How do you cope

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when you don't sleep? I have been fortunate that up until recently I have been able to sleep and when I get 8 hours a night, preferably unbroken, I can manage so much better the next day.

The last couple of weeks I have not been sleeping as well, taking ages to go to sleep and waking up several times. Last night was awful and the dog didn't help. He was so restless and kept waking me for attention.

I feel like something that has been chewed up and spat out. I thought I was going to have to call someone to fetch me home when I went to the supermarket for our weekend food. :roll:

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    well iv been ok with sleeping as the doctor ut me on some sleeping tablets and im also on another kind of med and they make me sleepy as well,but i still wake up tired the next day and my problems are always as bad!but i just read that the weather is gonna start getting better so im hoping that might give me abit of a lift!
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    I can't remember ever having eight hours of unbroken sleep in my life, Alicia - what bliss that would be.

    Sleep disturbance is just one of the many jolly symptoms of ME that so many of us seem to suffer from. The one thing we really need and it is denied us. :zzz:

    I usually wake up every few hours, often for up to two or so hours at a time particularly if my arms and legs start leaping all over the place -even though, like you Matt, the medication I take at night for my fibromyalgia has a sedative effect. I rarely wake refreshed - and usually ache all over and literally have to prise myself off the matress groaning.

    How I ever got up and ready for work I don't know. sad

    I very often have a sleep in the afternoon and I find that is generally a really deep reviving sleep - although I always feel guilty going off to bed during the day - don't know why. :?

    Just out of interest my neighbour broke her leg in two places last weekend - ice-skating of all things (she's 46!) and all week she has had people popping in with flowers, sympathy and offers of help. Am I envious - no of course NOT!:evil:

    I think that is the answer though - plaster of Paris on at least one leg and a pair of crutches!

    PS If ever I try to 'view more emoticons' I can only ever use it once for each posting - nothing happens when I click it a second time. What am I doing wrong? Don't want to ask my hubbie as this forum is MY SECRET8)

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    I can't remember when I last had a full 8 hours sleep. At best I get about 3 or 4 before pain wakes me. If I get too bad my gp has given be temazepam which helps a little, but you feel like you are hungover the next day.
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    Jury's out for me with the sleeping tablets! My doctor wont prescribe me them becasue she says they can become adictive and at 31 years of age she felt I was too young so I was suprised to hear Matt had been prescribed them. Some medications already contain sedatives but like many I found them not to make much change. I even tried Amytriptilene from my GP and they made me feel VERY teary but primarily they were for my ME/Fibromyalgia. I no longer take them.

    However, if this helps anyone. I read as with all insomnia problems not to drink caffiene etc after 7pm. I noce chocolate Horlicks works a treat! I also find that if I read in a quite area - such as my bed. Or even write if thats what you enjoy doing an hour before you go to bed this helps. I was also told to excercise in the afternoon!! Like we can do that!! But I found by simple doing excercises sat on the sofa such as rotation of my legs and arms. This is a gentle and tolerbale form of excercise. The only problem now is that my neighbour thinks I have lost the plot waving my arms and legs everywhere :oops:

    My secret tip is to either buy a lavender plug in or have drops of lavendar on your pillow and if the smell is untolerable put some drops pn a handkerchief and leave at the other end of the room. I believe this works a treat becasue I cant get ny hubbie up in the morning. He goes mad as he doesnt like to be late! Hee hee

    Donna x

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    Off the record :oops:

    I have used night nurse - gave me a good nights sleep everytime - it tastes yuk though! They do it in capsule form too :D

    Also have used codiene. :oops:

    My GP wasn't at all happy at my self medicating to induce sleep so he presrcibed zopilcone :D

    Try the night nurse 2 or 3 times a week becase no way am I sharing my sleeping pills :roll: they are like rare diamonds and keeping them under lock and key!

    I have just been given another months supply and 2 repeat prescriptions although this week I'm going to try and not use them as much.

    Wonder if you told your doctor you are self meicating he would prescribe you a few sleepers? Certainly safer and if taken for a short period or only when really essential they should be okay.

    At the moment he insist I take them everynight - but having already been on them 2 weeks now I feel I should be starting to try without them. Also started on beta blockers and for some reason I feel very relaxed to a point that I when I lay dwn for a while this afternoon with back ache, I fell asleep for 2 hours :shock:

    Anyway, here's the link to a that site I mentioned - hopefully one of our medical experts can give their opinion on this stuff?

    Melbi x

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    i was on 3 tamezapan a night at one point!i was told to only take three at a push!well cause i wasnt sleeping i ended up on 3,i now take two amitriptyline and one tamezapan a night and i only got three tablets left as i had to slowly get myself of them,im hoping il be alright without them!in afew days time if im acting extra strange you will no why haha
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    i would ask the doctor for you to try them donna if you tend to have sleeping problems as the first two weeks on them for me was amazing seeing as before that i just wasnt sleeping,but having said that each person is different,also if you dont take them often i find that syndol the tablets you can buy for headachs makes me sleepy if i havnt taken them for awhile and might be a good idea to buy a pack and take a couple bout a hour before bed!
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