How do you stop cravings? Are there any foods that can stop them?

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Okay, I've been on a diet for weeks now and am now at breaking point. I haven't had an attack for weeks, although I am suffering from daily diarrhea. 

I had Jaundice, so I took online advice, brought 12 Lemons and juiced them and mixed them with water for a week. I also brought pure orange juice and pure apple juice. And the Jaundice (yellow) has now vanished. The weeks have been passing by slowly, I am still waiting to be seen by the hospital on the 7th of Feb - a 6 week wait.

I miss salt and pepper... The only thing I can add to add flavor to my meals is Malt Vinegar, which for some reason doesn't effect me? It allows me to digest the foods without pain. I mix it with "gravy" often when I want gravy. Because I tried gravy without the malt and I got heartburn... but with the Malt Vinegar - I don't get the heartburn.

I don't even know if you can eat salt (table salt) or pepper, but every online information given says there will be a terrible outcome. I miss the "flavor" and now everything is bland.

I am fed up with the whole fruit and vegetables, it just ain't doing it for me, I feel like I am "forced" to live a certain way. I want some KFC or McDonalds or Pizza. I haven't gone to any takeaway/fast food places because I am scared of the outcome. Because I feel a little normal, but I know something is wrong. But today (Sunday) my mouth is "watering". I have tried water, juice and it ain't working. 

Originally I was weak and frail. But I brought "bread" into my diet which stopped the fatigue and weakness. 

I sometimes have itchy eyes, and sometimes cannot stop sneezing which is really starting to annoy me.

I have two "Lucozades" in my cupboard which I haven't drunk because on the back of them it doesn't tell you how much "fat" it has in it. It just says "Energy". I know that lucozades often make people feel better but there is no information online. All people say is that they have lucozades "after" they have their GB removed.

I've been eating "organic cream" with 0% fat and I mix it with mint sauce for a sauce and Malt Vinegar and it doesn't effect me. Because I miss cream and milk.

What I want to know is are there any substitute foods that will make you feel "normal" and not amount to back pain, or side pain.

I can't find any valid food sources. I really need a diet sheet so I can see what I can eat and what I can't. I'm using common sense, but am getting bored and upset with eating the same meals over and over. The craving is that bad, that my mouth won't stop watering as I said above and my mind is upset and is telling me to get a "fatty" meal. Because at the moment I feel normal. But the outcome may be bad? 

I don't even know if a little bit of fat would amount to pain? I've had BBQ sauce, Ketchup and they didn't do anything to me. I'm sure they are full of fat... but that was with boiled "rice". 

Oh, this is what I really wanted to ask. Is there an alternative to "butter" I miss something on my toast. That is my main concern. If I can just find something to substitute that, I think I can get through another two weeks before surgery. 

I tried Jam and Honey and I had a bad attack several weeks ago in hospital, as the nurses (hired help) who brought out the food were terrible. And the doctor told them to change my diet and they didn't listen and kept bringing out fatty foods and butter and I have very little willpower. Throwing away those butter spreads - upset me.

I haven't even had my GB removed and I need to be by a toilet. I also started to have bad breath, which comes and goes. Today my breath is not bad... but it was terrible a few days ago. I was eating "skinless chicken" and it gave me bad breath....

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    I’m not sure why you’re eating this way? Yeah the aim is to eat low fat but you’ve gone to an extreme. Try to eat things with less than 7g of fat per 100g, of which there is a lot! Your breath is probably smelly as you’re literally starving yourself. 

    Yes you can have salt and pepper and flavourings in foods. Chicken is a good high protein food and low fat too. You can also get low fat mince so can add some onions and salt/herb flavourings and make your own burgers. If you want chips there’s McCain oven chips with less than 3% fat too. 

    Pasta is very low fat and most tomato based sauces have very little to no fat either. 

    Then bread is less than 1g fat per slice so toast or cereal/porridge for breakfast, sandwich with soup or some chicken. You can have steak for dinner as well, just grill it. 

    Please stop eating the silly detox cleansing diets you’ve tried. They’re not healthy. Yes you may get some attacks with anything you eat but you need to be eating proteins and carbs and some fats to actually have energy! Basically eating all fruit and veg is not healthy xx

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      There’s milk you can get in Asda/Tesco called BOB (best of both). It has a yellow lid. Even now I don’t have a gallbladder I still use this. It tastes like semi skimmed but had less fat than skimmed milk. 

      Then I found flora light had the least amount of fat in it too.

      And there’s no fat in lucozade or any other drink I know of apart from milk or anything that has cream/milk added to it like some smoothies xx

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    There's a gallbladder diet on this site.  Scottie is right.  You're starving yourself.  You need to get proper nutrition.  You don't have a 6 week wait to be seen at the hospital as it's January 29. Unless you meant you're not to be seen till March 4.  The liver cleansing advice on line and the supplements they're selling can be dangerous. 

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    Ask your physician for a prescription for Cholestyramine.   It is a powder you mix in water or juice and drink 30 minutes before you eat.   It is really a game changer when you have diarrhea, before they remove the gallbladder or after.   Had mine removed 15 years and still get diarrhea from time to time.   Once they remove it, you MAY be able to tolerate a bit more fat, especially if you stay on the cholestyramine.   I am able to eat a normal diet, mostly whatever I want, until I overdo it (too many meals in a row with too much fat) and then I have to back off and eat very little fat until everything calms down.   How recently found that Pepcid 20 mg (non-prescription) is a huge game changer for me!   Stopped the pain after a couple of days.   Also, new gastro guy says I can take up to 6 Tylenol for the pain...Tylenol doesn't cause damage to kidneys like Aleve or Advil,which DO effect kidneys.   Good luck.

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      Hi, Judy!  You're right about the cholestyramine.  I've been taking it since 2009--one packet at bed time.  It totally changed my life.  I want to let you know, though, that Tylenol can affect your liver adversely.  I find that if I take it a lot, it causes pain in my stomach, too.  xx

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