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  • theresaaa 2

    General kids health supplements

    Hi, just wanna to know am I given supplements the right way to both my boys aged 4 & 8 : Early morning time ( after milk or meal ) : 1 or 2 pcs Vitamin C chewable and 1 pc spirulina Evening time ( after dinner ) : 2pcs mini capsule of fish oil I just hope to boost up their immune system & maintain

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  • jujufromthebein 2


    So I had my period 5/14/17 to 5/18/17 then I had sex 5/19/17 in about 2 days 5/21/17 I started spotting slightly and cramping a little bit. I've also experienced some diarrhea and sore breasts. I know that implantation bleeding is 9-12 days after you conceive . Is there any reason I could be

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  • tasos41978 1

    Toddler baby night sleep vomit and the diarhea

    SOS: my 20 month toddler has been experiencing a very difficult situation the last month. It starts with vomit ot attempt to vomit late at night and then continous with diarhea for the next 1,5 days. After a 5 days break the exact same thing happens again. This keeps happening on/off for the past

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  • eshan 1

    It has been months that I am really not able to do anything!

    I an internet savvy person. I do my all businesses online. From past six months, I am unable to finish small tasks, All the time I feel tired. I get bored very quickly whenever I start to work. And when something exciting happens I just go to sleep. That just overwhelms me. I am physically fit and

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  • virgojake 2
  • rukon1630 1

    Pls suggest about my 2.5 month old baby's skin infection

    My 2.5 month aged son suffering some infection problem. He born at 2nd February,2017. After he born we saw one round circle spot in besides of his left knee. That time we went child specialist but they told it is not an issue it will heal automatically. But after few days the round spot become a

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  • CharisJoy 1

    PANDAS and Toxic Mold

    Hello everyone, my 21-year-old brother was diagnosed with PANDAS shortly before his 18th birthday, and he also has a past history of Lyme disease. He has been in and out of the hospital and psych wards over the past several years and often unable to care for himself and in a psychotic state. I know

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  • tamryel 85 2
  • juan77029 3

    So my therapist told me I have ADHD

    I'm 24 years old and I've had anxiety all my life. 7 months ago I had my first panic attack and had to quit all stimulants like caffiene, nicotine, and my albuterol inhalor (which I actually didn't need but that's another story). Ever since then my focus has diminished greatly and my thoughts keep

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  • jackie00 1

    7yr old feels head pop when throwing a baseball

    My 7yr old son plays on a baseball team and plays at least 4 days a week. He told me last night that after he throws a ball for an extended amount if time, he can feel and hear a pop in his head. When he told me this, he used his hands to gesture to the upper back if his skull. He said it kinda

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  • L Haven 2
  • josephine2210 1
  • hanna 54084 1
  • sam64905 2

    4 yr old child not eating, very thin with stomach pains

    Hi, My four year old daughter has always been petite. She seems 'young for her age' too. She has, for the last year or so, complained about having a sore tummy. She does not eat a lot, picks at her food. She is incredibly fussy about what she wants, and when she does eat, she then complains about

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  • joanne25042 2

    I think my child may have ADHD

    Can someone please tell me which is the best age to take your child to the doctors as I think my daughter may have ADHD, her behaviour is so much different from the other four daughters I have, it's actually getting worse I think she can be a danger to her self sometimes, at nursery always fighting ...

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  • deborah65705 1

    13 year old daughter with anxiety cough

    my daughter has this barking cough, mainly at school. She has a good school life and is quite an academic. She says she has no worries. I believe her. Something is starting this cough. She's practically been dismissed from the medical world as they have no idea why this is happening. She

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  • terri60978 1

    need advice please

    i have a 9 year old son who i think could possibly have adhd his behaviour is becoming so bad he is hard to handle, he constantly just tells me no when i ask him to do something he is disruptive all the time, he is finding it hard to learn in school, he doesnt sleep properly he has about 4 hours

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  • haybrady1548 1

    Behavior issues in 6 yr old

    Hello. I'm looking to find some advice for my 6 year old son and his behavior issues. I'm desperate at this point, and need any advice I can get. Alittle background first--he's the oldest of 3 kids. I have a 2.5 year old with Down syndrome, and an almost 4 year old on the autism spectrum. He is a "typical"...

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  • Guest M

    prococious puberty

    i believe that my daughter who is 9 yrs old has this condition and has been living with it since she was 4 of 5 yrs started with mood swings which i just put down to a bad temper,how wrong was i when the breasts and pubic hair then started to 12 1 08 i just thought my daughter

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  • leigh77542 1

    My two year old has convulsions

    Hi needing some advice please my 2 nearly 3 year old has had convulsions since she was 10 months old she has had 6 I as a child had two or three aswell. I'm now pregnant and so scared this one will have them too and anyone who has experienced them know how petrifying and stressful with the fear of

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  • samilia 2

    Edronax (reboxetine ) vs Strattera (Atomoxetine) for ADHD?

    Hi all, I have been on Strattera for adult ADD with amazing results. Seriously, I studied and passed with flying colours. Strattera is amazing. But due to an ongoing patent, there are no generic brands - which means it was costing me $115 per box 😱. So now after being off meds since 2013, I

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  • Guest M
  • sal57169 2

    Precocious puberty-advice needed please.

    Hi it's my first time here. Really hoping that someone can offer some advice. So my daughter may have precocious puberty. She is only 6 years and 3 months old. She has a few symptoms which alone weren't a cause for concern. For the last few months she has started to cry a lot and she isn't even

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  • sant60883 1
  • zasperella 2

    8year old bad cough since november

    My 8year old daughter as had a bad cough since november shes had three different antibiotics last week she had a chest xray which shows changes to the airway branches in middle of her chest over the week she has started being sick something that i can only describe as looking like white frothy spit

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  • heather25196 1

    Out of control 4 year old.

    My husband and I got custody pf our 4 year old grandson a year ago diue to our daughter and the babys father being neglugent and on drugs. My daughter went to treatment and has been clean for 8 months now. She lives with us. My grandson is totally out of control and nothing seems to work. We are

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  • gemscott54 3

    Toddler groin glands...?

    Hi all, I have a doctors appointment booked but due to a few doctors leaving my local surgery i cant get one for weeks so it would be good to get some input in the meantime. So i have a little boy who's 2 1/2 and i was changing a particularly nasty nappy earlier. I couldnt get it all off his skin (

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  • cxibby 2

    My 10 year old loves tearing things up

    I have a 10 year old girl. When she was slightly younger she used to love scratching the walls at home etc.. Once I also found a huge hole in the wall to which she never owned up lately she has a craze over slimy She also loves watching you tube videos of how to make She is

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  • Rbm 1
  • ravindran59634 1

    Language development issue of my 3 year old grandson

    My grandson will be 3 in March2017. He is a healthy active child, lots of friends, non fussy eater, handles his food & drinks independently, toilet trained, dresses & puts on socks & shoes by himself, loves to cycle round our apartment block, bedtime 9pm, wakeup 6am, & height & weight normal for

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  • kirstie89 3

    Is this adhd

    Hello I have a 5yr old son that has bin very distructive since he was one years old he's ripped carpets to underlay to making holes in walls he's broken beds TVs all the kids toys broke scrawled leads to DVDs and constant ripping up paper everything he touches he has to destroy well he started

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  • Perazim 1

    My 7+ month old baby's penis is somewhat inflammed, what do I do?

    The lip is a bit swollen and its red. There is no discharge and he doesn't seem to be in any form of discomfort. We saw this some two months ago and showed a Doctor who prescribed antibiotics. We used it and it disappeared. We are surprised to see it reappear again some few days ago. What do we do?

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  • Strugglingmum 2

    My sons anger is getting worse

    Hi im new to this site so not sure what to say but here goes my 9 year old son has always been quite a angry child but the older he gets the worse hes getting its no longer toddler tantrums its trashing the house hitting me and my partner speaking to us like rubbish and he has no respect for anyone

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  • rebeccasavidge 1

    My 8 month old had a Febrile Convulsion on Wednesday

    My son Max had a Febrile Convulsion on Wednesday, it was the worst experience of my life, so far. Max is one of three children the eldest being 11 now I had never experienced this before. He went from being a little wingey to being unconsious within minutes I thought I was holding a dead baby, it

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  • Decembergirl94 1

    Daughter Soiling Herself

    My Daughter Is 10 Years Old, And In The House She Soils Herself A Lot Of The Time, She Sits In It All Day Until I Notice It And I Have To Change Her Myself, Why Is She Doing This? And Is There Anything I Need To Do To Stop It? She's Really Embarressed About Going To A Doctor About It

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