How I beat Molloscum Contagiosum

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Hi all, I have decided to join this website with the sole purpose of sharing how I and my girlfriend beat Molluscum Cantagiosum. I hope the following helps any fellow sufferers. It is a truly vile virus which no-one seems to know about until they fall victim to it. I was very dissapointed with the medical advice offered from proffessionals I went on many sites and forums and followed downright stupid advice from people which either did nothing or made it worse.

Please excuse any spelling/ grammatical errors.

The short version - For most people (like me) Molluscum does not 'go away on its own' in 6-18 months like many (insert swear word) doctors claim. FREEZE IT. I went for 2 sessions of freezing over a 2 week period and it was gone.


The full story - I like many people get the occasional ingrown hair. Around 2 years' ago whilst bathing I noticed a small pimple on my thigh with a whitish head. I popped it and continued with my bath assuming it was just a spot or ingrown hair.

A few days later two more appeared. Same again, pop and move on.

The next week I had several, except this time they were all over my groin, my pubis, my bottom and my penis.

I was devastated, I couldn't believe I had caught (I assumed) an STD, moreover the fact that I was in a monogomous relationship and had been entirely faithful. Not only did I feel dirty and like broken goods but I had to have the conversation with the love of my life regarding her infidelities and then go through the treatment process alone.

It turned out she didn't have any and considering they first appeared on my leg it is highly unlikely they were caught through sexual contact. I still to this day don't know how I got them but I think it probable that as I lived in a shared house with short-term guests coming and going all the time someone affected probably used my flannel/ towel and passed it on.

Once affected DO NOT share towels. We had a friend come and stay who forgot which towel was theirs and used mine by mistake and yes they caught it. I am still mortfied by the whole thing and our relationship has suffered ever since.

Towels make this daemon spread like wild fire. Use one towel for unaffected areas and one for those that are. When I learnt this it stopped spreading so rapidly.

Don't bath just shower. Sitting in the bath can help it spread up the body.

If you pop the white head immediatly wipe it on tissue amd wash your hands thouroughly. Dry with tissue not a towel ( you see where I'm going with the towel thing?)

Do not shave. I shave my privates every once in a while and when I did it made the MC so much worse. DON'T SHAVE.

I went to see my GP who told me what is was and that I had to go to the sexual health clinic.

I went to sexual health and thry gave me 'warticon' a treatment for genital warts. Of course this didn't help anything.

I went back to my GP who Told me it goes away in a couple of months. Told me as long as I used a condom I could still have sex. Told me I could still go swimming. Told me it was harmless.


It is harmful. Mentaly harmful. I was a broken man, every time I urinated, or sat on a toilet or got dressed I could see these huge grotesque warty lumps on my penis. Everytime I saw my most intimate parts I felt sick. I stopped going to the gym for fear of people seeing in the changing rooms. I stopped going out to the pub in case I needed the toilet and someone might see at the urinel. It was ridiculous how much it ruined my self-esteem. Every single hour of every day I thought about MC.

Stupidly I followed the (insert swear word) docs advice and after 3 MONTHS! started having sex again using a condom. To say I struggled to feel sexy is an understatememt but luckily I have a very kind and beautiful girlfriend. It was such a slap in the face when literally 2 weeks after we had sex she caught it and it had spread over her intimate areas.

I wanted to murder my GP.

As it was also on my pubis when we copulated my stomache would touch hers thus allowing it to spread.

Don't have sex, the continuous contact makes transmission inevitable. Us blokes are known to rub/ scratch ourselves down there throughout the day ? try not to as of course it spreads it. As does masturbating. Sorry boys but the last one is actually one of the worst for spreading it more and more over your penis, condom or not.

I went back to my GP who said it would eventually go and told me to wear shorts in bed and not share a towel.

6 months later in a strained and sexless relationship its still there bigger and badder than ever. Not one has gone on its own.

Forum time. Apple cider vinegar etc etc rubbish. Maybe you get lucky maybe you are like me and have sensitive skin. Apple cider vingar did nothing to the MC but also brought back my eczema. RESULT.

Don't cut them out either. It is just more likely to spread. I cut one out in a fit if rage and got 3 more in its place.

I decided to go to a private hospital. Basically an expensive ego driven version of my GP.

I suggested freezing them off like a GP had done for me as a child when I had veruca on my foot. She told me I had too many and it would scar badly. Scarred unshaved Moluscum ridden Eczema penis anyone? Anyone? No thought not.

3 more Months past and my girlfriends started to clear. I secretly hated her.

I went back to my NHS GP and said I wasn't leaving until he cut/ froze/ burnt everyone of them off my body.

I look quite intimadating as it is and coupled with the utter hate and contempt I held for him I recall my him looking terrified. He mumbled an ok and set to work.

They use a pen which sprays a chemical directly onto the spots. It is more painful on your genitals than the rest of your body as the skin is thinner and of course it is a sensative area.

I would say it feels like something between a piercing and a tattoo.

I had about 15 on my penis and 20 elsewhere.

It really does hurt but the effects are almost immediate. First hour after is agony then just sore for a week. The MC will crust and scab over (super pretty) and then fall off.

Within a week 80% were gone!

I went again and same as before burning for an hour then just sore.

Another week and they were gone completely. Almost 2 years of hell wiped out in a fortnight. Why they couldn't do this when I 'only' had 10 and hadn't affected other people I don't know. DO NOT let them tell ypu to wait it out. I read horror stories of people waiting 5 years for it to disapear. Maybe if they just froze everyones MC we could wipe out this brutal virus. Oh and to little miss money grabbing private GP only one of the circa 30/40 freeze marks left a scar that lasted more than 3 weeks. JUST ONE.

To summarise

*Don't share towels

*Don't shave affected areas

*Wear nightwear to prevent spread on bed sheets

*Shower don't bath

*Don't have sex or masturbate if on genitals

* Get it frozen off ASAP and DON'T TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER.

Good luck. I really really wish you all the best in beating this nasty little condition.

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    Thanks for sharing, Martin!  My GP froze them twice and they didn't go away.  Maybe my GP didn't know how to perform cryotherapy.  Couple questions.  Do you know what that procedure call? is it cryotherapy?  Does it only work on the mature bumps?  How did your lover get rid of hers?

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      Hi Anrique

      Sorry to hear the crytherapy didn't work.

      This was the treatment I also had. I did have to go back for a second session (as mentioned) and it was the more mature bumps that needed the second treatment. The second time I told him to keep spraying until I physically couldn't stand it. It might be your GP is being a little to gentle with them? At one point (I forgot to put in the orginal post)

      I used an expensive (German manufactured?) treatment called Molludab. It is 5% hydrochloric acid. It made the MC scab but didn't get rid of it. Maybe this is similar to your experience?

      My girlfriend was one of those lucky people who it just went on it's own. She was just religious with her bathing/toweling and no touching process. I know you didn't specify where it is but if it is on your genitals like it was for me these seemed to be the most stubborn to lose. Hers were on her groin but not genitals and I think this is a major factor in their resiliance.

      I hope it works for you. Maybe try one more session of chryotherapy, did it not rid you of any at all?



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      Thanks for responding! I started out with one or maybe two at the end of my genital.  I went to Dr. and he froze them but he sprayed like 3 seconds on each bump.  He did it like couple times.  I felt like it was only effected on the surface.  it scabbed up a week after but I could still see the bumps.  Second time was a month after with same method.  How many time did you have cryotherapy and how long  apart from each treament?
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      Hey man, thanks for sharing your experience. I’ve been having Molluscum for about 3 months now and I feel like the virus is finally starting to go away. I didn’t really have a lot of bumps on my penis, but mostly on my testacles and inner thigh. Now almost all of the lesions are gone because of the Podofilox acid I’ve used, but there’s still some dried up ones on my lower abdomen and thigh. I’d say the virus is about 85% gone and I’m hoping I’ll be MC free before the end of the year. I just wanted to know how long should I wait to have protected sex again so I can avoid spreading the virus to anyone else. Thanks
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      Hi again sorry for the delay responding, I hope you get this.

      I went three times in total with a two week period between sessions.

      I had a similar experience as yourself after the first session i.e some of them scabbing over but after healing they were still very much present.

      The smaller/newer ones did dissapear however. Maybe you don't experience this but I found some days the MC would be more pronounced - bulbous/ inflamed, then other times they would settle down and were harder to see/ feel.

      I was told to give it a month between sessions but went back after 2 weeks not only to prevent further transmission to other parts of my body but also because they had flared up and I could pin point everyone of them.

      Before The second round of treatment the MC that were more resiliant looked bigger and badder than ever, that's when I told the doc to just keep spraying. He did about 10 seconds on each at least twice.

      Walking to work was AGONY!

      This had a much better result. They scabbed and went black and fell off about a week later. There were some bumps in the same places afterwards but that was just scar tissue and settled down a while after (not permanent).

      I went for my third and final session after two on my scrotum that must have been dorment popped up.

      I know not everybody will have the same result but I do think the intensive course of treatment helped. Please be careful though mate, I don't want you to do more damage to your skin by following my advice!

      Let me know how you get on. Good luck!

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      Hi YoungFuego

      I mentioned in my first post that a friend caught the virus through indirect contact - transmitted via a towel.

      Therefore I believe you can pass it on even just by sharing a bed (on the sheets). Not only that but during sex your partner can/will touch you all over and can still catch it. I used protection and it still got the best of us! Probably not want you want to hear but I suggest complete abstenance. It's hard I know but definitely the right thing to do. You will know when it's completely gone. Wait a week after just to make sure.

      Sounds like you're winning though, keep it going buddy smile

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    Hi Martin, 

    ?I should have listened to you about no masturbating.  Since I couldn't have sex I thought masturbating was the best way with condom.  I was desperate.  I paid the price.  I found two that popped up on the shaft of my penis and couple small one around genital area.  F**k me!!!  Lesson learned there.  I have dermatologist appt. for next month.  Hope he or she knows how to deal with this.  Mean while, I just apply ACV and pray for the best and no more masturbate. 

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