How he cured his own diabetes - experience of a Buddhist Master

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Hi all,

I chance upon this article in Vietnamese, regarding a method named CORA, that claims to treat diabetes. Many followers and supporters of the method, mostly Buddhists and vegetarian, also say that they've reduced the blood sugar level to healthy range within just 2-3 weeks.

If this method really works, I think it should be translated to English to help more people. So here goes.

1. What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a metabolic disease where the amount of glucose in your blood is too high. This is because your pancreas doesn’t produce any insulin, or not enough insulin, to help glucose enter your body’s cells – or the insulin that is produced does not work properly (known as insulin resistance).

When this just happens, the early symptoms include frequent urination and most likely at night. Thus, you’ll feel very thirsty and exhausted.

If this continues, because your cells don't get the glucose they need for energy, your body begins to burn fat for energy, which produces ketones. The buildup of ketones will make your blood acidic, which results in the malfunction of your organs. Diabetes, therefore, is one of the main culprits that lead to stroke, kidney failure, heart attack, blindness, etc.

2. How does our body convert Carbohydrate?

As we all know, our body needs energy, which is calculated in calorie. Calorie comes from multiple sources like protein and fat. But the main source is still carbohydrate.

When we eat rice, noodles or pizza, etc. the digestive system will break them down to sugar, which is then absorbed into our blood and transported to the cells. However, cells are enclosed inside the membrane. Not everything can go through it. That’s why we need insulin from an organ named pancreas.

The insulin will prompt cells to absorb blood sugar for energy or storage. And so, when we just finish eating, the blood sugar level is very high. But thanks to this hormone, after around 2 hours, it will return to normal level of 80 mg/dl. This is when our system detects and signals that we’re hungry.


The common way to treat diabetes is to cut down on carbohydrate.

3. What happens when the pancreas is weakened?

In a healthy body, when blood sugar reaches 80-90 mg/dl, insulin will start to be released. But when the pancreas is weakened, it can no longer measure the blood sugar precisely. So it will only release insulin when blood sugar is up to 120-130 mg/dl or even worse, 160-170 mg/dl. In addition, a weakened pancreas cannot release enough insulin either. Both will lead to high blood sugar, and at the same time, cells starving for energy.

When cells don’t have enough energy, they send a signal to our brain, making us always hungry. But the more we eat, the sooner we’ll die. Because more sugar will get stuck in the blood with nowhere to release to.

4. Why is the pancreas weakened?

The main reasons can be listed as:

- Redundancy of protein, including both animal and plant protein.

- Redundancy of fat, from both animal or plant.

- Redundancy of sugar, either sucrose or fructose.

- Spices like MSG, curry powder, five-spice powder,...

- Soft drinks, alcohol.

- Decrease of sex hormones (testosterone and estrogen)

Here let us focus on the decrease of sex hormones.

Testosterone in men and estrogen in women have the ability to nourish our internal organs, including the pancreas, heart, liver, kidney… This has long been discovered in Eastern Medicine (known as Kidney jing or Kidney essence).

So where do testosterone and estrogen come from? The former is secreted mainly from the testes while the later is produced primarily by the ovaries. So when people are having sex, the corresponding organs will be occupied with generating sperms and eggs, instead of testosterone and estrogen.

As a result, if someone is having an immoderate sex life, the testosterone and estrogen levels won’t be enough to protect his / her organs.

5. The CORA method


In CORA method, the patients can still eat rice, but only rice, vegetables and soya sauce.

The CORA method provides a new perspective, that carbohydrate is not the main culprit. It’s the weakening of pancreas that fails to process carbohydrate and results in diabetes.

So in the CORA method, patients can still eat rice, even a lot of rice. But they must have only rice with vegetables and soya sauce.

When not pressured with other things like protein, fat, spices and alcohol, the pancreas will have a chance to recover. In addition, vegetables, specifically water spinach, can help pancreas recover quickly.


Water spinach helps pancreas recover quickly

Because patients are allowed to eat lots of rice, he won’t feel very tired (a common symptom in diabetes due to loss of energy)

When applying this method, patient should measure his blood sugar level regularly, eg. by a portable device. When the level drops below 95 mg/dl then he can add little bit of protein and fat in the diet. But absolutely no soft drinks or alcohol.

Depends on each individual, some people only take 2 days till the sugar level drops, while the others might take 5-10 days.


Master Thich Chan Quang used to have diabetes and he has recovered using CORA method.

6. In conclusion

Most of the diseases we have, are signals that we have done something wrong with our body. So to achieve health and wellness, it is critical to adapt a healthy lifestyle and practice Qi Gong.

Qi Gong is an invisible force that enhance the vitality of our whole body. Though not yet recognized in the West, for a long time it has been utilized in Eastern Medicine as well as Martial Arts. With Qi Gong, human can perform extraordinary feats that science still cannot explain.

The Asians have small bodies. So in thousands of years struggling with nature, our ancestors have found Qi Gong as a way to supplement the lack of physique. If practised correctly, it’ll help protect our internal organs (including the pancreas).

Besides, by leading a healthy lifestyle (both physical and mental wellness), we avoid being obsessed with desires or material possession. It’s also a good way to prevent illness.

Finally, about the name CORA, Master only smiled and said: “CORA is just the abbreviation of COm & RAu (Rice and Vegetables in Vietnamese). Stop overthinking everything.”

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    Well @VK, there's a little bit of the story that makes sense - in western terms.  But it gets a lot wrong, too.

    First there is type1 diabetes, where the body makes no insulin, and this article will not apply at all.

    This article applies to type2 diabetes, where the body still makes some - or even too much - insulin.  But I think it only applies to mild cases of insulin.  Some extreme cases of type2, where people need to inject insulin or take more drugs, are likely going to be far beyond the case here.

    Now, I have type2, and I agree that diet can be a VERY powerful tool and help a lot of people.  Whether it's a "cure" or just a way to get by, that's another question.

    But a couple of things.  Rice is, unfortunately, one of the worst things to eat, if you have diabetes.  So rice and green vegetables is better than all rice!  But who eats all rice?  So that much makes a little sense.  But watch out, some root vegetables are almost as bad as rice.

    But they say to avoid protein (meat).  Now, that does not make a lot of sense medically.  Western diets for diabetes include normal amounts of meat.  It does not require insulin to digest meat!  Western diets for diabetes also tend to include modest, but low, amounts of fat.  Because you must eat LESS rice if you eat any at all, and you must eat something!

    Western diets have a whole system of counting carbohydrates, rather than calories.  The carb counting MUST be applied to any diet you follow on diabetes.  That will tell you how much (how little!) rice you can have.

    And it is very unlikely that spices cause diabetes, and in fact there are spices that may help diabetes, most commonly mentioned is cinnamon - which I want to agree with too.

    So for mild diabetes just watching your diet can certainly help, but I would read more than this one story.  And even for the most serious diabetes diet is extremely important and can be extremely helpful, too.  But this article alone is not enough to really help most people.

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