How do you use Hydrogen Peroxide?

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I've been using hydrogen peroxide 3% and unlike times in the past, I've been able to use it without diluting this time around. Beforehand it would hurt like hell but this time it has a little bit of stinging but still bearable.

Do you think this is a good sign that my vagina and insides are healing?

What does it mean when the hydrogen peroxide causes that "fizziness" and bubbles to froth out of the vagina?

I douche with hydrogen perxoide, but how many minutes do you usually keep it inside you before squeezing it out?

How many days did you use the hydrogen peroxide for and how many times per day did you douche with it?

When did you see results?

I feel "fresh" after using hydrogen peroxide and it does get rid of the smell, but the next day my PH is still as high as ever (I use testing strips every day.)

Thank you!

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    Hi Rachel - as far as I'm concerned, douching with hydrogen peroxide doesn't heal the issue, it just masks it temporarily. I tried it in the past - as well and many other methods. None of them cured me. The only thing that cured me for good for actually change the cause which was an imbalance of good and bad bacteria in the gut. If you don't fix that, you will more than likely never get rid of the BV. Take this as a warning sign that your body is giving you that some thing internally is not right. Good quality probiotics and lots of greens and cutting out sugar and alcohol for a while (could take A few months) should do the trick. I know this wasn't the answer you were looking for but as someone who has been through this for many years and mine was very severe - I can say that it's not worth all the effort of masking as it will always be there and you will always feel self conscious. The feeling of not having to worry about it is so unreal. I admit that when I used to read posts on here and other places, I would try the things that other people tried and said worked because they were easier than changing things in my diet as I was addicted to sugar and loved alcohol too. It seemed impossible to give them up especially as there were other easier options right? I didn't believe the probiotics would work as I tried a couple and nothing changed but I just didn't know enough about them - I just wanted quick results. So I would say - yes use safe methods such as the balance activ or rephresh gel while you are trying to rebalance your gut with probiotics and food that feeds the good bacteria. Sorry for the long post - I am so passionate about helping others to fix this for good. I really hope this helped.
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      Hi anastasia,

      Thank you for your response. smile

      I've taken lots of good bacteria over the years, yogurt and women's probiotics, I drink kefir every day made from my own grains, I've taken a Women's probiotic every day for months. I've taken a probiotic with 9 different strains. None of it puts a dent in my PH or BV.

      When I insert the probiotics in my vagina, it just makes things worse too.

      I'm on Low Carb High Fat. I don't eat sugar, grains, wheat and I have hardly ever drunk alcohol in my life. I eat very "cleanly" and I don't even drink coffee very often.

      Do you think I should try spirulina? Have you tried that?


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      I intend to but at the moment I'm on chlorella and wheatgrass so when I run out I'll be taking spirullina. Oh I'm so sorry that you are doing so well in your diet and still not seeing results. How long have you been doing this diet for? Also do you eat many leafy green veg? There are some very key nutrients in them for bv. It also can take a while for your body to become balanced. There may also be other stresses in your body, for example you may have an intolerance to dairy or eggs as I have. So when I cut out all those things and took and very good quality probiotic and are lots of veg, eventually I got rid of it. I hope you get to the bottom of it
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      Hi Rachel you're welcome! Well it was a combination of things. Probiotics being one of the most important along with diet change. The green food, such as chlorella and wheatgrass were added later on but by then my bv had gone.
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      Hi there, the high fat part of your diet might be part of the problem. There's a study linking saturated and monounsaturated fat to BV. Not only that, but women with higher saturated fat consumption had more severe infections. Look into the types of fats you're eating and stick to polyunsaturated. I don't have the link to the study but I'm sure it would come up with a Google search of saturated fat BV
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