How does bleeding present itself in Crohn's?

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I'm trying to work out if my blood is coming from haemerrhoids or from crohns.

Doctors have given me stool and blood tests and havent found anything.

I've been farting out bits of blood mixed with stool at the end of bowel movements - does this sound like crohn's or haemmerrhoids?

All my bleeding tends to come at the end of a bowel movement.

My stool tends to get much softer as the day goes on, and bleeding will tend to happen at the end of BM when stool is at its softest - then occasionally i get the bloody fart. 


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      do you know if you have hemmehroids for sure?   I think if it's a fair amt of bllod then the doc would be concerned.  I do have haemerhoids and do have occac blood after passing stool but not frequently.  My doc always asked if bllood iis in the stool itself and I don't see it.   So I can't really ans the question for sure--   I think they also go by blood test to see if you have anemia and of course your symptoms and the colonoscopy itself

      Maybe someone else can provide a better answer

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      From what it looks like when ive taken a photo of down there, im pretty sure. Ive got a big purple lump that bulges out when i relax my anus - doesnt look normal! Im guessing thats what responsible for the bleeding.

      I did have blood tests/stool tests which came back all clear with very very slight signs of inflammation.

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    Just a thought..

    Have you been checked for a fissure?

    This could be an alternative to bleeding piles.

    Sometimes you can get one of these after a bout of constipation. It's like a small tear.

    It will reopen every time you have a bowel movement until it heals.

    I'm obviously not qualified but if it's bright red blood it doesn't sound like bleeding from higher up your intestinal tract,  as I understand that this would be darker in colour.

    Best advice?

    Get yourself back to your Doctor and asking him/her to take a look.

    Good luck!


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      Thanks for the reply!! I've been in and out of the doctor so much that I think they're sick of me now.

      The reason I think piles is because when ive taken a photo on my phone, when i relax my anus, i can see purple lumps. - because I had loose stools/diarrhea at the same time, doctors were thinking it was an IBD. However, with my blood test and stool test coming back clear, its confusing.

      The doctor did have a feel for piles but couldnt feel anything as she said they come and go. Because i've been suffering from loose stools due to what I believe is IBS - whatever it is - piles or fissure, is really struggling to heal! most bleeding occurs when my stools are loosest, which would make sense if it is irritating a pile or fissure? 


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      You took a photo? Ha, ha!

      I admire your your flexibility! 😅

      I vaguely remember being prescribed a sort of greasy gel stuff to squirt up my backside to aid healing. Unfortunately it was over 20 years ago so I don't remember the name.. 

      The loose stools will certainly be irritating whatever it is, especially if you are having to make several trips to the loo. The 'after fart' makes sense too if things are inflamed up your backside. 

      Has your Doc given you any advice regarding diet or suggested things like Fibogel? This can help to bulk up your stools if they are loose or relieve constipation. 

      My Dad suffered from strangulated piles and eventually had them operated on. I'm glad iPhones weren't around back then as he would have taken great pleasure in horrifying the neighbours with photographic evidence...

      Seems like I have inherited some of his ailments. Just hope I don't end up a miserable old git too! 🙄

      I agree with with other replies that maybe a colonoscopy or even sigmoidoscopy (slightly less uncomfortable) may be able to pinpoint where the bleeding is coming from.

      I don't recall anyone suffering from Crohn's saying that it made them bleed like you describe.

      The inflammation with the disease generally causes a 'cobblestone' effect of ulceration (think mouth ulcers).

      I've had it in my mouth and it ended up like a sort of crater behind my lower lip which was agonising. I rarely go off my food but that really was the exception. 

      I then had typical inflammation around the terminal ileum.

      I was diagnosed in 1987 and in all that time have never experienced bleeding due to the Crohn's. Just secondary things like the fissure and a fistula.

      You have every right to make your Doctors sick of the sight of you. Sometimes it's only grim determination on your part that will get you the answers you need. Don't let them palm you off - it's you that is suffering after all!

      Anyway, I won't bore you any more!


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    I had the same dilima myself. Having a colonoscopy is the best way to find out. I waited too long to act and ended up with a severe case of Crohn's. You don't want that my friend. Get the colonoscopy done and give yourself a piece of mind. I'm hoping it's a hemerrhoid.

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    I’ve got exactly the same symptoms, 4 colonoscopies later, I’ve now been referred back to Colorectal Surgeon who now is ‘ banding ‘ my Haemmerhoids, was initially told it’s not Haemmerhoids, passed to a Gastroenterologist , who tried various meds , did the normal Colonoscopy

    I’m having this procedure done but honestly, having had Haemmerhoids for years , do not think this is the cause behind my symptoms . 

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