How fast did you get a diagnosis?

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Hello, just a quick question to ask the general time frame you went from letting your gp know something wasn't right to getting told that it was an orvarian cyst/something similar? 

I've been told the first scan I can get is in September '16 despite first highlighting the issues with my gp in December '15. Just wondering if this is a common waiting time as I feel like I haven't been taken seriously by the doctors involved due to only being 21. 

Thanks for any responces!  (:

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    I saw my GP & I had surgery 2 weeks later but my dermoid cyst was 5 1/2 kilos! However, you should not have been left or have waited so long! Have you had a scan? Never wait that long for something so important! See a different GP, insist on a hospital referral! Argue & fight for answers, this is YOUR body! If you're not getting the answers or treatment you need, then ask someone or somewhere else!
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    Ok that is absolutely unacceptable to have to wait that long. Is it for a transvaginal ultrasound? I would find a different Doctor, one that has the ultrasound in his office and that he/she can diagnose instantly. I was first sent to a radiology place, then after it was determined my cyst didn't go away after the second scan, my GP referred me to an obgyn surgeon who had his own in office ultrasound machine. But no one should have to wait that long. I would call the place and tell them you are having terrible pain and you need an immediate appointment. (I'm in the US)
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    I first saw my gp in November last year and I'm currently awaiting an operation. I'm annoyed it's took this long to get anywhere as I was referred to a gynaecologist as urgent in November due to the size of my cyst and I am still no where closer.

    Make sure you push. I'm 20 and I was told for months it was my hip that was causing the pain until I demanded an ultra sound which I was then told to organise myself.

    Hope all goes well xx

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    My stomach bloated out in sept/oct 15, had no pain at that point and was December they confirmed it was an ovarian cyst by this time I was in a lot of pain. Went to a&e start of Jan and had emergency op to remove it.

    I think if your not in any pain they tend to leave you but I think sept 16 is fair too long to wait. Just keep pushing back with them and don't let anyone fob you off! Gotta be strong 💪🏻 xx

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    I went through months of misdiagnoses (IBS, pregnancy, period pain etc) before they even thought I could have a cyst. Once I requested the ultrasound it was about a month before I got my appointment, and then another month before I even got a referral. I was lucky as my aunt knew the head gynecologist at the hospital and managed to squeeze me in for the first appointment. Once he saw the size of my cyst it was another 2 months before I got my operation date. 

    These things can take time, but september is one hell of a wait. Demand you get seen sooner, if you need to play up the pain then do so. Sometimes they wont listen unless you're on the floor screaming in pain. 

    Hope you get sorted soon! 

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    thnaks for all the replies! 

    Basicallly what happened was I was referred for a fast tracked transvaginal ultrasound by my GP in December but the request was rejected by the hospital who sent me a letter telling me to go back to my GP office. I had also had bloodwork done at this point to test for hormonal issues as I had continuous bleeding since the start of November and cramping, basically like a 4 week period (sorry if TMI!). I had gone to the GP after weeks of online info gathering and had concluded that it was most likely a cyst causing the issues, the doctor agreed. I knew that the only way to stop these symptoms immediatly was to be put on the contraceptive pill, I was refused it because they wanted to know the cause first. 'Fair enough' I thought, that'd only take a few weeks to figure out... little did I know.

    I went back in January and saw another GP (that's normal practice for my local, you just see whoever is available first). She told me that GPs can't request transvaginal ultrasounds and that I'd need to be sent to the gyno department at my local hospital first before that was concidered. She told me that I would need a smear test and more blood tests before that could happen so I arranged them for the following week (now in February at this point). The smear test was inconclusive due to the still constant blood which messed up the results (the doctor seemed annoyed at me for this despite it being listed as a symptom on my record and I had told her about it personally) and the bloodtest came back normal.

    I finally got a referral for a real gyno to look into the situation(it didn't bounce back this time!). The appointment was in April, slap bang in the middle of my final university exams, lasted less than 4 minutes, she said it was most likely a cyst or a polyp in my uterus and sent me on my way. I was left to wait for a letter to tell me when the transvaginal ultrasound would be and a prescription for the oral contraceptive to help with symptoms (her suggestion, I didn't even mention it this time, when i'd mentioned that my doctor had refused me for it her exact responce was 'sometimes GPs just don't like to prescribe things, they're scaredy cats'). After this appointment I walked outside and broke down, i'm not ashamed to say. I felt like for the first time I was being taken seriously, well, until I got the letter that told me the transvaginal ultrasound would be in 5 months!

    I'm currently calling up the department every two days to see if they have any cancellations and trying to borrow money from friends to see if I can pay for this scan privately, no luck yet. 

    The whole process has been little more than horrible for me both physically with the pain i've been having since November that has only gotten worse to the emotional stress that I'm not anywhere in sight of an end. 

    Thanks for all the responces and for reading this post which I'm sure is giant.

    I've been waiting to tell my family until I get a diagnosis to save them from the stress of all this so it does feel quite lonely at times, I'm so glad I found this place! <3 >

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      Bless ya sounds awful but trust me I've been there. And when this happened for me it was the worse timing every as I had just started a new job and 4 days into my new job I was off sick because the pain was so bad I couldn't sit at my desk and then I was off for 3 1/2 months!

      If your in pain you need to keep kicking back at the docs and hospital. When it all happened with me the docs first told me it was ibs and after a week of taking buscupan (there recommendation) nothing had changed so I kicked back and said this isn't ibs If you keep kicking back and complaining about the pain they will have to do something.

      In the end I went to a&e as the pain was that bad I couldnt even sit up it was that painful! And I don't like making a fuss but you jus have to to get anywhere.

      Hope you get sorted soon xx

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