how do I get my stomach to not distend anymore?

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Hello everyone,

I am a young women from the U.S. I am a very active person, I bike to school and back(2mi each) and workout almost every day at high intervals. I eat very healthy too, I don't drink, smoke, do any illicit drugs..and I rarely even take say an aspirin. I don't eat aspartame products such as soda either. My problem is,..the past 4 years I would stomach has been very distended similar to those with Korsakoffs syndrome. I am about 5 ft tall, and built like a gymnast. But my stomach looks distended from when I wake up to when I go to bed.I don't snack at night either. I want to know how to stop my stomach from being distended. Is there breathing exercises I can do..that will permanently help get it flat again? Its very frustrating, bc I look pregnant(I am not),eat very healthy(bread, veggies, fruit, drink lots of water, apple juice, grape juice, meat, soy milk..that kind of thing) and I workout all the time, and Its very frustrating. Does anyone know of this..if so can you please help me? Also, I am not constipated or gassy.

thank yousmile


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    Hi Juliana,

    Middling male from Blighty here.Well done on your good lifestyle.

    From the stats I`ve seen,97% of US soy is GM and some of the organic labelled product is not organic at all.

    You are getting a lot of sugar from the fruit juices,maybe too much.Any chance of ramping up the leafy green salads....those you like the taste of,perhaps adding organic lemon or lime juice.Maybe try some mixed veg&herb drinks as in Rabenhorst etc.Do you get along with beetroot used by Olympic competitors?

    Is your meat free of antibiotics/growth hormones and not grain-fed?Maybe try grass-fed meat and eggs from pasture raised hens ,if you`re stuck on animal products.Perhaps improve your prebiotics(oat brans etc,which feed the probiotics) Most of the probiotic stuff on the shelves,incl Hellthfood(sic) Stores,is next to/completely useless ,tests show...I have carried out such tests.Build the friendly gut bacteria up yourself.Avoid synthetic vits and any supplements with dodgy fillers/additives.Have you consumed any Big Pharma products deleterious to gut bacteria besides Aspirin?Any chance of using natural pain control remedies?Around 70% of your immune system lies in your gut?

    What bread do you eat,do you know the ingredients?Most shop bread is made from highly denatured materials,some of the additives in bakery products interfere with stomach acid ,levels of which should normally be very good in a young person like yourself.Do you consume products where the yeast is of the incompatible type and still live?No history of Candida following antibiotic use?Sugars in certain fruits/fruit juices could feed thisHave you tried organic sourdough breads such as Spelt?

    Water:Drinking large quantities,especially in one go can not just be a strain on the stomach but can in fact be harmful(as ex-F1 driver Mark Webber and other people have found to their cost....some even fatally).

    If comfortable for you,couple of glasses of warm water on rising to get the organs active and the stomach ready to accept food,but give it 20 mins-half hour before consuming any solids.Drink lightly,albeit often or sip regularly between meals ,but 15-20 mins before lunch and early evening meal stimulate your stomach acids with a glass of water(not cold) doubles a particular digestive component in the stomach.Don`t drink with meals,you don`t actually want food in your stomach for that long and gentle upright exercise will aid digestion.Remember to chew food well whilst sitting upright and relaxed.The food will be quickly turned to chyme in your stomach and pass to your duodenum,the start of your small intestines,from where the pancreas and gall bladder will introduce further digestive components.Don`t drink for an hour after meals,let your food digest properly during its relatively long journey through the various sections of your small intestine.Remember the stomach is placed high up in the abdomen ,adjacent to the heart(hence heartburn)and expands to accept food but contracts once it`s passed the chyme on.Your "distention" sounds like small intestines,it wont be your stomach.

    Following the advent of MOOCs,one can do free quick courses on the abdomen etc,which could be helpful as they cover muscle structure as well as digestive tract.

    As for exercise,I would recommend The Bridge and further exercise extensions thereof.Not good to do heavy or prostrate exercise just before or after eating and avoid that sloshing liquid in the gut situation I alluded to earlier.Have a break from the fruit juices and see how you go.Do you eat Avocados....great food but don`t overdo them.

    Beware of the Alkaline Myth doing the rounds,have seen people get ill on that lie.

    Hope some of the above is useful to you.We`re all man`s meat is another`s poison,as they say.Different blood types,metabolisms,predispositions Once you find the food/drink causing the bloating,perhaps through an elimination practice,hopefully you`ll be fine.

    The bloated tummy look seen in some pics of African malnourished infants is due oftentimes to intestinal parasites.A handful of fresh organic pumpkin seeds daily can do the trick,as well as supply zinc,the body`s traffic cop! Wouldn`t recommend daily consumption of large amounts under normal circumstances.One doesn`t have to have spent time in the tropics as I have, to fall foul of worms!You can get them in any climate.My father worked in what was then Persia and was sat next to a chap eating pork and he politely pointed out to him that there was a worm wriggling around in that piece of dead pig sad

    Mind how you go


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      Hello I came across this website and was reading your response to a lady about her stomach.

      I have chronic pancreatitis which I was diagnosed with after having outpatient surgery during the procedure the Dr struck my pancreas with a surgical tool.

      With that being said my digestive system is not at it's best. Do you have any advice. I know you cant live without your pancreas.

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    Are you a certified Dr, in Britiain?

    So whats the first step? try to see if its parasites..and try to kill them and or prevent new ones by eatingpumpkin seeds?

    Id like to do this au natural if possible..such as eating pumpkin seeds..with say my oatmeal(steelcut oats) in the morning.


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    Hi Juliana,

    No you wouldn`t get advice like mine from your average doc,but I find GP`s very useful for some diagnosis and referals but personally haven`t taken anything internally that has had a patent for thirty years.My family is made up out of epidemiologists,nutritionists and herbalists.

    I have to add that if anyone has a health condition causing concern,that the advice of a specialist trained in the relevant area is usually the best place to start.

    Otherwise,yes if you enjoy pumpkin itself and generally don`t have any allergies,try the hull-free type seeds.I grow this type of pumpkin for its seeds,very tasty fresh&raw or slightly grilled,no oil required.Worth a try,see how you go.I`ve had good results just chewing on a handful of fresh seeds.If you enjoy garlic,then that is another one to use.

    Like everything,don`t overdo it. Regards Skip

    The University of Maryland Medical Center says

    "Avoid simple carbohydrates, such as those found in refined foods, fruits, juices, dairy products, and all sugars, except honey.

    Eat more raw garlic, pumpkin seeds, pomegranates, beets, and carrots, all of which have been used traditionally to kill parasites. In one study, researchers found that a mixture of honey and papaya seeds cleared stools of parasites in 23 out of 30 subjects. Drink a lot of water to help flush out your system.

    Eat more fiber, which may help get rid of worms.

    Probiotics (Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacilus plantarum, Saccharomyces boulardii, and bifidobacteria help keep your digestive tract healthy. Probiotics may not be appropriate in some serverly immune compromised patients. Talk to your doctor.

    Digestive enzymes will help restore your intestinal tract to its normal state, which makes it inhospitable to parasites. Papain is an enzyme from the papaya plant that may help kill worms when taken 30 minutes before or after meals."

    Source: Intestinal parasites | University of Maryland Medical Center

    University of Maryland Medical Center


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    I was treated for Hpylori bacteria a year or two a go. With antibiotics. Now..could that have caused a parasite? Or should I eat pumpkin seeds for like a see if there are any parasites...if will I know if they are all killed? Will my stomach go back to normal? Or is it just a little muffin top. ..with alot of air..all the time.? If I had worms..wouldn't they show in my bowels? I've seen a couple grey worms come out of my urine..but only different times. Or do I take this papain?..Is it like a pill? will I know when my IT is back in a normal state? Sorry about all the questions. Or should I combine anything? I also eat olive that bad?

    thanks skip, are very helpful. Hopefully we can figure this out!


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    Try Total Candida Defence, working for me after one week! Also as an IBS sufferer I decided to cut out Gluten from my diet (negative for coeliac) . Bread for me seemed the worst culprit for the bloating. Been taking a Total Candida Defence for a week now and my bloating isn't half as bad as it was also gas/wind as calmed lots. I shall continue with the Gluten free products & Total Candida Defence. I bought these from Amazon a friend recommended them and lots of positive reviews which is why I gave them a try smile
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    So you just stopped eating bread? Is gluten in bread? So this product reduced it greatly?What food have gluten? Just bread? What are some good gluten free bread? How did you find out that it was gluten? Didyou eat gluten products on an empty stomach, and gauged your reaction for a week? I will look into the TCD.

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    Hello Juliana.

    I am struggling to get a comprehensive post down without the PC misbehaving ,so will draft then copy elsewhere before pasting it back here asap.



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