How do I get rid of head lice and nits?

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My daughter has got head lice, she has had it for over 1 month now. I have tried many different treatments but they are not seeming to go away. My daughter has also got many scabs on her headwhich she keeps picking and they are getting worse. Have you got any other suggestions?

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    G'day . Headlice and their eggs are hard to get rid of. 

    . I found that the ego brand works the best. Buy the ego MOOV headlice shampoo and there is an additional bottle of EGG remover as well u can purchase. It makes removing the eggs really easy. 

    First... Wash the hair in the shampoo, and put on the supplied cap to avoid drips . U will find that the scalp will become really itchy as the lice begin to crawl and die. Leave on for 15 min or so and wash off. Depending on the hair type, try and comb as much of the lice put. U can put some normal conditioner on at this point to help combing with the nit comb.

    next put on the egg remover solution. Same process applies. Rinse out and comb with the nit comb.the egg remover solution will make removing the eggs a bit easier.

    thirdly... U MUST get rid of all the eggs. I sit the kids down in front of the tv first because this process is a bit long.... I get a cup of water and a pair of tweezers... Ok , now go through the hair piece by piece. Pick out the remaining eggs with the tweezers and put them into the cup of water. Once you have taken out all of the remaining eggs, put some alovera on the scalp. Pit will rehydrate the scalp after the treatment. REMEMBER ... U MUST get all the eggs out... Otherwise they will keep hatching and the problem will be worse...

    next...wash all the towels and the bedding in hot water. The lice will be in the towels, bedding, pillows, teddy bears ets. So wash everything thurrely ...spray the bed with bug spray and put it out in the sun. Good luck. Nits are hard to get rid of , so if it is done thurrely now you can avoid an infestation. Remember to check the whole family hair too.

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      Hi I am Sue and I am a newbie.  Any and all suggestions on nit combs treatments and other numerous things i must do to rid myself would be welcome


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    P.S.... Just a thought... If u are unable to get the solution I suggested , any headlice remover would work. I found this one to be less invasive on the scalp due to the head sores. .... With the egg remover solution if u can't get that or something equivilant use normal hair conditioner to help picking out the eggs. Tee tree  oil helps as well . If u have any questions don't hesitate to yell, ok. Headlice can be frustrating . Good luck.
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    You have to very through when removing the eggs and lice from your daughters' hair. If just one egg is missed then the infestation will continue. The treatments do usually work. Are you following the instructions completley? This is one problem which really needs to be dealt with  meticulously from start to finish. You probably should call your GP's office and find out if there is a specialist centre in your area that deal with headlice as the do in the US.

    Best of luck!! 

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      Yes Nit Picking salons are the best - If i had known they existed months ago when the problem began I would have gone there first instead of dealing with the months of heck I have been living through.  Not to mention the money I spent the time and effort as well.
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    Hi Charlotte I have been reading your post about head lice I got them about 2 years ago I tried all the medication on the market I tried all the natural product too and still I have them. Funny thing is I don't get any itching from them the only think I get is tickeling as they move around my scalp. I have pretty well given up on trying to rid myself of them they don't bother me I have got used to them being there. I worry about others catching them from me though so I wear a hat most of the time that helps I all so us a nit comb once a week and get loads out and that seems to keep the infestation down to a few lice at any one time.
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    When my kids got infected by lice by her classmates, my friend recommended that I use Licealiz Head Lice Treatment Shampoo. I'd heard about it in a TV ad before so I though I'd try it out and it really worked out well for me. After probably just two washes, all the lice and nits had gone away from my daughters' hair and it was just like regular shampoo. I knew that it wasn't toxic either and that's another thing I love about it. smile
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      You must have found out within days that she had lice and only a few because I find it impossible that a shampoo would kill the lice and eggs without nit combing. You were lucky - keep up on the head checks - catching the problem early is essential.  Good for you!
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    Hi Charlotte!

    visit our site

    One of our goals at Lice Care Solutions is to arm our parents

    with quality lice-related information. We believe that the more 

    you know, the better you’ll be able to protect yourself and your 

    loved ones, thus preventing further head lice outbreaks. Or give us a call and well be more than happy to answer any questions you might have! 1-800-492-5423

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      Hi there I posted on this subject 3 years ago and had lice for two or three years then and I still have them now in all  it must be over five years I have had them I have tried everything and nothing works I use a lice Combe a couple of times a week that help to cut the numbers down to a minimum . I was wondering if you could recommend a way to get rid of them the funny thing is I have got used to them now oh and I don't get any itching but I have lots of scabs on my scalp.


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      If you can afford it go to a nit picking salon.  They are expensive but they will make sure to get every live lice and nit off your head.  Believe me it is so worth it.  Wish that i could afford to do that.  I have been living with this for I don't even know how long but the bites or lumps that are on my head are so sore that i can barely brush my hair or touch my head at times especially after I attempt my half assed nit comb on myself (which i find extremely difficult what with my long hair, which i cant get cut no salon will take me with lice I am ready to cut it short myself. They live in your hair not on your scalp) Anyway please if you can afford it go to the nit picking salons in your area - you will be FOREVER FREE! But always be smart and do a daily head check just in case great habit to get into.  Good luck to you.

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    I have had head lice and pubic lice for awhile now.  I have tried every otc product, and lindane, shaving all hair off my body except my head and I still have them.  So Iast week i used ovide there was barely enough in the bottle to cover my hair so i barely covered the rest of me.  I was feeling good for 1 day - after that BAM those lice were still alive and p****d and biting so bad they left lumps! I am beside myself. What can a person do?  I nit comb on myself but my hair is long and its very difficult to do. I have never yet caught any live lice and I have seen them on my head just cant catch them. I get eggs out every day.  I comb out at least to the best of my ability 1 hour a night sometimes twice a day dry and wet.  And I still have live lice and they are laying eggs overnight cause its like i just pulled lots of eggs and was pretty clear last nights comb now its like i did nothing at all they were just as many. GOD please there has to be a way to kill the live lice completely - That would be a huge help.  Then I could concentrate on the comb outs, without the live ones laying 12 eggs each overnight - its like i am getting nowere. I will not shave my head.  But i am close to wanting to.  The pain of the bites that i feel the crawling, the bites in my ears  eyebrows lashes up my nose - any hairy area has made me literally ill.  I need to save money and go to a nit pick salon - but they are super expensive. Then i need to get yet another prescription med for the crabs.  I have thrown out so many clothes, do so much laundry that i have to pay to do that i am almost broke and my clothes are falling apart;  I have never had lice before in my life i am in my 50's disabled and i feel as if i do not get hold of this problem I will wind up very very ill. I have long hair - NEED to cut it but cant no salon will cut it if i have lice.  So that makes it even harder to comb out.  I use terminator comb and am on my second treatment of ovide tonight which barely dampens my hair because the dr didn't give me enough to cover my hair thoroly and my body as well.  I do not know how much longer my insurance will pay for these meds - I feel so defeated and alone and ill all the time.  No one to help no family friends or anything like that to help. Wishing I win a lottery or something.  God bless us all and keep up the combing and bathing and washing of infested items - it will help but just alittle.  I ask the holy ones above to please help me rid myself of these awful life sucking parasites that are making my quality of life nothing more than surviving.  The best of luck to all of you in a similar situation, and those who are able to afford to go to a nit pick salon asap the min. you suspect you or your kid have lice.  otherwise you will never get rid of them that's just my opinion.

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    I appreciate my reply may be too late for you as you did post your question 4 years ago but I thought it might be useful for you and others to know that a UK based company will soon launch a new, chemical free, product that is from what I hear very effective against head lice. European regulators gave their permission only yesterday. Think it will be sold in Lidl and Aldi. Check it out

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    Like all living things, lice need to breathe. I had head lice when I was kid. My dad decided to buy the biggest tub of cheap hair gel and put a couple of huge handfuls of it in my hair do that my entire head was over saturated. He would do this right at bedtime so the gel would be in my hair over night. All of the live bugs would die of suffocation and the eggs would absorb the chemicals from the gel thus killing all the eggs. He would rinse my hair out in the morning and use one of those special combs. He did this for three nights to be extra sure, but it worked.

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