How do i heal this fissure when nothing is working?

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I've been struggling with a fissure since July, and I've developed hemorrhoids along with it...oddly one in the anal area beneath my tail bone, and one in the opening. I went to the doctor and came away from the exam with even more pain. I was prescribed nifedipine (sp?). The nifedipine started to heal the fissure, but then it began to cause swelling in the tissue down there. It swelled up so badly that it hurt to walk or sit, and it literally felt like my insides were protruding outward. It also caused a dull, chronic ache inside my lower intestines that went away both times I stopped using it. Unfortunately the swelling made the fissure worse.

I began using zinc oxide instead, and even a little manuka honey in an effort to keep the area clean. I take two warm baths a day, and reapply medication twice a day. But the fissure, or what I suspect is more than one now, given the pain, will not heal. I'm taking miralax in the morning, but my stool is never the same. I can't seem to regulate it, which I'm sure is exacerbating the problem. I've just transitioned to a gluten free diet after we realized gluten was making me sick, so I'm trying to fumble my way through that as well.

I know increasing blood flow to the area aids healing, and without the nifedipine to help with that, I tried taking slow walks around the apartment complex, but again, it causes incredibly uncomfortable swelling. I've done So much research, but I just don't know what to do. So, at the moment I am sitting on a heating pad at work, and hoping no one asks me why! I would love some advice...I'm at the point where going to the bathroom makes me anxious, because I know how much it will hurt.

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    I wanted to give you a glimmer of hope...

    So I think I am healed. Dont get me wrong, I still have burning for several hours post movement. But there is no blood, no agony, discomfort is minimal and I can sit down again.

    By no means out of the woods, but it is getting better. So, you can heal too (I sound like a preacher from the deep South, and I don't mean to!) but if you continue to take in fibre, eat things that are easy to digest, use laxatives if the fibre is not helping you out, and relax as much as you can when the time comes for a movement.

    Find some rectogesic!!

    I hope you are okay.

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      I would like to thank everyone for their helpful posts. The information provided has helped me heal physically, emotionally, and mentally.

      My journey started in late August and I am just now starting to feel better. Like Caroline, I am at a point where the BM's are easier and all that remains is the burning sensation. (Burning lessens with each passing day. For me it's taken nearly 12 weeks to get to this point.)

      I just want to share a little of my experience and what I feel has helped me.

      1) what you put in your mouth can make you or break you... Eat fruits, veggies, nuts, and lots of water. ( no starchy veggies). Chew your food until it is completely mashed

      2) no spicy or acidic foods

      3) no gluten (no bread, tortillas, rice, cookies, cereal)

      4) no meat

      5) water water water

      6) sitz baths and warm butt pad

      7) incorporate stool softners and fiber ( I have found that prunes have helped)

      8) no alcohol

      9) rest

      10) consistently use the prescribed ointment

      11) avoid lifting, pushing, or pulling heavy items

      12) no cheese or milk based products (harden stools)

      Be sure to seek medical help from a reputable colo-rectal surgeon. I first went to the ER then my GP and both mis-diagnosed the fissure. I then sought advice from a general surgeon and she said it was a fissure that was not very deep. I wanted a fourth opinion and found a very reputable colo-rectal surgeon who said the fissure was deep-into the muscle. She explained all of my options and I held off from surgery in hopes of having this heal. I believe I made the right choice, because it is healing. It has been a long and painful recovery. I still have the burning annoying sensation and minor pain, but it is tolerable. I can once again sit, walk, and be productive.

      Please note: my fissure journey changed weekly. At the beginning I had to wear adult diapers because when my body wanted a BM I had to let it out. Some weeks walking helped with the spasming of the sphincter, and other weeks I couldn't even stand up without my sphicter feeling like it was going to pop out. Another week I felt like an ice pick was pushing down on sphincter. A few nights the pain woke me up at night. Other weeks urinating triggered spasming and the dreadful broken glass tearing pain. Now it just burns after the BM.

      I know my eating habits have changed forever. I always tell myself, "I am one hard BM away from months of excruciating pain and possible surgery."

      Foe those of you contiplating surgery, look for a doctor that has a lot of experience. Do not settle for a general surgeon. I read about so many surgeries gone wrong and I wonder, was their doctor experienced? Did the patient follow a good post surgery care routine?

      I will continue praying for all who are suffering from this debilitating and excruciatingly painful condition. I wish you all the best in your recovery.

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      The first time I was treated rectogesic was given. Its an ointment you insert with a protected finger so covered either by clingfilm or a finger cover you buy in chemists. It seals up the fissure by promoting blood rush to the sphincter which causes it to throb and the inner sphincter muscle relaxes.

      First time this worked within a month but it gives you bad headaches which were a small price to pay compared to the pain.

      This time it hasn't worked, it helped but for some reason didn't complete the healing. So I have been give scheriproct which is another ointment inserted using a tube provided. Its a steroid and anaesthetic, and is helping greatly right now to a point I think I am actually mending.

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      Thank you Caroline.  I'm looking at all options.

      Right now just trying desparately to soften stools, take sitz baths and applying Hydrocortizone cream.  The latest prescriptions I've been asked  to try are  Rectiv and Anecream. 

      I thought I was healed about a month ago from this regimine but I became careless and stupid and did not follow through on all the instructions mostly becuase I didn't have any pain.  So I re-tore the Fissure the day after Christmas and I'm back to square one.   I'm eating a very low calorie, high fiber diet, drinking a lot of water which seemed to really help the last time around.  I guess I have bad days and some days are a little less bad but I'm not in a good place.  I own a small  business and have only been able to work in my office about 10 days in the last month when I thought I was healed.  I'm thankful for a supportive family and employees because I'm sure my routine is impacting everyone a great deal.     I want to be smart and try conservative treatments but ultimaltey need to find the best a long -term solution and if surgery is the best option that's what I'll do.    I was a Foodie and its amazing how little I carry about food anymore.  Many days I would trade the stictest  diet and adult diapers to be relieved of this torturous pain. 

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    So, I'm nowhere near healed, but after dealing with ever changing bowel movements that were preventing healing, I decided on a regimented diet. Yes, it's boring, but the pain is almost completely gone when I go, and my bowel movements are regular. This may not work for everyone, but here is what I do:

    Breakfast: 1/4 cup of certified gluten free oats, 1TBS ground sesame seeds, 2TSP of coconut sugar, 1/2 cup plus 2TBS water (microwave 3 minutes) 1 small banana sliced on top.

    1/2 TBS of miralax immediately after breakfast

    Snack 1: 1/2 cup of powerful yogurt, 1TBS all natural jelly, 1TBS almond butter (mix together for peanut butter jelly yogurt)

    Lunch: 1 Ezekiel rice tortilla (warm) with 3oz of chicken or 4oz of all natural turkey, 1 cup of spinach, 1TBS of wild oats honey mustard

    Snack 2: small Apple (i like honey crisp), 2TBS all natural skippy peanut butter

    Dinner: 4oz of chicken or fish (batter with 1TBS ground flax seed, favorite seasonings and bake), 1/2TBS of fat (olive oil, coconut oil, or all natural butter), 4oz of red potato (sometimes baked, sometimes mashed with butter, sometimes sliced into homemade fries), 1 cup of steamed broccoli (or substitute 1 cup of carrots. Sometimes I make a mix of carrot fries and potato fries. Substitute cauliflower. I like to bake this in foil and then mix it in with the potatoes to have a nice heap of mashed potatoes), 1TBS of ketchup if needed.

    Once I got this down, I had no more problems staying regular. I have a gluten intolerance, so,everything

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      Do you have an opinion regarding almond milk ?  what about Tofu ?Sounds like you've got your diet down to a science.  That's great.  thanks for any suggestions. 
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    Get to a colorectal surgeon and have a sphincterectomy.

    Tried all cream and Botox. All failed. Don't bother with stupid diet. Just eat less.

    My life is back to normal now. Immediately after surgery......... No pain!!!!! Amazing. Very active normal life now! God bless my surgeon

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      Josh, you can ask your primary doctor for the names of colorectal surgeons. I initially saw my internist who referred me to a general surgeon. But I wanted a second opinion and googled proctologist (now known as colorectal surgeons). My general surgeon started me on the path to healing, but I new I needed someone who specialized in treatment of the bum.

      I live in Los Angeles, and I found the LA colorectal surgeon group in Beverly Hills. My doctor has years of experience performing these types of surgeries.

      So, I recommend that you find an experienced colorectal surgeon in your area, not a general surgeon. My colorectal surgeon explained my options, surgical and non surgical. I opted for conservative care, and she is supporting that decision. I have a deep fissure, so if I decide to have surgery, I would require a fissurectomy and sphincterectomy. So choose your doctor wisely. Obtain a couple of opinions.

      My torcherous journey began 4 months ago. I am healing slowly, but for me, this is the best option for now. Perhaps I will change my mind in the future and opt for surgery, but for now I am holding out.

      I wish you the best in your recovery. Look for an experience colorectal surgeon that you feel confortable with and make sure they are experienced.

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      Thnk you Carol  -

      I see my primary care physician later today and will be asking for a referal to a specialist.  I live in Eugene, OR but will travel just about anywhere for the best option.  Normally Portland or Seattle have highly rated surgeons.

      I may even get really lucky and find one in Eugene.   Thanks again


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      Go get surgery josh u will back to the normal life again , like me . It's been 52 days since my surgery . Thanks god and my doctor who did good job . I'm so happy . No more pain , no more bleed , no scare to go to bathroom , no scare to eat . I'm happy 😀✌
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      Hello -

      That's great you feel like a new person after the surgery.  Do you feel you have any limitations after surgery ?  would you mind sharing your age, gender and  how active you are.  I'm a 42 year male and I as very active but now I feel very disabled.  Can't be productive for long  in any gien day.  Thankful if I get 2 hours of kind of feeling like me again.  thanks for any guidance.  I see my specialist, a color-rectal surgeon on

      January 28th,

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      Hello Condohead -   How long ago was your sugery ?  Would you mind sharing your age, gender and what you mean by active normal life ?  Your testimony is motivating.  thanks   Josh
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      Hey josh

      I'm 32 male . Get the surgery I'm telling u again , don't scare any more and don't suffer any more . U not gonna die , u will 100 times more happy then now .

      GL .

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