when taking it long term.

      a few people have suggested a&e and i might just do that. If my not satisfied with my outcome on wednesday with my Gp then ill go on thursday and try to get seen

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      Hi mcoo86

      Yes, do that if your not happy with your gp's response. My daughter went to A & E because she was in extreme pain and having very heavy periods, they scanned her and found 2 enormous fibroids in her uterus. Within two months she had a hysterectomy.....visit to A & E paid off!..go for it!! wishes to you and fam...👍😊

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    Why do you keep seeing the same doctor if you are not satisfied? Try seeing a gastroenterologist. ff there is a long waiting list go to a hospital emergency department. They have the necessary staff and equipment toward a cure, Good luck.

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      Hi, I seen a gastroenterologist not too long ago regarding a separate matter. During an scan of my upper body a polyp was found in my gallbladder. I was sent for an endoscopy of the upper gastro tract. Everything was fine thankfully.

      I have seen several Gp's regarding my pain and concerns. My doctors surgery just tends to book you in with anyone at all so you never know who you will see. If im unhappy with the outcome on wednesday I will go to a&e on thursday to be seen

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    If you have been constipated, straining on the loo can cause haemorrhoids or fissures which can bleed. The blood is bright red. Try a laxative to help you to pass stools or use a stool softener to make them less hard if you haven't already. Prolonged constipation can cause nausea, fatigue and abdominal pain. Push for scans such as an abdominal/pelvic ultrasound and colonoscopy .

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