How do you care for your Bartholin cyst after it drains?

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Hi Ladies,

My evil cyst just popped and I automatically felt that beautiful relief! Finally my sleepless nights and crying days are done. :}

How do you care for your cyst right after it has drained? What is the next step here other than celebrate? What is the best thing to do or apply?

Appreciate all your input!

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    Hello I'm glad you feel better. No baths for about a week or two. Keep the area clean and dry. It will continue to drain for about a day or two. Best of luck.

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    Hi there

    Glad to hear your nightmare is over. Mine is still in progress. 

    A few things that have worked for me in the past. 

    1. Comfortable cotton  underwear.

    2. No tight jeans or anything that causes friction down there for too long. 

    3. Stay clean and dry.

    4. Make sure during sex, that you’re feeling all your juices flowing before repeated penetration. If not, use a lubricant which you read about first if you have sensitive skin. Alternatively, use olive oil. Not so extra virgin wink

    5. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. Consuming alcohol severely dehydrates the body so if you drink, make sure to rehydrate, especially if having sex. The Bartholin Gland might want to secrete natural lubricants but will not be able to if you are dehydrated, leading to it getting clogged. 

    6. Consume aloe vera gel regularly as it is a natural cleanser that cleans from the inside. 

    7. As soon as you feel itchy, dry, funny, unusual down there, do a couple of sitz baths just to stave off infections. Catching it early and being alert to it is a must.

    8. Don’t bottle up emotions. It does reflect on your vagina. Treat it like a friend and listen to the signs it gives you. 

    9. Trace your courses of action. It will help find a long-term solution that works specifically for you. 

    Can I ask what you did to make yours go away? And how many days (and nights) of intense pain did you have to endure? 

    Happy recovery! smile

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      Hi Meg,

      Thank you for the awesome tips! Much appreciated!

      Well I originally felt that hard lump last week on Sunday. I thought it was a pulled muscle since the lump was really stiff. It grew and became painful the following day and I went to the ER. The doctor did say it was a bartholin cyst but said it was too small and wasn't infected so he prescribed me antibiotics and sent me on my way. I don't know if the antibiotics made it worse but I also felt it wasn't doing anything for me. I was very DESPERATE and started looking up remedies for any kind of releif. I came across the turmeric and oil remedy and tried it twice (at night, then the following morning) then I went ahead and tried Phoebe's remedy. After all that I was in sooo much pain and discomfort as my cyst was bigger than a walnut, the only thing that would relieve it was direct warm compress. I kept doing it and giving it a break every 30 mins and 5 hours after doing the remedies and warm compress my cyst developed a head and popped. What a RELIEF!

      I honestly don't know exactly what worked for me as I mentioned I was desperate and was trying different things back to back.

      I was in pain and discomfort for 3 days.

      May I ask how many cyst have you had? What do you think triggers yours? And what remedies have worked for you?

      Hope you are feeling better!


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    This is my fifth one in the last four years. Ugh. I know. 

    My intital triggers were definitely being less lubricated while having sex. Yes I was young, promiscuous and not everyone I was with could turn me on wink

    The first three were painful because I let them take their course and burst on their own - usually 5-7 days from start to finish. 

    The fourth one I caught really early and  was able to resolve and reabsorb in 3-4 days with sitz baths, topical tea tree oil and aloe vera pills. I thought I discovered a cure that worked for me. 

    Until this time.  I think the trigger was pyjamas that had shrunk in the laundry, that had me restless in my sleep, coupled with drunk sex with my boyfriend. Just 5 days ago I felt it coming and did my sitz baths, took aloe vera and applied tea tree but it didn’t work. I was so sad

    I then started rigorously using other home remedies like you, tried almost everything I read about and in the end I think I left it more agitated. 

    Now, I’m trusting my intuition and doing  what feels right. Did Phoebe’s cure twice today with 4 sitz baths, hot compresses and aloe vera. Will sleep with some tea tree and witch hazel and see what happens. 

    How can you tell if yours has a head? Am I trying to dry it out or keep it moist? I feel like some of these remedies approach the problem differently and I am quite confused. 

    Glad you appreciated the tips. 

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      That's good at least you found out what triggered them. I think mine was for the same reason too as I felt sore after sex and I know it was because I was still dry. But I just figured it would go away on its own- big mistake! 😒

      Yes, that's how I felt after the turmeric remedy, my cyst was super irritated and at its worst! I was literally crawling and crying to the bathroom. From what I read the turmeric remedy helps push all the fluid/pus to the top of the cyst and Phoebe's remedy helps thin out the skin to allow a head for drainage, so I believe you want it to dry out to make it easier to develop a head.

      At first I developed what looked like a bruise, it was just a red blotch on my cyst, like the size of a dime (this was right after Phoebe's remedy). As soon as I saw that I freaked out, I thought I had made things worse. I applied a warm compress by warming up a cotton cloth in the microwave and applied it directly on the cyst. I continued to do this and started to see a white spot on that red blotch. About an hour or so later (still applying heat) I went to check on it and that white spot had become a white head. With a little pressure the relief was INSTANT.

      I hope you are almost on your way to recovery, these f#@×%+ cysts suck! I hate them with a passion.

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    I hate them too! 

    I eventually started intuitively doing only what felt right. Sitz baths, a few hot compresses in the day time and keeping witch hazel applied to the cyst. It was so painful by then so I knew it had to be close. In the end I think the witch hazel made it rupture. I am in Day 2 of recovery. There was swelling yesterday which has subsided today. But I feel itchy down there today! So scared about a relapse. Just using witch hazel/tea tree oil for now. And a couple of sitz baths a day. 

    What did you end up doing soon after to care for it? 

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      Glad to hear you are recovering now. That cyst pain sure puts a ton of strain in the body, it is no joke!

      As soon as it burst I continued with the sitz bath and warm compress. However, the sitz bath was burning the wound where my cyst drained so I gave the sitz bath a break and kept at it with the warm compress. Every time I used the restroom I would clean the area with witch hazel and I've also been wearing panty liners so the wound doesn't have direct contact with my underwear.

      It's been a week today since my cyst drained and I am still doing sitz baths, even though it has healed but I am just trying to play it safe here. I will continue to do this for the next week or so.

      I also felt itchy for a day or so but I think it was during my healing process, the itchiness has subsided, now I'm wondering when would it be safe to have sex again? I have needs and well, its been a while! 😬😆

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    I know the feeling!

    I have deduced that the itchiness is a yeast infection as a result of the antibiotics as well as my full-on assault on the natural pH balance of the area over the last week. Taking probiotics and application of coconut oil (immediate relief) should take care of it in a couple of days. I’ll avoid sitz baths because yeast loves that. 

    I have made the mistake of having sex too soon. I was in a new relationship (now my boyfriend of 3 and a half years) and we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. Nothing too bad happened although I was sore during sex and I do think I took longer to fully heal. 

    Again, I would say trust your instincts. Don’t do anything that’s painful or uncomfortable. The vagina does heal fast on the outside but internally, you’ll only know when something gets in there. I would say experiment on yourself first wink and if it feels all good down there, you’ll know you’re ready. 

    Sisterhood of the Bartholin Cyst. I know, it sucks, but hey, at least we got each other. 


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      Yeah it is definitely the antibiotics. It sucks because it helps with one thing then makes you develop another. It's almost like this thing puts you in a predicament. 😩

      After taking my antibiotics for a few days I went to buy plain yogurt and ate one every day to help prevent yeast infections. I think it might've helped as my itchiness didn't seem to last long.

      Ugh, yes, my boyfriend and I were like that the other day. It's been a week or so since we've had sex and to us it's a LONG time (we've been together 5 years) so being out of our "routine" tempted us. It sucks because this thing has me paranoid that it will come back. ? Specially because I just started a new job and the last thing I want to do is miss work because of a painful cyst.

      That's also another reason why I'm still doing the sitz bath, I think it helps keep the gland from getting clogged and well, it also helped me with the swelling.

      Yes, as much as it sucks I'm glad I'm not the only one going through this and you never know, sharing experiences might help us get through this.

      Hope you are doing better! 😊

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